James Dondero and Highland Capital Support Dallas Organizations

Highland Capital Management in Dallas is taking Mayor Mike Rawlings seriously when he asked the city to come together and help solve life threatening issues in the city. In response, the company led by James Dondero, is offering to help The Family Place by matching fifty percent of what they raise between October seventh and April fourth up to one million dollars. This helps The Family Place raise the final two point eight million dollars they need to build a new facility.

The Family Place helps women and children coming out of an abusive situation by giving them a place to live, helping them find a more permanent living situation. They also help batterers learn how to change abusive behavior. Learn more about James Dandero: http://dallaslinks.com/highland-capital-powerhouse-president-james-dondero/

The new shelter will provide thirteen shelter bedrooms, a medical facility, spaces for counseling, a room for on the job training, and a shelter for animals that accompany their owners out of an abusive situation. The facilities will also house the BeProject, which teaches teens about bullying and teen dating violence.

James Dondero was impressed with what he saw, noting that they had already made a large impact on their goal in a short amount of time. His company, he says, “is proud to come alongside many of the most generous and thoughtful in the community” (PRNewswire).

He is well-known in the Dallas Community because of his company, as well as being the Chairman of NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical. He serves as a board member on several other organizations throughout the United States.

Mr. Dondero has bachelor’s degrees in both Accounting and Finance from the University of Virginia. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). He supports multiple organizations in Dallas as well including the Perot Museum of Natural Science and the George W. Bush Presidential Library.


Fabletics Opens Stores to Connect to Customers

Trying to make a place for themselves in the ecommerce fashion industry, Fabletics has fierce competition with Amazon controlling 20% of the market. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, a brand under the Tech Style Fashion Group, is a fast growing trendy athletic fashion line that has become a 250 million dollar business in just three years. The brand uses the Just Fab membership model to sell clothing to its customers and due to their success will open stores across the country. They have 16 stores in states like Illinois, Hawaii, Florida, and California. A shift in the wallets of customers has made expensive, designer activewear no longer a profitable market.


Fabletics attributes their success to trendy fashion, personalized services, and subscription services. Consumers know what they want and how much they can afford, which is what makes this business so profitable. Fabletics have made their profit from online stores, so there brick and mortar stores capitalize on the reverse showroom model. Customers browse through the clothing online and then walk through the doors already knowing what they want. 30% of people walking through the doors are already members. 25% of the customers who walk through the doors will become members. Physical stores will use local data from their online members to know what to stock the shelves with, so they can meet the tastes and needs of their members.


High value brands and clothing lines used to be defined by quality and price but they are now defined by brand recognition, creative and superior quality, and customer service have become more important. Gregg Throgmartin, General Manager of Fabletics, believes the membership model that allows the company to give clients trendy clothing at affordable prices with the convenience of being delivered has made them able to transition to physical stores. The online and physical stores are tied. An instore customer’s shopping cart goes into their online shopping cart if they are a member. Fabletics does not care where they buy the clothing.


A celeb known for her active lifestyle, Kate Hudson wanted to design a line of active wear that inspired. Under the Tech Style Fashion Group, Fabletics sells their line of trendy, affordable clothing for their everyday active person. With a line for women, children, and men, they are sure to have clothing to fit your needs. Fabletics has found success in the active wear industry through the direct to customer subscription model.

WIT Press: Source To Your Academic Journals

The Wessex Institute of Technology is an educational and research institute. The overall mission of the institute is “to develop a series of knowledge transfer mechanisms, particularly directed towards the exchange of information between academics and professional users within industry.” The journals that have been developed by the institute provide great information for those in a variety of professions.

According to WITPress.com, The Wessex Institute of Technology journals are “a collection of journals that are available in digital and print format. [They] are published either quarterly or bimonthly with four or six issues per volume released every year.” Additionally, WIT Press has over 30 years of experience in journal publishing. As of right now, WIT Press currently published five international journals: “Sustainable Development and Plannin g,” “Design & Nature and Ecodynamics,” “Safety and Security Engineering,” “CompuTational Methods and Experimental Measurements,” “Energy Production and Management.” Furthermore, WIT Press has plans on releasing two more international journals in 2017.

WIT Press remains to be a great resource for academic journals for graduate students, scientists, researchers and more. They continue to release new journals and books on a frequent basis.

