Giving Back and Working Hard

Aloha Construction’s ten-year CEO Dave Farbaky recently had the opportunity to speak with Daily Forex Report about the importance of small businesses giving back to the community and their favorite methods of doing such. Farbaky expressed that if it wasn’t for the community building these small businesses up in one way or another, they wouldn’t exist; the biggest thanks you can provide is to give back.

Most small businesses understand that donations are tax deductible, and if you apply that to local organizations it will drastically help your PR among community members. When you have positively affected someone’s life near you, they are highly likely to give back by visiting your establishment when the time is right for them. Another way to bring attention to your services and your brand is by sponsoring events. Anyone attending the event will see your brand and be more likely to at least check your services out.

A favorite method of giving back is by getting involved with local organizations your business feels connected to. It’s the easiest place to start if charity work is new to you. Do a quick google or yelp search and you will easily find all the organizations and volunteer opportunities in your area. You are bound to find something that you can find passion in. It’s important to feel like you identify with the organization; by continuing to support them and their goals you will form a solid relationship. Their gratitude will be shared through imagery, word of mouth, and interconnecting. While you are helping your community out, you will also be helping your own business grow and improve.

Once you get a handle on how charity work is done, and how non-profit organizations find a way to complete their objectives, you can consider starting your own charity organization. Some of the benefits of creating your own charity group is you can guarantee that your charitable objectives are met efficiently and to your standards, it shows you have a desire to do more with the company than increase profits, and it lets your community know what you’re contributing to your customers well being.

CEO Farbaky created Farbaky Foundation which funds events for children in his community. One of their most memorable contributions was for a family in need, in which the community came together with Farbaky Foundation and helped a family go on a shopping spree for the first time in their lives. Besides helping families near and dear to the towns they work in, they provide efficient and affordable construction work in Illinois and Wisconsin. They provide free property inspections and even offer financing on roof repair.

The NewsWatch TV Reviews and the testimonials of its clients

NewsWatch TV refers to a television show that utilizes technology, and a consumer and consumer-friendly format of entertainment. Additionally, the show features the consumer news, reviews of mobile apps, those of sponsored consumer electronics, the announcement of public services, celebrity interviews, and the trending news majorly.

As well, the show features video news releases (VNRs), on-location SMT interviews, as well as countrywide campaigns that are non-profitable. Several providers enhance the submissions of the latter to the program.

Usually, the broadcasting happens in the course of the morning news’ time that often happens at 7 am per the AMC Network. The base of NewsWatch TV is situated in Washington DC. The rest of the offices are found in Denver, the City of New York and Fairfax. The Bridge Communications enhance the ownership and coordination of the show’s operations. The latter is a company executing video production as well as communications.

To ascertain the effectiveness of the show in its operations, it is significant making a consideration of the testimonials by clients. Such clients include Avanca, Saygus, and SteelSeries.

Saygus refers to an American firm dealing with the manufacture of smartphones. It jointly worked together with NewsWatch TV in enhancing the marketing and promoting their smartphone lines. At the time, NewsWatch TV dealt with the several sections of both the logistics as well as video production. The segment additionally enhanced national airing as well as the utilization of the online platform. The enhancement of the latter entailed the usage of the online networks as well as their channels of social media.

SteelSeries is often referred to as a professional gaming gear. It is an international firm dealing with the manufacture of headphones. They utilized two different projects to enhance the promotion of their line concerning headphones as well as gaming controllers. Worth acknowledging is the fact that NewsWatch worked on all the sections associated with video production which entails a lot.


Adam Milstein’s Involvement in Business and Charity Undertakings

Adam Milstein is a successful real estate investor, philanthropist, and community leader. The Israeli-American served in the IDF when he was living in Israel and even fought for his country during 1973’s Yom Kippur War. Milstein and his family decided to move to the United States in 1981. He enrolled at the University of Southern California, and the graduated with an MBA in 1983. Before that, Adam Milstein has been awarded a degree in business and economics from an Israel-based university.

The businessman joined the real estate industry by serving as a sales agent but was later promoted to serve Hager Pacific Properties as a managing partner. The company is privately held and runs different industrial and commercial real estate properties that are located in Southern California. It has been buying and re-establishing business and industrial buildings. Adam Milstein’s responsibilities at the firm include planning, accounting, and financing. His peers have acknowledged an excellent entrepreneur and business leader.

