Wen By Chaz Is Worth It

Someone like Emily McClure of Bustle.com is someone that really pours her heart, soul, and mind into something when she cares about it. She knows she has an audience that depends on her, relies on her, and respects her opinion. Because of this, she takes her time when writing reviews and gives everything a shot. She knows she might not like every product and every product might not be for her, but she knows it is worth it. This is a truly dream job for a self-proclaimed hair-care fanatic. She also gets to inform her readers and plays an important part in swaying them to either purchase something or avoid it at all costs.
In her review of the Sephora endorsed conditioner, she really poured a lot into the review, which can be read here: http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened. She knows this is a product that has received a lot of acclaim and is very well known by people that know their stuff when it comes to hair care products. It was time for her to do her review and when wrote it, she wrote it the right way. One of the many wonderful things she did was include pictures. By adding pictures to the review, it lets people see what the WEN Hair product does and pictures do not lie.

She also gave her thoughts after each and every single day in what was a seven day review. Most reviewers do not put that kind of effort into their reviewers. However, one can’t help but tell her passion for hair care products as well as her passion for writing a good review. It shows in the work and it shows in the final review. The verdict is in and she loved Wen by Chaz and the proof is in her reviews and in her pictures. Visit Wikipedia.org for more info on the product.




Mike Baur & Swiss Startup Factory

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Switzerland are banks, a lot of banks. You’re probably imagining a stable and wealthy country and you’re right. One interesting fact – the first private banks were created in Switzerland. Their history was in their favor and they used it in the best way. Nowadays it’s clear that Switzerland is perfect soil for banks. Following this logic there should be numerous bankers there, there are.


Mike Baur is a Swiss businessman and entrepreneur. He was interested in banking and finance when he was young. He turned his childhood dream into his profession. He’s the co-founder of and managing partner of Swiss Startup Factory. Mike spent around 20 years in Swiss Private Banking. In 2014 with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer he founded the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike Baur led the Swiss Startup Factory through its accelerator program with Goldback Group in early 2016 and also its partnership with Fintech Fusion in February 2016. He is also in charge of fundraising and financing rounds at Swiss Startup Factory. Mike Baur has MBA from University of Rochester New York and also Executive MBA from University of Bern. He’s a perfect definition of doing what you love and getting paid for it.


Swiss Startup Factory wants to take startups and help to become global companies that disrupt the prevailing norms, products and business models. Their vision is based on two principles. First – they want to create a startup accelerator program that will be the global standard for every other accelerator program and second – to be able to provide any startup with all the services that clients need – a 360 degree startup service. Its partners provide a huge support for their accelerator. Their main business is a three month program which provides early stage startups with finances, services, coaching, mentoring, office space and access to a large entrepreneurial and investor network, all of it for the cause of achieving goals.


Mike Baur has worked to improve himself and to achieve his dreams. After a few decades his work has paid off and has turned into a serious business with many opportunities. His connections, expertise and experience make him one of the most valuable persons in this field of expertise. Mike Baur is an astonishing example of a devoted man whose career is, at the same time, his childhood dream profession.

Squaw Valley Expansion with Andy Wirth

The Squaw Valley Resort is currently on a move to expand its territory to cover the growing demand for its services. The expansion plan has already passed a substantial step on its road to approval. With approval from the Placer County Planning Commission, the expansion project will move to its final endorsement by the County Board of Supervisors.

According to Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley, the approval meeting was filled with civility and the discussion revolved around the significant issue. However, the expansion project faces various hurdles. Such obstacles include the current state of transit and traffic. The League to Save Lake Tahoe’s director, Jesse Patterson, said the region is currently incapable of handling more traffic. He additionally noted that if the plan were approved, there would be no more area left in the region.

To counterattack this obstacle, Andy plans to lead the initiative to solve the transit and traffic issue. The resort intends to execute an initiative to fund a reliable, credible mass transit system, which will serve not only the Placer County region but also the whole of North Lake Tahoe area. Jesse Patterson has welcomed the initiative and will be glad when the action is executed.

According to CrowdRise, Andy Wirth has always been connected with the mountain resort and hotel sector since he was young. He currently serves at Squaw Valley Ski Holdings as the CEO, a position, which he executes efficiently with his extensive experience of over 25 years.

Andy Wirth was born in West Germany and went to study at Colorado University. Later, he furthered his education in Scotland at Edinburgh University. During his stay in Scotland, it was when made his first career debut at Rocky Mountains National Park. He later worked with San Pedro Parks Wilderness as a wilderness ranger.

On completing his college education, Andy Wirth commenced his career life in 1986 serving at Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation as an intern. He later served in various corporations in varied positions for more than twenty years. Andy Wirth has also served as the Vice President of sales and marketing as well as the Chief Marketing Officer at the firm.

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Norka Martinez Luque, Her Passion for Music

Norka comes from a humble, blessed family, far away, with numerous experiences, common life lessons, other culture, and languages, which made her come to the understanding that music is her passion and destiny. She remarked when she was in the country for album performance and showcasing.

The Us-based Venezuelan was supported to burst into the music scene by her producer Alberto Gaitan, Archie Pena, along with Rican Pena and Luis Giraldo, who were in charge of the sauce arrangements. The definition of the genre for the music took them so long. The musical piece was a pure blend of pop, rock, ballads, Blues, and Rhythm.