George Soros: The Scourge of Liberation

While George Soros continues to age, he is back in the decade’s political frontlines through his ideological struggle to make a better world for everyone. He has also grown in the ranks as the word-most famous philanthropist. His national political engagement is immense. He has fought to seize the democratic political system to victory. For this reason, he has had a significant involvement in the open society which leads him to spend a fortune to support his feelings.

George Soros is a veteran in this war. For most of his life, he has struggled or suffered a war against governments of this ranks all his life. In 1930, he was born to live under the pro-Nazi regime in Hungary before he had his way escaped to London. This was his way to making a fortune in America. When he founded the Open Society Foundations in 1984, it became one of his main goals to foster its activities and fund everything he wished the world would have. George Soros was one of the initial investors to provide the copy machines to colleges and universities through to civil society groups and libraries. For this reason, he helped reprint the Soviet-dominated Hungary so as to reprint the banned texts.

After the Berlin Wall had fallen, George Soros went to the USSR-led Warsaw pact to help give advice on the transition to free markets and democracy in the country. His open Source Foundations organization worked with local dissidents and politicians. Most of these people played major roles as key mergers to the country-s history and events. One of them as the Serbia Milosevic Slobodan overthrow in 2000. In 2004, these individuals led to the uprising of authorities under the Ukrainian authorities in 2004. When this action was suspected to emanate from the government of Russia, it posted that George Soros was the origin of this messages to the communities under the management of USSR. The Open Source Foundations was, therefore, banned from operating in Russia despite their big plans and efforts.

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George Soros was the sponsor and architect of almost every coup and revolution around the world for more than 25 years. He took it as a compliment. For this year, George Soros is part of the American political dramas partisan players. George has funneled millions towards the Clinton and other democrat’s campaigns over the last one year. For more than two decades, his support has been for the Democrats. He is one of the biggest donors for the political arena. According to the Forbes Magazine, he is the largest donor for the Democrats.

George Soros is the mastermind behind the campaign Black Lives Matter through his Open Source Foundations. With Donald Trump ahead of the White House, he is at the forefront opposing each of his moves towards inauguration. In Europe, George Soros has stood for his partisan ideas for more than three decades. The Open Source Foundations has worked far and wide to reach the European Union to issue corrections on their misdealing. The foundation is present in more than 100 countries in the world.

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Ricardo Tosto

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Portuguese Executive Director, the youngest in the country is 24 years old. He is a graduate in economics and is president of the largest network of laboratories in Brazil, Dasa, comments entrepreneur Ricardo Tosto. Pedro de Godoy Bueno, who, due to his young age, was even confused with a trainee, graduated in the area and started his professional career in a family business, also worked at banks Credit Suisse and BTG Pactual, In January of 2015, assumed the presidency of Dasa network of laboratories. He became the youngest executive to hold the position of president in a publicly traded company in Brazil.


Despite the 24 years, and the controversy over the decision regarding presidency, given the age of the young president, Ricardo Tosto points out that Pedro de Godoy Bueno passes an image of a focused and objective leader. He himself guarantees that the challenge is to run a company the size of Dasa and that even one of his missions is to improve the company’s numbers. Besides the age, the businessman Ricardo Tosto points out that what also generated controversy in the election of Pedro de Godoy for the presidency of the Network was the fact that the father of the “boy”, the businessman Edson de Godoy Bueno, to be one of the controllers of the network Of Dasa laboratories.


However, even with the challenges, the “Pedro boy” does not let himself be shaken and affirms that it takes “hard work” to impose himself in the face of lack of experience and to excel at the beginning of his career. “I always wanted to do more, get more, and it made me want to do it,” he says. Still, the Dasa president says that in the graduation period, one way to find out what he really enjoyed doing, was to focus his focus more on professional than academic experience. The businessman Ricardo Tosto emphasizes that the choice of Pedro de Godoy Bueno by the law college in Brazil, came, precisely, by the possibility of having a professional experience here, while studying.


Already within the financial market, Pedro de Godoy Bueno emphasizes the high level of learning acquired working in investment banks. He highlights having found there, dedicated people who like to do the best for the company. “The financial market has the culture to bring young people, who do not have much experience, and to give a challenge to these people,” points out Pedro.