Milstein began taking part of charity undertakings by working with his colleagues. He business partner taught him about ma’aser rishon, which is a Jewish practice that involves giving 10 percent of an individual’s earnings to charity work. The philanthropist later decided to establish Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000. His wife Gila also owns a charity organization that is called Sifriyat Pijama B’ America, and it has been offering books that enable Jewish children to learn more about their tradition. The foundation’s activities have benefited over 15,000 families.

The philanthropist has been striving to the give back to the Israeli-American community in different ways. In 2007, he was among the co-founders of the Israeli-American Council, which has been working to ensure that the United States and Israel have strong ties. By 2012, the IAC has worked with more than 100,000 Israeli Americans. Adam Milstein has acted as a board member of various charity foundations that include Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel, Jewish Funders Network, AISH Los Angeles, AIPAC National Council, Hasbara Fellowships, and many others. He owns the Milstein Family Foundation, which has been offering an annual contribution of $1 million towards Jewish education programs, enhancing pro-Israel advocacy, and improving non-profit organizations.

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Award-Winning Architect Robert Ivy

If you haven’t heard of Robert Ivy, he is the registered architect and CEO of the American Institute of Architects, headquartered in Washington, D.C. Ivy received a B.A. in English from the University of the South in 1969 and earned his Masters of Architecture degree from Tulane University, in 1976.

Ivy has been with the American Institute of Architects since 2011; he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to AIA and is instrumental in managing the institute’s 87,890 members. These tasks include managing the national office based in Washington, DC, which is comprised of 206 employees and an annual budget of $56 million. Additionally, Ivy plays an integral role in helping to enhance the American Institute of Architects’ voice when it comes to demonstrating the value of design and spreading architectural awareness to the public health.

Ivy began his career as Editor-in-Chief for the Architectural record in 1976; during his time with the monthly magazine publication, it received a tremendous amount praise. In fact, the Architectural Record was hailed as the most read architectural journal. Ivy’s penchant for architecture would soon lead to a role with McGraw-Hill Construction Media, where he served as Vice President and Editorial Director. Ivy also served as a managing partner at Dean/Dale, Dean & Ivy, before shifting his focus on to other endeavors.

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Robert Ivy has received considerable praise for his editorial work, and his work in architecture; he received the premier magazine journalism award for his work with the Architectural Record. He also received high honors from Alpha Rho Chi (national architecture fraternity), for his role in communicating the value of design. The honor places Ivy in the company of some of the most esteemed architects like Dr. Nathan Ricker, John Wellborn Root, and several others. While at the Architecture Record, Ivy was credited with helping the publication receive the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award.

In addition to being on the receiving end of awards, Ivy contributed to the success of fellow architects; in fact, he participated in selecting famed architect Frank Gehry, who designed the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial.

In a PR Newswire article, former 2010 AIA President George Miller states that with Robert Ivy at the helm of AIA, the institute is destined for greatness. Miller cites Robert Ivy’s industry experience and leadership skills, as the basis for why he, and AIA board members, are proud to have him join the institute.

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A Guide for Parents: Returning Back to School (with Advice from FreedomPlus)

Alison Hendricks, a specialist in money and mortgages, provides parents a guide for the new school year to help make the transition less stressful. Here’s an overview of the article:

When managing back-to-school expenses, Kevin Gallegos from FreedomPlus recommends securing a supply list for your child (usually provided by the school). Be sure to get additional supplies that will help them, such as binders, dividers, and planners. From there, you can set a budget that will benefit your child and wallet.

Clothing and meal preparations are also important. With clothing, aim to either purchase discounted off-season clothes ahead of time (purchasing winter clothes in the spring, for example) or doing neighborhood clothing-swaps. With meal preparations, you can give children the option of packing their own lunch with a lunchbox that has sections. Simply glue pictures of the food group that belongs in each section (such as vegetables), and have those foods portioned and readily available for the kids to grab right out of the refrigerator.

Once the school year begins, go to orientation with your child to acquaint yourself with the teacher and to reinforce that your child’s education is important. Establish routines to better manage and prioritize your child’s time. Having a monthly calendar can help prepare for upcoming events that you or your child may have. This will prioritize tasks activities such as homework, extracurricular activities, and sleep.

What is FreedomPlus? FreedomPlus is a company that allows people to consolidate their debt into one manageable monthly payment. The simple application process can be done online in minutes, with loan amounts ranging from $10,000 to $35,000 for qualifying customers to help meet a wide range of needs. FreedomPlus’s friendly staff is there to assist customers throughout the application process.

