Status Labs Online Reputation Management Can Help Set Things Right

What does a person have without a good reputation? It could be said the reputation is still there, it has just been tarnished. A tarnished reputation, however, could create a lot of problems and this is why hiring a service such as Status Labs would be a huge help for anyone hoping to fix up problems with a “public outing” that could ruin a reputation.

Anyone who does not think the publishing of negative information online could have a terrible effect on a person’s life should look closely at the recent Ashley Madison hacking fiasco.

For those not familiar with the story, Ashley Madison is an online dating website for married people interested in having an affair. The site was hacked and private and personal information about members has been released. Now, a lot of those people have to contend with their formerly private escapades being found in the search engine results.

A solution could exist in the form of reputation management. Through online reputation management, some rehab work could be done to help those who have been treated poorly regain some of their good name and status back. The appropriately titled Status Labs can help with such endeavors.

There are quite a few ways status labs could help someone repair problems with an online reputation. For someone who is a service provider, bad reviews can be countered with the publishing of a number of more honest positive reviews. Someone who is the victim of a smear campaign would benefit from a series of blog and social media mentions that highlight positive things about the person. In some cases, a very comprehensive social media campaign may need to be launched to achieve positive results.

Status Labs could definitely help with a sustained public relations campaign be it big or small. The company is growing exponentially and now has offices in New York and Brazil. Clearly, there is great demand for reputation fixing and word is getting around the Status Labs has hired the best people to handle these types of jobs.

If there was any advice for someone wondering about whether or not his/her reputation can be fixed, it would be to move quickly. Delays would not benefit anyone wishing to fix bad text, audio, or video circulating online. The quicker work is done to address the problem, the easier it can be contained. Call Status Labs to help with getting the necessary work done.

Advice of North American Spine

North American Spine does not just provide surgical procedures with revolutionary technology, but it also helps people look out for themselves when they need any kind of procedure. They advocate wisdom when it comes to choosing a surgeon. There are a few pieces of advice that North American Spine offers for practitioners. This also serves as signs for what patients should look out for when they are looking for a procedure. After all, it is very likely to be in a procedure that goes wrong, or in a procedure that is just not good at all.

One advice that North American Spine gives is to not recommend any advanced imaging if the patient is experiencing non-specific back pain within the first six weeks. All that does is increase the costs. Before advanced imaging can be recommended, there has to be red flags. These red flags can include a history of trauma, weight loss that is not intentional, use of drugs or steroids, cancer, or plenty of other red flags.

Another piece of advice is to avoid elective spinal injections in most cases without imaging guidance. This is so that the needle can be correctly placed. When one has a hard time seeing where the needle is going, it can cause errors in placement which could lead to other errors. The only case that it is allowable is if there is a contraindication. Otherwise, this could lead to the requirement for additional care.

Bone Morphogenetic Protein should be avoided for routine anterior cervical spine fusion surgery. This is to avoid any complications that could threaten the patients life. Other Complications it could cause is airway pressure and difficulty swallowing.

North American Spine also advises against the use of electromyography and nerve conduction studies with the purpose of finding the cause of spinal pain. Last but not least, North American Spine says to refrain from telling someone to get bed rest while under lower back pain for more than 48 hours.

As one could see from North American Spine reviews, they are very knowledgeable and passionate about making sure the patients are well cared for. Spinal surgery and related procedures are very sensitive in nature and need to be handled with greatest care so that no problems can occur as a result of the procedures.

Joseph Bismark: The Interconnection Between Spirituality and Business

Times have changed and doing business is becoming more and more difficult. Business men across the globe have devised different strategies of survival. For some it’s reading widely to increasing their knowledge base in business management, while others it’s partnering with the best talents in the region. But, standing in a completely unique category are spiritual business leaders. Spiritual leaders believe that spirituality and business success are interconnected – spirituality is the heart and the business is the legs. Indeed, spirituality has proven to be a true pillar of success in business for those who believe in it. Joseph Bismark is a business leader who registered success not only in his life, but also in all the companies he has worked for through spirituality.