Services Offered by Handy Cleaning Company

Nowadays, many people spend most of their time at work and it becomes difficult to manage the house hold choirs even the most important ones, like cleaning. As we all know, everyone feels more comfortable staying in a clean and attractive environment. In case you are in this position you have no reason to be worried. There are trained people, having enough experience in the cleaning field. This experts are well trained and are always ready to help you with the cleaning any time. Handy cleaning company offers you services like cleaning, plumbing among others. The experts from Handy cleaners offers you cleaning services (https://www.handy.com/services) making sure you return to a clean and well organized house after having long hours at work. Handy cleaning company offers services like, pluming, handyman, painting, delivery, cleaning services just to mention a few.

The company originated from New York. In New York, Handy Cleaning Company also known as Handybook is now offering their services to 25 cities. This will ensure their clients are well served anytime anywhere country wide. Experts from Handy are experienced, well trained, insured, faithful, respectful and also trustworthy.


Handy book has a new service plan known as Handy.com delivery. This program was lately launched with an aim of improving their service to clients. The delivery service mostly deals with furniture transportation and delivery. Once booked a delivery service, the furniture are transported and delivered at your door step within 24 hours. Services from handy are reliable, fast and convenient. When it comes to booking services or appointments, you no longer have to travel to their offices since they have a web page where you do the booking online. You can also download the handy app or use your mobile phone to call their offices. Once booked a service, experts are sent to you at the exact time you requested.


Use Wi-Fi Service From FreedomPop To Always Have Unlimited Cell Phone Data

The important information listed in a recent FreedomPop review in 2016 is everything a potential customer needs to get started with FreedomPop. Listed in the review is information about cell phone service, Wi-Fi service, portable hotspots, and which cell phones to use with the service. It’s important that any person whose willing to join FreedomPop knows that they aren’t obligated to purchase a new cell phone to become a FreedomPop customer but are allowed to use their own cell phone that they may have used with another carrier. The only importance is that the cell phone must be unlocked if it’s a GSM phone.


The review puts a lot of importance on the free cell phone service from FreedomPop because of its popularity. The free plan has always been available since FreedomPop started years ago, and now, the only difference with the free plan is the fact that the text messages have changed from 500 texts to unlimited texts. There are still 200 minutes of talk time with the plan as well as 500 MB of data. The data that comes with the plan is 4G LTE data, and anyone can earn more data after completing offers or surveys.


FreedomPop isn’t only offering just the free service anymore because they’ve created the paid plan that costs $10.99 and has unlimited texting and calling as well as 500 MB of data. FreedomPop also created the unlimited everything plan that has unlimited data for their customers. With the unlimited everything plan, expect to receive only 1 GB of 4G LTE data but 3G data afterward. Since the unlimited everything plan only costs $19.99, many have chosen this plan and have made it the most popular plan from FreedomPop. There are no income restrictions for any of FreedomPop’s wireless plans.


Anyone looking for portable hotspots can find mini hotspots that FreedomPop sells, and any of them can be connected to the millions of hotspots that are located in the USA. Wi-Fi service that FreedomPop offers can be obtained once a user pays the five-dollar monthly fee for the service, which can be used on the new smartphones that have Wi-Fi calling features. Using the Wi-Fi service is also a good way for any customer of FreedomPop to get the extra data that the need for any cell phone service plan that they are currently using that may have limited data.

Learn more: http://www.biblemoneymatters.com/freedompop-review-free-4g-wireless-internet-access-can-help-you-save-on-your-cell-phone-bill/

Chris Burch: Technology, Creativity, Productivity and Finding Balance

This is an ever changing world. Entrepreneurs like Chris Burch are aware of the changes that this world is headed towards when it comes to technology. Among the things that Chris has taken note of is how technology is integrated with fashion. For one thing, a lot of fashion also involves function. While people do talk about smartwatches and other forms of wearable technology, wearable technology goes as far back as glasses. Also, before the smartwatch, people have also used boomboxes as a fashion statement. For one thing, people get to walk around with music as part of their fashion.


Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur who has learned how to find a balance. For one thing, it is really tough to find the balance between creativity and productivity. However, Chris Burch has found a way to bring forth a better balance for people in the workplace. He has decided that they allocate time to come up with new ideas. For one thing, if people were only productive with no room for creativity, then business would not progress. It is actually important for people to come up with creative solutions so that they will be able to bring their business success to the next level.


Chris Burch is someone who thinks forward. He has a lot of advice to offer people when it comes to running a business. He has a lot of experience with starting successful businesses and selling them. For one thing, he knows what people are looking for in many different industries. Therefore, he knows how to provide people with what they want so that they will enjoy some new products and services. One thing that could be said for Chris is that he has experienced success over and over again because he has been enjoying the work he is doing.