Norka loved singing so much ever since she was a child and participated in numerous competitions. After high school, she travelled to France and pursued a degree in International Business, but continued parallel with what she called her passion. She remembers every minute her mind sunk in music, so she looked for something that could make her happy and joined the Bad Moon Rising band, rock, and funk, through which she appeared in numerous platforms and served as learning for her career development.

Upon returning to the United States, she took art studio, singing lessons with culinary and fashion arts. From that moment onwards there are only good memories, especially the day she met with Emilio Estefan. She had no idea she would be present at that meeting. She approached her with material and evidence that music is her passion. Emilio gave her all the attention she demanded and decided to work with her onwards. Norka explained to him that music is her only passion and she has a talent and only requires a person of his caliber to refine her to fit the industry.

The following week, she was at the Crescent Moon studies, Gloria Estefan and Emilio. The influential music producer carefully listened to Norka’s material and decided to take her for overtime tuition. He told her that she has the potential to be a world-class music singer. From that moment they started working as a team. She demanded to have her singing lessons continued for her to create the desired discipline in music.

Norka’s ultimate challenge was whined weight in 2007 after a severe personal crisis. However, parallel to his career in music, she made it necessary to maintain a perfect condition.

InnovaCare Makes Medicare Advantage Plan Effective

Medicare has been in the service for several years. It enhances efficiency in providing quality service to its clients by creating an intensive plan that benefits many people. The customized plan is known as the Medicare Advantage Plan. The Medicare Advantage Plan, or MA Plan, started with the Balanced Budget Act 1997. The act states that Medicare beneficiaries are provided with an option to receive their benefits through a private health insurance program instead of the usual Medicare plan. Medicare further created a more attractive program for all Medicare beneficiaries by adding prescription drug coverage; hence, the birth of the MA Plan in 2003.

The InnovaCare Health is the leading health care provider under the Medicare Advantage Plan. InnovaCare offers clients quality services. They are based in North America. InnovaCare’s services are exceptional and affordable.

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Leadership at InnovaCare
InnovaCare’s leadership style is incredible. The president of this company is Dr. Rick Shinto, who is also the CEO. Richard has experience because he has been in leadership for many years. He is a team player with excellent speaking and leadership skills. Penelope Kokkinides is Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare. With the MA Plan, InnovaCare enables the beneficiary to enjoy the maximum health benefits that he or she needs. Unlike the traditional plans like the Hospital and Medical Insurances or Plans, the MA Plan is designed to pay for the beneficiary’s private health plan for a certain fixed amount.

People who have the traditional Medicare plans are required to pay a premium every month. The amount depends on the terms. With the MA Plan, every payment that a beneficiary makes is lower than what is being done in traditional plans. Apart from the financial edge of the MA Plan, this plan also covers a wider range of medical benefits compared to the traditional Hospital and Medical Insurances of Medicare. With the MA Plan, dental and vision coverage are included in the list of offers, which is not present in the coverage of the two traditional plans.

Learn more about InnovaCare Health on facebook.com.

Statistics show that there are millions of people enrolled into the MA Plan, and it continuously increases every year. In general, the people enrolling for the MA Plan are about 20 percent of the total Medicare beneficiaries. Furthermore, most of the recipients of this plan live in urban areas. They are about twice the ones in the countryside. With all these, the Medicare Advantage Plan has a lot of advantages over other plans.

Ensuring Proper Online Reputation Management

It takes more than checking on review sites, such as Google Business, Trip Advisor, and Yelp to ensure that your online reputation management is on track. And, of course, you can’t check Google 24/7, but there are various tools you can use to check on your services, brand, and products. Tools, such as Brand Yourself, Reputology, and Trackur are great tools used to track mentions of your brand/business online. There are also various, free tools available to use.
With Google Alerts, you can find out about what’s been said about your business or brand on another website. With Twitter searches, your brand monitoring and customer service can be helped. This is done by choosing “more options”, select what you want to be seen in the search, and then save it. With the complaint site search, you’ll have the ability to search over 40 complaint websites at the same time. This could be necessary because Google may not have any complaints on the first page concerning your product, service, or brand.

The following are other things that should be done when working on your online reputation management, and they include the following:

  • Making the Best of User Reviews– if all reviews are good, they can be perceived as fake reviews. Also, when there is a negative review, it’s best to acknowledge the issue and the person making the review. That way, you’ll show that you care about consumers. And when people see the negative review, they will be less effected by it because they’ll see that you’ve taken the time to respond.
  • Don’t Assume Anything You Do or Say Online is Private– even though there are tons of privacy settings on almost every site, you can’t assume that anything said would not be seen. Therefore, you must be careful of the words you use. You must also make sure your employees, especially the main ones of your brand, abide by this too.
  • Don’t Get Involved with Online Arguments– with the social media being filled with topics that can make one blood boil, it would behoove you not to get involved. Because doing so can hurt your brand/business by some customers who may find your online statements offensive.
  • Taking Your time is Worth It– it’s normal to be anxious in handling your online reputation. However, it’s best to take your time.

Taking all the above steps will get your brand or business on it’s way of having a great online reputation management. For more information, click here.