Joseph Bismark got his spiritual calling at the age of nine when he left his home to go and stay in an ashram in the mountains of the Philippines. Mr. Bismark learnt a lot of business principles from the ashram which he used as his strongholds when he entered the corporate world. These principles enabled him to acquire a unique place in the industry. He is a people person and he believes that success is achieved through teamwork. He encourages his employees to grow and become better in what they do. Mr. Bismark is keen about the business integrity and he does not tolerate unethical business practices in his company.
These impressive qualities have earned Joseph Bismark competitive positions in the industry. He was appointed the Managing Director of the QI Group and was quite instrumental in the establishment of Qnet. He has taken Qnet to high levels of success through his spiritual beliefs. Besides that, he greatly inspires and mentors a lot of people in his company; he has been considered as the best manager of Qnet. A part of his spiritual beliefs, Mr. Bismark cofounded the RHYTHM foundation which serves as the company’s social corporate responsibility platform.
Throughout his life, Joseph Bismark has remained loyal to his core beliefs despite the ever changing business environment. He faces challenges with an optimistic and willing attitude. For him, success and challenges are temporary; they are only there to make him a better thinker. According to his beliefs, success is not only measured in monetary terms but also in meaningful selfless services and finding inners peace and spiritual awakening. Considering that success is a temporary and transient state of living, Mr. Bsimark endeavors to help others achieve success. He is great inspiration to millions of people around the globe through his social media pages and books. Success to Mr. Bismark is a chance to share good fortune with the people around.

Joseph Bismark is well regarded as a competent, dynamic and talented business leader. He is a founding director of the marketing and advertising conglomerate, QI Group of Companies, headquartered in the Philippines and a co-founder of QNet, a direct selling company, and the main subsidiary of the QI group.

Bismark himself stated that he was not initially a corporate person at the time he was appointed a managing director of the group since he felt his forte rested solely in marketing. However, he accepted the position to lead the 800 corporate employees worldwide who fell under his management. He knew his first initiative was not to enhance the skills of these employees since they held degrees and were skilled at their jobs. Instead, he felt he needed to teach them the principles they lacked to effectively lead others.

Initially, Bismark compiled articles for his employees on the principles of leading others and published the articles on the company’s intranet. Later, it was suggested that he extend his reach throughout the entire network by using the company’s blog to publish his articles. Eventually, Bismark’s articles were compiled and edited by Rhythm House, the Corporate Social Responsibility foundation of the QI Group, into a collection of works entitled The Gem Collection. This collection was well received by the QI Group staff who appreciated it for the spiritual and inspirational directions it provided for life. The book provided its readers with a way to meditate and to find inspiration at times when they felt down and defeated. Lessons in the book can be absorbed one at a time and the readers are shown how these lessons impact the challenges they face in their daily life. The lessons also provided encouragement to live a better life.

In large part, Bismark’s dynamic corporate leadership style has its roots in his early upbringing as a monk living in an ashram in the Philippine mountains from the age of nine till he was seventeen. The principles he learned as an ashram monk became a large part of his personality, so he applied those principles to the corporate world and was able to create a unique position for himself in his business.

To Bismark, teamwork carries with it a great deal of strength in business. He believes that with a helping hand and some encouragement, individuals can excel at anything since they hold that latent power to do so within themselves. His desire is for everyone to grow with his company and with him. His employees sense the respect with which he treats them, and they see him as a simple and humble man whose core values have not been tainted by his success.

He has defined success not only in a material way but in a manner that encourages selfless service to others, internal peace and spiritual awakening. This can be seen in his many philanthropic associations and his frequent involvement with the Rhythm Foundation. Bismark has demonstrated that business and spirituality in the demanding, stressful world of corporate business, can indeed co-exist.

Tips About Andy Wirth


Andy Wirth as born in July 1963 in Nuebrucke, West Germany. He has been connected to mountain resort industry through his life. He dived fully into the industry when he started his education at Colorado State University. He furthered his education in Scotland at Edinburgh University; where he gained massive experience as the wilderness and backcountry ranger for San Pedro and Rocky Mountain parks respectively. Upon completing his college degree, Mr. Wirth started his career journey as an intern at the Resort and Steamboat Ski Company.Wirth’s grandfather is a retired director of the US National Parks Service; consequently, the national parks were always in Andy’s blood. As the current CEO of Squaw Valley Ski, Mr. Wirth has gathered over twenty years of experience in his job to turn the ski region to one of the most wanted winter destinations in the world.
For the last 20 years, his official title has continually changed until he became the head of the Intrawest Company. In 2006, a Resort and Steamboat ski corporation was taken over, and Andy was quickly appointed the vice president and chief marketing officer of marketing and sales. He handled global and domestic marketing strategies for all resorts under the umbrella of the company.Besides, Mr. Wirth would take up other roles among them was acting as the president of mountain village organization. The group helped local business financially and gave sales platform to any unique products discovered.