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Financial tips to look out for from Vinny Parascandola

Vinny Parascandola is a highly successful financialist and has a vast experience in the entrepreneurial field, evident from the prestigious enterprises that he has formerly served. Being the senior executive president of AXA Advisors, Vinny has seen the substantial rise into one of the most successful insurance and financial companies in the world. The renowned entrepreneur has always had a focus towards offering the best to the company’s customers and through his change oriented nature; he has AXA Advisors firm move hand in hand with the current market trends to meet the various needs of its clients exclusively.

Vinny has a profound belief in innovation, and through his great inventions of ideas, he has enabled the firm to develop unique resources and information to help the company’s customers expand and manage their AXA insurance business. Besides, he has mentored his team of employees and equipped them with great strategies to employ excellent skills in the production of their products as well as the provision of services. Vincent Parascandola has also provided his team of employees with tips to give customers with the best resources to enable them effectively plan on their retirement benefits. Check out pocomuseum for more info.

The successful entrepreneur has also played a significant role in helping people evaluate their skills as well as measure their level of performance through the recruitment services that he conducts. With this, professionals have earned a chance to learn from other experts who are better than them and share ideas on the best tactics to better serve customers.

Vinny has also proved to be a profoundly prestigious expert when it comes to entrepreneurship through his great crown as the National Rookie of the year, which he received while working at Prudential. Being a self-motivated individual, Vinny has always had a great determination towards accomplishing most of his set goals, and through his persistence, he has earned a lot of accreditation from many individuals. His great title and respect have also made AXA Advisors a huge recommendation from many of its clients, and as a result, the firm has established itself and won more customers. Vinny looks forward to developing the business and increasing its sales to accomplish its goals. Follow their Facebook page


Jason Hope’s Focus as an Entrepreneur

Jason Hope may look young in comparison to many of the top entrepreneurs within the tech industry but he is far from a newcomer. Jason Hope’s work as an entrepreneur, particularly with the mobile company Jawa, has been nothing short of revelatory. Hope’s work is just getting started and he has big plans for the future. Let’s take a look at Hope’s work and his plans for what comes next.

Right now Jason Hope has his eyes set and focused on developing the Internet of Things into the game changing technology that it might become. The Internet of Things is a catch-all term for the way by which our world is interfacing with the internet. Right now we have seen smart technology grow into a huge industry in and of itself. From shoes that track your vitals to cars that can drive themselves, smart technology has made a real difference. The Internet of Things takes that concept a step further and insists on a world that is completely interfaced. Think of ‘The Jetsons’, the old cartoon, but in a more practical and applicable sense. This is the hill that Jason Hope has been standing on as he’s tried to get the word out to other entrepreneurs and tech companies within the industry.

Jason Hope has been working as an entrepreneur for years now and he’s now looking toward cementing a legacy with his work. Hope says, “I like to envision a greater longterm meaning to all of my ideas.” Hope’s vision is unparalleled and his focus on the Internet of Things should give companies some pause if they are looking for a new concept to start paying attention to. Hope goes on to say, “I see IoT making a huge difference in society.” Hope believes that the Internet of Things will far surpass the entertainment sector that most people feel it is restricted to.

Being an entrepreneur and a philanthropist, Jason Hope has to always be looking to areas that most people aren’t thinking of. After all, you aren’t much of a futurist unless you are willing to probe into the unknown. Right now Jason Hope, along with his SENS Foundation, is fascinated by the process of aging. More specifically, Hope believes that aging can be reversed at a cellular level. This is a topic that Hope believes has a lot of importance in the future, for obvious reasons. Hope goes on to say, “This is where medical research is headed and someone needs to be at the forefront of it all.” Hope’s planning on being one of the leaders at the forefront of this new industry and we’ll have to look to the future to see if his belief is correct. His track record says that there is a good chance.

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Edisoft’s role in improving supply chain performance.

In the pursuit to achieve predictable, agile and cost-efficient supply chains, it is important that the companies thoroughly analyze their Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), especially on the end to end supply chain and get all factors that contribute to the differences experienced in the analysis.

When the data under analysis and leveraging is big, it proves hard to analyze in a timely way without failing regarding accuracy and completeness. The analysis may involve heterogeneous data regarding location or time zone, and this will require synchronization first. It will, therefore, be necessary to state and do an evaluation of the quality of data expected specifically in third party contracts and carriers. Without having a similar program for managing data quality, it may not be possible to arrive at an accurate conclusion about the performance of the supply chain.

