Doe Deere, an Inspiring Independent Spirit

If someone wanted to capture the essence of 80’s group women rockers, The Go-Go’s, they would have the perfect ingredients for a fun, funky cosmetic line. Well, this actually describes the sense of whimsy and verve that is Lime Crime makeup. The founder of Lime Crime herself has become somewhat of mythical creature, whose identity is a combination of an anime and a fairy.

The word “verve” means “vigor and spirit or enthusiasm” and there are perhaps no more accurate words to describe Doe Deere. The woman calling herself Doe Deere is also known by the name, Xenia. Any start-up company faces potential points of failure, but this fact is amplified when it comes to a new cosmetic brand. This is because worldwide there are so many competitors it’s virtually impossible to stand-out without a massive advertising budget.

Doe Deere performs much of the labor herself and the Lime Crime makeup brand on exist mostly in the online realm. Although, Deere has a share of detractors who’s to say what is factual and what is completely false.

To her credit, when confronted by a beauty blogger about discussing the controversy surrounding Lime Crime, she consented to answer all the questions upfront. Delivering a good product, fast is the best way to earn favorable ratings and it’s a way to face the competition as a small, independent brand.

Considering the everyday scenario of what could happen when online retailers fail to deliver a product as advertised, for a small, independent business woman this could be fatal. But to her credit, no one has complained about delivery or the quality of the Lime Crime products.

Flawless makeup applications is the goal of Lime Crime, the blended palettes are perfect for young, creative minds or those with a strong artistic flair. The bright colors are expertly applied by Doe Deere herself as she demonstrates that her makeup goes well with any skin tone. It is vital to her business to offer a spectrum of makeup options because of the diversity and range of skin tones, which includes light, medium and dark.

As modern makeup application has expanded, Doe Deere customers are predominantly young girls who are looking to ditch boring makeup. Deere herself lives on the very edge of fantasy and imparts this in her makeup brand. Perhaps only a new generation of young girls can truly appreciate what she brings to the table as an entrepreneur. In an industry where one must have experience to succeed, Doe Deere has done the impossible, keeping her business going, despite negative attention.

Doe Deere makes sure that her customers receive their makeup orders on time and she keeps adding new colors to the mix. This is just one of the admirable things she has managed to accomplish in a short period of time. Lime Crime provides colorful makeup options and when you throw responsive advertising in the mix, Doe Deere is using hype to her advantage as a tool for success.

CCMP Continues Strongly After CEO Stephen Murray Passes Away

CCMP Capital Advisors, LLC was founded on 1984 as Chemical Venture Partners operating as a unit of Chemical Bank. In 1991, they merged with Manufacturers Hanover. Then, Chemical Bank merged with Chase Manhattan Bank, resulting in a name change to Chase Capital Partners. Later, in 2002, they merged with JPMorgan and again were renamed, this time to JPMorgan Partners, and eventually closed with $5.4 billion dedicated to buyout and growth equity investments. CCMP was finally formed in 2006 as a spinout from JPMorgan Partners with co-founder Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on wikipedia as CEO.

CCMP Capital now has professional experience in executing growth equity investments and buyouts in both North America and Europe, usually investing $100 to $500 million of equity per company transactions varying from up to $2 billion in size. They’re able to make public companies private, helping businesses grow and enable corporate carve-outs and management buyouts. With their experience in Consumer, Industrial, Energy and Healthcare sectors, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is has established itself into a firm of choice for managers of prospective portfolio companies operating in similar sectors.

Proprietary operating resources have benefited the company’s operations and growth initiatives. The resources compose of partners with considerable experience in C-level operations along with seasoned executives who average 30 years of management experience. CCMP Capital’s approach has allowed them to get better value creating in a shorter amount of time versus if they hadn’t used this approach. These professionals collaborate with the portfolio company’s managements and assist in the completion of detailed value creation plans. Some of the ways they help are by applying the best practices in the sector, implementing revenue-generation or cost-reduction techniques specific to that sector and improving the usage of assets and resources to further increase profits.

About Stephen Murray
Stephen M. Murray was a part of the credit analyst training program at Manufacturers Hanover Corp. back in 1984. He joined MH Equity Corporation which was under Manufacturers Hanover until it was purchased by Chemical Bank in 1991 and merged with Chemical Venture Partners. Murray became head of buyout business in 2005 after Chemical Venture Partners eventually became JP Morgan Partners. In August 2006, Murray co-founded CCMP Capital and was made Chief Executive Officer of CCMP. He has since then helped lead the company to its success today and served as Chief Executive Officer for almost 10 years before passing away on March 12, 2015.