Recently, the RSCVA Board appointed Andy Wirth as the chairperson of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. He has worked with numerous airlines to create more flights for resorts in Canada, Colorado, and Utah. In addition, Mr. Wirth has broad experience in global resort management. According to a news release, Wirth served as a liaison between the Reno-sparks and Lake Tahoe region. In his acceptance speech, Andy Wirth expressed his joy and gratitude for the honorable appointment and promised to serve for the benefit of the regional community at large. He acknowledged that air services are essential to the gaming, the business community, and the ski industry. He expressed his readiness to work collaboratively with the board staff to attract more flights to the region.
Despite his high-ranking position as the CEO of a successful company, Andy continues to show compassion to the less fortunate. He is the principal contributor to the community and environmental service organizations in Tahoe area. His ultimate goal is to improve the well-being of the people from all backgrounds. He is married to Karen, a real estate lawyer based in Truckee, California.


Marc Sparks – Businessman, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist


Marc Sparks of Dallas, Texas, wears many hats. He is a venture capitalist, author, a visionary entrepreneur, banker, and a real estate investor. He founded and is the CEO of Timber Creek Capital, a firm devoted to tackling and aiding the multiple stages of launching sustainable businesses. Sparks is also a well-known philanthropist in the Dallas area. Being a Texan, there’s probably a ten-gallon hat in the mix somewhere too.
The business website for Marc Sparks gives you some insight into the man’s soul and his desire to help others. The top of the first page highlights this Bible passage from Luke 12:48: “From everyone to whom much as been given, much will be required; and from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded.”
On the philanthropic side, Sparks has helped build homes with Habitat for Humanity, has been involved with the Samaritan Inn homeless shelter in Dallas since the 1980’s, and his non-profit, Sparkey’s Kids, has donated one thousand laptop computers to at-risk children at the American Can! Academy.
His book, They Can’t Eat You, was published in September 2014. This inspiring work basically tells how he, as a high school graduate with a C+ average, became a serial entrepreneur and founder of many successful businesses. He disavows the old notion that the run to success has to follow the standard path of high school/college/first job at the bottom of the ladder. His philosophy of encouraging entrepreneurs has helped dozens of companies rise to become huge successes including tech giants like Blu Jay Wireless and Cardinal Telecom LLC and other ventures like Cobalt Real Estate Services LLC.
When asked about his secret to success, Marc often gives credit to his passion, faith, tenacity, ability to focus, and something he calls ‘Sparks Speed’, his compelling sense of urgency to get things done.
Mixed with a large dash of honesty and respect, his recipe for success has served Marc Sparks well in his long and rewarding career

Start with Online Reputation Management Immediately and Stop the Damage

You open up your web browser and before even being able to skim the daily news, there is another bad review showing up on the screen. After being irked for a few moments, you choose to take the high road and just ignore the brutal words. Ignoring the presence of bad reviews is not taking the high road. All you are doing is contributing to the online ruination of your business’ good name. Pretending those bad reviews do not exist is far from the wisest strategy to employ. The bad reviews are not going to go away. They end up accumulating. The more bad reviews turning up online, the more potential customers are turned off. Even current customers might walk away if they feel your service is sliding.

Honestly, calling an online reputation management firm is a must when such negative sentiments start appearing with alarming frequency.

Trying to deal with online reputation problems requires a skilled hand. Only an individual with the experience of, say, a Darius Fisher can help. Fisher is in charge of the top reputation management firm Status Labs. Fisher spent a lot of time repairing damaged reputations and he knows these problems never go away. Instead, quick action must be taken to reverse the negative impact of bad reviews.

Anything that is published on the internet can have an enormously long life. The reviews just don’t “fall off” into obscurity. Several of the highly popular online review sites still maintain published musings from a decade or so ago. That is a long time to wait and a long time for damage to be done to a business.

