Inspiring Success Story of Marc Sparks

The secret to successful entrepreneurship is not influenced by the size of capital or the number of college degrees and diplomas, but a combination of determination, positive attitude, and a defined objective. This description explains Marc Sparks’ story. Marc, who is regarded by many as the epitome of entrepreneurship, made to the helm of business success despite his humble beginning as a high school graduate. Read more: Marc Sparks – Profile – Disqus and Marc Sparks (Author of They Can’t Eat You) – Goodreads

Marc Starks’s journey to successful entrepreneurship is an inspiration to upcoming young entrepreneurs who have incredible business ideas but don’t have starting capital. After his high school in 1975, Marc ventured into business; he created several start-up businesses that would later thrive into mega business establishments. He had a keen interest in real estate development, capital investments, and telecommunication industry.

Marc Sparks’ objective as a venture capitalist is to offer a financial boost to startup businesses. Such moves are always speculative, however, marc has never been wrong in his decisions to fund startup business; they have always posted impressive levels of success. He has been very instrumental in nurturing talent, offer invaluable guidance and financial solutions to upcoming entrepreneurship.

To share his success story and inspire others to embrace the spirit of successful entrepreneurship, he authored a book entitled “They Can’t Eat You”, he outlines his success story and the path he followed in achieving success. In this book, he asserts that it’s possible for anybody to become successful in business.

As a way of giving back to the society, Marc Sparks has been actively involved in numerous philanthropic activities. His backyard Texas and Dallas have been beneficiaries of excellent charity projects run by Marc. He has not only dedicated his money but also his time as well in volunteer activities. He has helped establish Samaritan Inn a homeless shelter in Texas and Habitat for Humanity. Also, he established American Can! Academy a group of schools and the Sparky’s Kids Foundation that help the disadvantaged children get an education.

His spirit of nurturing young upcoming and promising entrepreneurs has taken another dimension. He has come up with a program to empower social entrepreneurs. There are millions of great social business ideas which can make the world a better place. In a recent project to support social entrepreneurs, Marc and Lynne decided to form Sparks’ Tank. This program is meant to benefit young entrepreneurs with excellent business ideas that can attract investments and shape the world into a desirable place to live.

In the program, the contestants have to explain how they would use $5,000 in their quest to realize their business dreams.


Image Recognition: Future Technology being used Today!


Image recognition is identifying and detecting an object or feature in a video or digital image. This process is currently being used in many areas of life such as security surveillance and toll booth monitoring.

Another area where image recognition is applied is with gaming. For example, Viewdle is a game that has recently been launched that uses face recognition in order to determine if you are a human or vampire, therefore setting up a background between the two species.
Price comparison is another area where image recognition is used. For example, if you are shopping and want to find out if you’re getting a good deal, you take a picture of what you want to buy and an app like Google will give you the information you need before you buy the product or not.

Making mental notes, via image recognition, is another way this new technology can help. Taking visual notes of what you want to remember is a great way to hold on to those images. Using a mobile phone’s camera and using an app like Déjà vu will help you organize images you have taken as reminders, letting you add notes and location data.
Identifying TV shows is still another way image recognition can be used. For example, TVtak is an app that identifies the TV show you are watching, by pointing your iPhone’s camera at the screen. It can also be helpful with product recognition, whether you’re shopping online or IRL.

Another area where image recognition is applied is with security. Face recognition is being used in the military, universities and other areas where face recognition is necessary to keep people and institutions safe and secure. Another area where image recognition is being considered is holding up your cellphone to someone’s face and seeing links to their social networks. This could be useful at conferences and such but you could also check out the backgrounds of people who look suspicious.

Slyce is a startup business that provides a ‘point of interest purchasing platform. It allows people to identify and object when they see it using visual recognition technology. This kind of technology can be used by retailers, brands and publishers and allows shoppers to transact when they are ready to purchase.

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How Will FreedomPop Get Everyone Online?

FreedomPop is going to get everyone online by offering their new SIM network. This is a global hotspot that people can buy for $49.99, and they can get it for $99.99 after the release. This is a system that is going to pull networks together, and it is going to let people get online instantly. It is a very easy thing for people to do because they are going to be able to use it anywhere they go.

Travelers are going to love it the most, and they can read about it more in Recode. They have made it easy for people to see that FreedomPop has expanded to more than just cell phones. They do offer great cell phone plans, but now people will be able to use the SIM whenever they travel. They can set it up and use it when they need to. They can use it to get online in remote places, and it will save people who have a really bad signal wherever they live.

The bad signal that people have is going to be fixed when they are using the FreedomPop Sim, and they are going to feel much better about how they have done the work that they have done. There are a lot of things that people can do when they use the SIM global hotspot, and they will be able to carry it with them anywhere they want. Someone who wants to make sure that they are going to always have access can get the system today, and they can get more than one if they need them for all their different people in the business.,2817,2498185,00.asp

Shagan Kheradpir Leads Coriant To A New Era Of Success


Coriant is an Optical Transport Network that provides services to businesses internationally. Coriant devised technology from a combination of Siemens Optical Network, Tellabs, and Sycamore Networks. Shaygan Kheradpir is the CEO and business and technology executive of Coriant. Coriant has extended its services to over 100 countries. Coriant strives to reduce operational complexity and improve utilization. Coriant Services the demands of mobile cloud, video, and other consumer applications. Corriant is responsible for billions of dollars in service revenue
Shaygan head Pier currently holds a bachelor’s, Masters, and a doctoral degree from Cornell University. His Ph.D. is in electrical engineering. Shaygan Kheradpir has served as an executive at Juniper Networks, Verizon, Barclays, and GTE. He is responsible for cutting costs at major corporations and several products that have been developed to improve business production and financial bottom line. Shaygan Kheradpir was born in London and was raised in Iran. His father was a medical doctor, and he moved to the United States to attend college.