Along with serving as CCMP’s CEO, he also supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Boston College, Columbia Business School, Stamford Museum, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield Count and even served as vice chairman of the board of trustees at Boston College.

Healing Pain Is A Specialty At North American Spine

There are many who have desk jobs which require them to sit up straight all day, and the only breaks they’ll get is when they take a lunch break and a 10-15 minute break a couple times each day. If a person works a regular eight-hour day, they may have about a one hour worth of breaks throughout the day, meaning that they are sitting for the other seven hours. Although a person’s job may require them to sit all day, it doesn’t mean that it’s not painful to their back. Everyone will have some sort of cramping or pain if they sit the entire day without taking a break.

Breaks are meant not only for people to eat when they are hungry, but breaks help a person to stand up, stretch and ease some of the stress off of their back and body. Those who have been working in a job for years that requires them to sit up straight may have back pain, and it’s very likely that the pain will be in their lower back. Lower back pain is not uncommon, and in fact, lumbar pains are something that everyone may have at one point or another in life.

Even though a person has back pain it doesn’t mean that the pain cannot go away. Some people have pain that is severe enough to warrant surgery, and those are the people that need a medical facility like North American Spine. If the back pain comes and goes away within a short period of time, then the person has very little to worry about. Those who have back pain that shows up one day and then the pain only gets worse may see have pain that can only be healed through the use of surgery. North American Spine reviews will tell you that they have a surgery called the AccuraScope procedure, and the procedure has been very helpful to those with back pain.

The AccuraScope procedure is a very short surgery that lasts about 45 minutes, but it can dramatically heal the back pain the person is having. Those with severe back pain, especially if they’ve had it for many months need to seek the help of doctors at North American Spine in order to heal the pain for good. The number of procedures needed depends on the person and their pain, but as little as one procedure can heal a person’s pain for good.

Yeonmi Park Considers a Bright Lining for Refugees

Human rights activist, Yeonmi Park, defected to China almost nine years ago, but as she points out, many North Korean refugees are not as lucky. Escaping from North Korea is a difficult undertaking, to say the least. Defectors are considered traitors, remaining family members can be thrown in prison camps, and all the while, Kim Jong-un spies are on the lookout.

The danger of being returned to North Korea as a defector means certain death, perhaps for all family members. Most likely a public execution, yet many faced with overwhelming poverty and hunger are all too ready to face the fear, and take on that burden to pay a smuggler for passage into China.

Yeonmi Park knows this danger intimately. She escaped North Korea with her family, by way of the Gobi desert, crossing over into China. But Yeonmi calls out to the danger refugees encounter once successfully crossing over into China. It seems that Chinese and North Korean security work together to seize the refugees and return them. Since Kim Jong-un took power in late 2011, defecting from North Korea has greatly diminished. North Koreans that remain in China are illegal immigrants. They live in constant fear of discovery, and must hide from the authorities, to avoid being picked up and deported.

Most North Korean refugees leave their impoverished and authoritarian ruled country towards China, because the border is heavily guarded into South Korea. China is the easiest route for escape, before continuing on to South Korea. However, the Beijing government has defined defectors from North Korea as illegal economic migrants, not refugees. The distinction is paramount because a change in the definition makes it illegal for China to refuse protection and repatriate refugees.

What a Cracked Relationship Means For Refugees

The subject of North Korean nuclear weapons has frozen the relationship between Kim Jong Un and Beijing. Their alliance goes back to the 1960’s when both countries signed a Friendship treaty, which expires in 2021.

Now it makes sense why Beijing would refuse political asylum to North Korean refugees, especially when they have a decades-old alliance in effect. Yeonmi Park points out that amid this break among the countries, China and South Korea have solidified a stronger relationship, and this could translate into an about-face on North Korean refugee issues.

Many have heard how Yeonmi Park and her family defected from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and her determined courage to share her story, and advocate for North Korean refugees. It’s not only captivating but Yeonmi’s story motivates other North Koreans to fight for a better life.