The nature of the annoyed reviewer also presents a serious problem. People who have an axe to grind are more likely to leave reviews. Waiting for people who like the products or services you sell to bury the bad reviews with good ones could take a long, long time. The wait may even be futile unless a professional reputation management firm is on the job and drumming up positive reviews on your company’s behalf.

Repairing a reputation is not going to happen overnight. For the process to start, you do have to take some definitive steps. Calling an online reputation management is that critical first step. Take that first step now or else a few disgruntled customers could cause irreparable harm.

The App Flipora is in a League of Its Own

Flipora is on fire. This app is growing by more than one hundred and fifty thousand users each and every week. It is designed to give you recommendations on what websites are best for surfing, based on your personal interests. It’s a great way to discover new sites and find things on the web you never knew were out there. It was marketed under the name InfoAxe previously, but the company took on a new direction. The reason for its launch was because many people browse the web and find something great, but then they can’t find the page they were on later. This app keeps track of your search history and gives you quick access to what you’ve previously viewed instantly.

They changed their name in 2014 to Flipora with the hopes of going in a new direction. This app has many of the features that StumbleUpon does. As a user, you can select from over fifty-seven different areas and search the web using this tool. Its popularity has certainly grown; they now have over eight million users that utilize their services. At last estimate, they were accessed more than twenty million web pages every day. Just to put things into perspective, that is about the equivalent of the mega site Wikipedia times six.

The exciting part is the growth has been substantial. Flipora is one of the largest consumers Internet Company around. They have a small team, but their engineers work remotely to ensure things run smoothly. While they are popular in the US, their growth has been substantial worldwide. They have more than two hundred countries with users presently. Not too bad for a company that’s only been around since the later part of 2010.

One of the reasons why Flipora has experienced such growth is their unique search engine products has a scale that many are not able to compete. The redesign of the core product that took place in 2011 also helped put them on the map. By creating an easy to use platform, and doing plenty of beta testing, they believe these key factors contributed to their growth. With twenty-five thousands of users per day and rising, it’s clear to see that they are one of the best apps out there.

Their goal is to keep on improving and making things better for their users. For all those people who surf the web frequently and want to mark where they have been, this is the app for you. They are still working on updates to their algorithms to make drastic improvements, but this is one of those apps that just gets better and better the longer you use it.

Join One of Today’s Best Russian Dating Websites Today!

There are a myriad of opportunities for people in today’s society to meet significant others in this day and age. There are no doubts about the fact that the social venues of networking are certainly expanding and evolving to tremendous heights. One source that can be given great credit to such a reality is the world wide web. Many of today’s websites provide people with opportunities of meeting others, one of which was never available for societies to take advantage of in previous generations. Therefore, many people are taking advantage of such opportunities to their greatest abilities. If you are unsure about where to look or join in regards to meeting a potential significant other, then you shouldn’t look any further than Anastasia Date.

The website Anastasia Date has been designed and engineered for any and everyone to meet Russian people; a culture that is rich in liveliness, personalities, beauty and so much more. By joining the website, a member can either meet someone who is Russian in their own community (outside of Russia), or someone who is actually Russian and located in the country as well. It is a great opportunity for people to not only meet individuals with Russian backgrounds, but to also learn more about the culture. The Russian culture is one that places great emphasis on love, family values and kindness. These are some of the values that makes the country of Russia one of the most beautiful places in the world. Not only is the country a beauty to observe, but so are its people. They are a great delight to meet and be around. Wouldn’t you want to partake in such a wonderful opportunity? If so, then please feel free to join the user-friendly website of Anastasia Date.

When it comes to joining a dating website like Anastasia Date, it is recommended for the member to know what type(s) of information they would like to post and present themselves with. By joining the website without being prepared, the member may find difficulty in understanding what the website is about. Whether you are aware of it or not, most of today’s dating websites allow members to post photos and personal details about themselves. The same concepts apply to the website of Anastasia Date. Therefore, the newly welcomed member should fill out their profile in a way they would like to present themselves to others who may be viewing their information. There are so many other members on the website that one’s chances of not meeting anyone right away is very slim. There is a match for everybody, but one will never know what is out there for them unless they delve into the wonderful community of Anastasia Date. Your future could actually be significantly impacted by meeting someone on the website. By joining, an individual has nothing to lose. However, if they decide not to, they will never know what they have been missing out on. Join the wonderfully designed and operated website to add some spice to your life today!