Shaygan got his start at GT laboratories in 1987. There he was responsible for the management and Network routing. He was working with GTE and 2000 when they merged with Bell Atlantic and ultimately became Verizon Communications. Shaygan served as the president of the business division for Verizon and became the first CIO / CTO. In early 2011 Shaygan Kheradpir joined Barclays as the CEO of the Global Retail and Business Bank. While serving at Barclays, he was responsible for developing the usually successful Pingit mobile payment software. He became the CEO of Juniper Networks where he developed and executed in early 2014. He joined Marlin Equity Partners and was then appointed the CEO of coriant. He became the COO of Juniper Networks in early 2014. He joined Marlin equity partners and was then named the CEO of Corriant. He took over for Pat DiPietro, who stepped down to become vice chairman of the company.

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ClassDojo is a reinvented classroom that brings teachers students and their parents close together so that they can help build the behavioral traits of students. The constant communication has enabled parents to monitor their kids, their experience and how they are behaving while in school.


The co-founders, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, formed the company to provide a communication platform where teachers to encourage students and get parents engaged too.


In the company’s reports, ClassDojo is actively used in 85,000 in the United States. They do face competition from other education tech companies like Remind, Nearpod, and Kickboard that connect students, parents, and schools


Teachers use this app daily to make schedules of activities that parents know of. Parents, on the other hand, monitor the kids through photos and videos of recent participation in an activity taken and sent to them by their teachers


The driving force of the company is the needs of the parents and teachers and what they require to enhance the chance of their kid’s success in life. According to Sam Chaudhary, the idea is to build good behavior, improve, and develop learning of students at school.


This company has been able to raise $21 million in the round B series for venture funding for tech that connects educators to students’ parents. General Catalyst led the company’s Series B round. The new investors included GSV, Reach Capital, and SignalFire.


In the early days, the app was used as a tool to help shape behavior, but now it is used collaboration between parents, teachers, and students for collaboration. General Catalyst Managing Director, Hemant Taneja, sees the ClassDojo’s user growth as analogous to a social network and messaging platform like Facebook, Snapchat though being an app built for education.
He says that the main aim of the company is not monetization, but the provision of parents and teachers needs to make their kid’s life successful. ClassDojo has contents like custom yearbooks, videos, discussion guides, and lessons that could be used at home by parents and their kids. Transactional features could also be included to enable parents to pay schools for field trips, lunches, or supplies via phone instead of checks and cash that could be misplaced by kids in their backpacks.
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Appraising Madison Street Capital’s Prime Position in Investment Banking

Madison Capital has emerged among the leading lights as far as investment banking is concerned. This privately owned financial institution has for years been steadfast in its quest to provide services that meet high ethical and professional standards. In line with this, services and products offered by the bank are tailor made to meet the needs of each individual client.

With global offices in the continents of Asia, Africa and North America, the company is looking forward to expanding to more frontiers. Its clients range from public and private businesses to individuals who wish to be offered advice about investment. The following are some services offered by Madison Street Capital.

a) Asset Management

The firm has created specialty through offering advice to wealth managers who are intending to augment the value of their businesses. The advisory services given are aimed at providing optimum financial returns to the clients. Advice given majorly lies in the areas of Mergers and Acquisition Transactions, Capital Realignment, Buyouts and Bankruptcy among others.

b) Business Valuation Service

One of the core obligations of Madison Capital is to help its clients appraise the value of their businesses. In this regard, it makes use of the expertise provided by the large pool of highly competent financial experts under its employment. These professionals use top of the range analytical tools to offer appraisal services. In relation to this, the firm also offers advice concerning tax compliance.

c) Madison Street Capital also offers its fair opinion concerning any business transactions that its clients want to undertake. In the current dynamic corporate world, transactions need to be diligent and must also factor in all the intricacies involved in running business organizations.

Besides its business endeavors, Madison Capital has endeared itself to communities by supporting different charitable organizations. Such initiatives are in line with the firm’s corporate social responsibility mantra, which is making a difference in the local and global community. Besides this, the Chicago based firm is always on the lookout for opportunities to partner with like-minded organizations to improve educational services and support various community-based projects.


FreedomPop Offering Spain Users Zero Rated Access to WhatsApp Messaging App

FreedomPop has quickly been gaining ground across the globe by offering free mobile service plans to those who purchase its SIM cards. Lately the company has even released a few mobile headsets designed for use with the free mobile provider. However, they are now working to gain an entirely new segment of the market space by offering their users zero rated access to WhatsApp.

The messaging app is very popular around the globe as a free way to text message with Wi-Fi, and now FreedomPop users can enjoy completed free WhatsApp use regardless of how much data allowance they have left. In essence, it will not cost them money or data to utilize the messaging app. To kick off the new promotion, only WhatsApp and FreedomPop users in Spain will be able to take advantage of the free savings over the next few months, but if successful it would not be surprising to see it launch elsewhere.

As mentioned, FreedomPop has been exploding all over the world since its inception in 2011 in LA. The company gives away free text messages, talk time, and data every month after which it offers users the option to buy more bundled allowances as needed. Last September FreedomPop launched in the UK and Spain will be the third market for the free mobile operator.

WhatsApp is also a booming company with over a billion users already signed up across the globe. It has partnered with other mobile networks to offer zero rated access to the app in the past but this has brought with it some controversy.

WhatsApp has partnered with mobile operators before, but what is interesting about this offering is that FreedomPop is offering free access on its own without any actual type of partnership with the company. Stephen Stokols, the CEO of FreedomPop explained that they plan to be the first carrier to organically carry the messaging app without any push behind it. They simply want to offer customers what the market seems to desire. For more on the offering check out this article.

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