Investment Banking with Kenneth Griffin of Citadel LLC

Ken Griffin on insidermonkey is an American business executive and hedge fund manager from Daytona Beach, Florida currently based in Chicago. He is renowned for having founded one of the most successful investments banking firm in the whole of the United States, Citadel LLC operating at a world-class level. Kenneth showed signs of success at a tender age as he was business oriented as early as his freshman year at Harvard University. He started the investment banking business by placing an investment in the stock market at the same time pursuing a demanding degree course. One of his major stepping stone which would then become his early breakthrough was establishing a hedge fund with a capital value of $265000 sponsored by his well-off family and supportive friends.

Kenneth wanted to make the hedge fund a success; therefore he installed a satellite link in his dorm room to help him stream live market feeds and data. He used this data to stay updated on the market trends and make the right decisions from the data obtained. This was a total success, and Kenneth decided to set up a second hedge fund. By being able to handle enormous amounts of capital, Kenneth was developing good financial management skills that would later help him in his career as an entrepreneur. It didn’t take long before Kenneth’s ambitions, and smartness was recognized by a certain investment banking expert Frank Meyers, associated with Glenwood Partners capital firm.

Frank trusted Kenneth with $1 million to invest knowing his potential and what he could do. Kenneth responded by placing a major investment whose returns exceeded the prospected amount by about 70%. This impressed Frank and sponsored him to launch his funds management firm, Citadel. In the past two decades, Kenneth has ventured into several businesses working with finance-oriented individuals to enable him be as successful as he currently is. Today Citadel is capitalized at $26 billion worth of assets. Kenneth is currently one of the most affluent people in the world of finance with a net worth of $6.6 billion.

Citadel, on the other hand, has been voted one of the best workplaces in the American financial market endowed with numerous professionals working in collaboration towards a specific goal. Citadel team members have learned from Kenneth to always stay at the top of their game to be ahead in the competitive world of economics. Citadel has developed over the past twenty years since inception and by 2014 received 18% worth of fees through hedge funds. Kenneth in association with Citadel has been active philanthropically giving out donations with the benefactors being the University of Chicago, Lurie Children’s Hospital, Harvard University and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Citadel Securities, a major part of the firm is celebrated for providing the best securities in client’s investments and also coming up with updated monetary and fiscal policies. Kenneth has undoubtedly outdone himself as far as the world of economics is concerned. His success is a clear indication of hard work, resiliency and dedication.

Understanding Corporate and Commercial Laws For Business Prosperity

Each business operates on a model that seeks to offer different solutions. To catch up with the rising level of competition, one needs to learn how to structure the operations of a business to fit with what is needed in the market. Business success entails more than just having a well structured system that is well funded. There is the legal aspect, which offers more solutions to many things that seem to expose the business to threats of different sorts. Understanding corporate and commercial laws comes is a necessity for every business that wants to perform well in the market.

Corporate law offers solutions to many problems that managers face while running daily errands that affect how the firm performs. This includes the management of roles and delegation of activities to different people within the company. There are times when the firm faces interruptions because of misunderstandings that stem from lack of a common goal among the managers. This is something that has to do with poor formulation of strategies and lack of understanding among the staff. Corporate regulations help each member to understand fairly how each activity is carried out and the right measures to implement. This explains the reason each company needs a corporate lawyer so as to help all staff members to gain an understanding of what the law stipulates.

Workers are among assets that a company holds, and ones that can help to steer the company to a greater height. The way workers are treated matters a lot and affect the productivity of the whole company. With corporate laws, managers are able to understand the kind of relationship that is bound to prevail t ensure no legal issues arise. The law states clearly what should be done in case of a disagreement between the workers and the employer. Those who fail to comply with the regulations attract dire consequences that include loss of business when workers get demotivated as well as having to deal with legal suits that may cost much to resolve.

Frans Schoeman explains the reason most people will find it appropriate to embrace the help of a corporate lawyer when managing their businesses. Frans Schoeman on mapmyfitness is a South African attorney, who is also the director of Phatsima Diamond, a legal firm that has been in operation for many years. He is among trusted professionals who have been offering invaluable information that has helped firms to manage their legal aspects better. Frans Schoeman is an expert when it comes to corporate law and has been mentioned largely for his contributions to helping industries resolve disputes in different circles.