Previously, the most common Key Performance Indicator was on-time performance, especially in transportation departments. The journey could be divided into sections, and after covering each chapter, a review using a carrier score card was done. Today, companies such as Edisoft offer configurable Smart Process Supply Chain Service Platforms which takes a big hand in helping those who do manufacturing and those who do distribution improved supply chain performance.

Edisoft is a software company based in USA with distributed headquarters in NO, Canada, and Toronto. Edisoft offers Software to work as Supply Chain Service Platforms to clients and dedicated partners across the world through their satellite office in Miami, USA. Through data leveraging, the company is capable of delivering automated and optimized compliant services, Carrier management and Warehousing in one integrated system.

The integrated storage solution offers a better platform for automatic order promotion in all its stages. Among the systems Edisoft integrates is a handheld bar-code scanner and a connector that incorporates Transport Management Systems. These together help in exchanging data parcels that are smaller and often lower than the average truck load for shipments. This makes workflow and productivity of staff more efficient and ensures that the data used for Business intelligence is accurate ( Carriers that operate on oceans and air need not be measured by on time performance again with the aid of software from Edison.

More to Grasp – Securus

The Value of Employee Motivation, According to Securus


What’s a fantastic company culture? Knowing the importance of a strong workplace culture may be the difference between your organisation with remarkable employee retention rates and higher employee satisfaction levels, and using a high turnover and low morale. Firms that love how there is a business culture that is fantastic, understand if they are to get the most out of them, that they must invest in their people. Keeping your employees motivated and satisfied isn’t only the perfect way to conduct a company, but may also save you money in the long term.


Consider what your spending might be for those who have to offer workers off with stress or poor health cover for absenteeism and a high turnover of employees. These things may seem obvious, but often it is plenty of work to execute. What are the elements in creating and keeping a company culture that is fantastic? Leadership is a vital part of keeping the culture of your company: Make sure the culture you are trying to create is fully understood by the leaders in your business as they possess the ability to conserve it. Be responsive to the needs of your workers’ wages and pension schemes.


These include benefits like study days options and working, and they are popular because they can help a more healthy work/life equilibrium. Provide continuing development. Are there many instances of developing and expanding talent internally on your organisation? Employees want to feel that their organisation nurturing their professional and personal growth and is investing in their future.


Give honest feedback. An open culture makes it possible for workers at every level to talk about their thoughts, suggestions and concerns with their company. Having structured feedback strategies means that companies dominate.


Rick Smith-The Intellect behind the Success of Securus Technology

For you to become the CEO of an organization, you have to be outstanding in your leadership, skills and have a rich academic background as well. Every successful CEO has struggled to get his/her way up. It is this struggle that makes them special. The success of a company depends on the company’s CEO. This is because it is the duty of the CEO to strategize the company’s next move, and also approve any ideas from the staff, board of directors and community. It is, therefore, very important for a company to ensure that they have an able CEO.Securus technology saw this special skills in Rick Smith and made him the CEO of the company in 23rd June 2008.The Securus firm was formed by the merging of two highly ranked correctional facilities. This facilities are Netix and Evercom. This two companies merged in September, 2004.

A lot of positive changes have been observed since Rick Smith took over Securus leadership. Rick Smith is very competent in his work. This is as a result of the experience that he acquired before joining Securus technologies. Rick Smith was the CEO of Eschelon Telcom where he transformed the company’s revenue from $30 to $350.Apart from this achievement, Rick Smith is also remembered for developing EBITBDA to $80 million. Apart from his great experience, the other factor that makes the CEO outstanding is his rich education background. Rick Smith, has an MBA, Bachelor in Science of Engineering and a master’s degree in mathematics.With this combination and his high innovation, securus technology is changing the face of the world.

The Securus technology, cooperates with the penitentiary authorities to make the life of the inmates and the people close to them easier.This is by ensuring that the inmates are able to keep in touch with their family members. Some of the inmates, are parents and not having a chance to communicate with their family would kill the bond that once existed. Although, communication does not fill the void of not seeing the family member every day, the relationship is still maintained.The Securus technology, has taken measures to ensure that the inmates do not use the innovations to disrupt the peace of the society. This is because if not well coded some convicts who may not have reformed, may use the technology to link with the law breaker who may have not been caught, to hurt the citizens. Rick Smith also took the measures to ensure that the technology does not lead to prison breaks.The concern Securus technology, led by Rick Smith is to take care of the public safety at large. This includes the prisoners as well. It is no doubt that he is the ideal leader of the organization.