It is also necessary to note the importance of commercial law, which to some part allows for a seamless management of any firm. This is especially important as it helps to regulate all transactions that are done to ensure everything is done according to what the law requires. This is mainly emphasized to ensure transactions that are carried out are honest and geared towards offering a balanced solution.

Facts You Should Know About Kenneth Griffin And Citadel LLC

Many people in the financial industry market know the name Ken Griffin. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Citadel that is a diverse financial institution with an estimated $25 billion in investment capital. As of March this year, his company was ranked among the world’s biggest investment management firms. The company is also ranked as the most successful and largest hedge funds in the world. In 2012, Griffin was recognized by Forbes as one of the highest earning fund managers in the world. As of May 2015, Griffin was estimated to be worth around $6.6 billion.

He is also known to be a philanthropic guy. In 2014, he made a donation of $150 million to Harvard University on that shocked many. It entered into history books as being the largest donation to the institution at the time. His combined donations have totaled to around $500 million. Kenneth was born in 1968 in Florida and started investing in the financial markets when he was in his freshman year at Harvard University. His motivation to get into the financial world was triggered by an article he read on Forbes.

By the time he was in his second year, he had started a hedge fund that focused on convertible bonds arbitrage. He got the funds to capitalize the hedge fund from family and friends that included his grandmother. The first $265,000 made very good return on investment, and it allowed him start a second fund where he was managing over $1 million. He graduated from the Harvard University with a degree in Economics.

Soon after graduating, Griffin was given $1 million dollars to invest. To the investor’s shock, he was able to make over seventy percent return on investment. He founded Citadel in 1990 with $4.6 million. Four years later, the company had managed to grow to manage over 100 million and have over a hundred employees. He has also been named in lists of the most influential people in the finance world.

The Harvard University has been one of the first institutions to honor Griffin because of his donation. Students, university leaders, friends, and alumni met at the 86 Brattle Street to recognize and thank him for the impact his gift his generations to come. The Financial Aid Office, named after Griffin was opened to pave way for other similar donations in the future so that others who are in dire financial need can be helped.

Griffin is very grateful to Harvard for the effort it contributed in changing his life. He is confident that his donation will help other students become successful so that they can also play their part in helping generations to come. Griffin, who has been named one of the most deeply pocketed individuals in the financial sector, has a firm attachment to giving back the society that molded him.

When it comes to offering employment opportunities, his company Citadel ha been in the forefront in providing its employees with the best payment packages and added benefits. The company has also been named the best employer in the world financial section in the United States.

Susan McGalla Encourages Females To Pursue Corporate Positions

Prominent figure, Susan McGalla, strongly believes in promoting more women in
the competitive business industry. Currently, the founder of P3
Executive Consulting in the greater Pittsburg area, her extensive
portfolio of leadership experiences greatly contributed to her
renowned career successes. As an admirable and effective entrepreneur, executive,
and public speaker, she excels in motivating novice businesswomen in
their professional pursuits. Most importantly, her noteworthy
expertise in the corporate sector encourages her to inspire females to
become leaders in their field and, as a result, she is recognized as
one of America’s influential figures.

McGalla was raised in East Liverpool, Ohio where she thrived in her
early educational endeavors. Moreover, her interest in advertising
flourished when she studied business marketing at University of Mount
Union. Following her college pursuits, she accepted her first job at
Joseph Horne from 1986 to 1994. At this extremely lucrative department
store, she served in many managerial marketing roles until she
resigned from the company to join America Eagle Outfitters in 1994.

At American Eagle Outfitters, McGalla started her career as a
divisional merchandise buyer and later served in many management
positions until she gradually assumed the role as President and Chief
Merchandising Officer. During the course of her profound leadership,
she greatly contributed to the increased revenue from $340 million to
over $3 billion in addition to expanding the clothing portfolio into
four popular brands. She also managed approximately 28,000 employees
in over 1,000 stores across the United States.

McGalla departed American Eagle Outfitters in 2009 and worked briefly
as a retail industry consultant before succeeding Ed Thomas as Chief
Executive Officer of Wet Seal in 2011. Essentially, she was hired to
propel two existing brands (Wet Seal and Arden B), compose a 3-5 year
annual budget, and manage world class talent at the executive levels.
She was also expected to improve product trend through quality
research which was validated by loyal customers. Notably, she
completed her term at this renowned company July 2012.

Alongside her career endeavors, McGalla participated in many speaking
engagements such as the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburg and
the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs in which she
was presented with the opportunity to inspire many novice
businesswomen. Throughout her speeches, she noticed that most women
are searching for a genuine perspective on the corporate work and,
fortunately, she is well qualified to provide her audiences with
practical applications to succeeding in a male dominated industry.
Moreover, she often emphasize the importance of hard work and
self-assurance in order to become a leader in a particular field.
These two essential characteristics will ultimately assist women in
gaining the respect they truly deserve.

Commendably, McGalla hopes her former business accomplishments will
encouraged more women to join the competitive corporate sector. She is
passionate about empowering her female colleagues and members in the
community to reach their fullest potential. In addition to her
departmental pursuit, McGalla currently serves on the board of the
Pittsburg Steelers, LLC.

Handy, the Home Cleaning Service App

Home cleaning – we all do it, in one capacity or another. Whether you are a soccer mom who has to clean up after young children all day, or a husband who does not clean up as nearly as much as his wife, or a child, who hardly keeps up after himself. There are different ways to clean one’s home, with a plethora of tasks to complete. At times, it seems as if one could clean a home forever, with no end in the foreseeable future.

There are a few different ways to clean a home, but some people just do not like cleaning, even in the slightest (well, nobody really likes cleaning, but you get the gist). There are many times throughout the work week where individuals and families simply do not have enough time to do very much cleaning around the home, so sometimes hiring Handy, home cleaning services is undoubtedly, unequivocally the best option.

Believe it or not, there are actually services that exist that allow homeowners and renters to order cleaning services from users’ phones. That’s right – no more looking in phonebooks or making endless Google searches, or asking friends and family for referrals. Handy, a new app, hopes to be similar to Uber in the sense that users in many different locations can search for home cleaners and find the right house keeper that fits users’ needs, expectations, and price range.

Handy is all the noise when it comes to new apps hitting app stores. There are more than five thousand service providers that complete at minimum one job per month. Handy has grown consistently since its launch three years ago, and is expected to keep growing at the same pace it has been since its inception.

It is estimated that Handy accumulates more than one million dollars in orders per week, and that is only the twenty five cities in the United States, one in the United Kingdom, and two in Canada.

Home cleaning services are advertised much more than any other service, but there are carpenters and plumbers listed on the app, as well. Handy plans on staying centered around home cleaning services, although they do not plan on ruling out and banning handymen and plumbers if listed on the app.

Handy was founded by two college students, Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan, at the very prestigious Harvard University. They received funding from investors to start their company up, and it has turned out well. Handy is expected to be one of the next popular applications to hit app stores on every market.

North American Spine Back Pain Relief

The thought of having open back surgery can seem scary to someone suffering from severe back pain. Other types of procedures are available for those who want less invasive treatment. North American Spine reviews show they are leaders in the field when it comes to less invasive back procedures. The company offers free MRI readings to ensure their patients get the right treatment for their back pain. There are several steps taken to determine which type of treatment a patient needs.

After the MRI is read, North American Spine’s board certified specialists decide which least minimally invasive route for treatment should be taken. Sometimes a lifestyle change can be all a patient needs to improve their back pain. Simply taking medication or using compresses can help alleviate back pain. Physical therapy may also be an option to help treat back pain. When lifestyle changes just aren’t enough, the specialists go to the next least invasive treatment option.

For back pain that can’t be treated with medication alone, the next step is to consider a spine procedure. The spine procedures offered by North American Spine are generally done in an outpatient setting and require less recovery time than open back surgery. The type of procedure done depends on the location of the back pain. The majority of back pain is located in the lower back, but can also be located in the upper and middle back. The pain can also radiate from the neck into the fingers, or from the back into the legs.

For pain located in the neck and upper back region, North American Spine may recommend their disc decompression procedure. This procedure is used for patients experiencing herniated discs. If back pain is experienced in the middle of the back, North American Spine offers decompression that involves the minimally invasive insertion of an endoscope. For pain experienced in the lower back, the company recommends treatment using a procedure called AccuraScope.

AccuraScope is a procedure that involves the insertion of an endoscope in a natural opening of the spine. The lumbar spine, or lower back, usually causes the most back pain. The use of AccuraScope allows the doctor to treat excruciating lower back pain on an outpatient basis. After the endoscope is inserted through the sacrum, a procedure is performed to help relieve pressure on the lower spine.