Excellent Customer Service Helps Popular Inmate Calling Network Win An Award

Securus Technologies is known for their quality inmate regulations mandated by the Public Utility Commission and the federal government. They were once soley responsible for monitoring and surveillance of inmate calls. A fourth quarter audit of inmate provider, Global Tel-Link caught a few irregularities that were quickly corrected and Securus soon decided that they would become an inmate provider and create cheaper rates and more features through innovative technological solutions. They proudly employee over 12,000+ IT professionals with training in a high level of customer service, communication security, and customer interaction. Securus is dedicated to providing services that keep inmates connected to their family.


Securus Technologies Wins Prestigious Customer Service Award


Customer service is a top priority with Securus Technologies. They listen to what their customers want and have a high emphasis on customer resolution. Their high level of customer service excellence has allowed them to win the prestigious Gold Stevie Award. The Gold Stevie Award is the highest award in the nation for customer service. Surprisingly, over seventy five judges were responsible for voting them into the leading inmate communications provider position. Securus Technologies was proud to accept the award for superior customer service. They guarantee their customers will continue to be a top priority along with saving them money and keeping them connected to their loved ones in a correctional facility.


Securus Technologies Features:


Remote Visitation


You can visit your loved ones over the internet, face-to-face with complete control over the high definition video and the sound. Securus is proud to partner with Vimeo to bring their customers a superior remote visitation opportunity over the internet.


Inmate Voicemail


You can leave a voicemail for an inmate through their access account. If they purchase a voicemail account through their commissary, you can leave them a message at any time for them to retrieve at their discretion.


Become a Securus Technologies member today by registering for an account on their exclusive website.

Why is the Kabbalah Centre Different from Religion?

The Kabbalah Centre is a place that is free from religion, and it will help all those who do not wish to ascribe one faith to their search for God. It was founded by Philip and Karen Berg in the days of the hippies to ensure they had a place to study, and it has expanded for their children for many years. This article explains how the centre provides for all its visitors, helps them learn and shows them where the heart of God is. Here si the detail in the blog.


#1: The Centre Is Open To All


The Kabbalah Center has had an open-door policy for years, and it is a place where Jews, Muslims and Christians may all come together. Anyone of any faith may pass through the door, and they will find the centre a simple place to rest. They will see a large library, and they will meet people who are studying just as they are. The comfort that is found in the Kabbalah Centre cannot be duplicated, and it helps improve the prayer or study of all its visitors.


#2: How Did The Kabbalah Centre Expand?


The Kabbalah Centre expanded many times over the years because it needed more hubs around the world to reach people. Philip and Karen Berg believed that all faiths and people needed a place to go, and they wanted everyone to try the mystical study of Kabbalah. This is simply a way of reading scripture, and it may be used by anyone at any time.


Going to the Kabbalah Centre is a way of ensuring the visitor may study or pray as they like. They may find a bit of the heart of God in that place, and they will be given free reign to learn as they like about all that God has to offer.

Professional Net: https://www.linkedin.com/company/kabbalah-centre

Former Atlanta Hawks Ownership Brings On Lawsuit

If there’s one thing to count on, it’s that some time groups involved with big business ownership can find them in the middle of a lawsuit. The Atlanta Hawks know this quite well as of now.

Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, the ownership group that once had ownership over the Atlanta Hawks NBA team, has created a lawsuit involving the New Hampshire Insurance Company over a breach of contract. Danny Ferry, the general manager of the group was the one who initially made the claims settlement in the lawsuit. Bruce Levenson was one of the many people who served as a part of the former Hawks ownership group, though Tony Ressler is a part of the current ownership regarding the Hawks.

In the lawsuit, the claim states that the insurance company, also known as an AIG, involves a serious breach of contract namely resulting from an insurance in bad faith. The Hawks LLC Group states that they were insured under a coverage policy in the event of any losses that related mainly to employment practices such as wrongful termination. The lawsuit goes on further and states that despite the fact that the AIG has an obligation to pay in regards to their policy, they failed to do so without any good reason and in bad faith, even all this was within the coverage of their own policy.

Bruce Levenson is one of the many people who was once involved with the Atlanta Hawks LLC, the group that once owned the Atlanta Hawks and Phillips Arena. Levenson was born in Washington, D.C. but raised in Chevy Chase, Maryland, getting his first big business start when he co-founded the United Communications Group with Ed Peskowitz in 1977. The group was meant to analyze and track data regarding healthcare, oil and economics.




Hollywood Hair Is Yours When You Wash With WEN’s No Lather Cleansing Conditioners

We all appreciate shampoos and conditioners that smell amazing, and let us drift off to a moment of paradise. More importantly, these hair care products should be nourishing our locks with healthy ingredients and strengthening our hair every time we pour the bottle.

The problems in a high-tech world mean that ugly chemicals and detergents often make their way into our beauty products through quicker processing techniques and so forth. We end up purchasing shampoos and conditioners with harsh formulas that gradually weaken our hair shaft and rob our mane of its natural oils.

Sulfates are some of these bad characters, and these unfortunate ingredients are in cheap brands to high-end hair care products.

Chaz Dean knew this was happening to shampoo users around the world, so he decided to develop an alternative to the old-fashioned way of cleansing and conditioning. The famous Hollywood star stylist invented the first no lather shampoo, WEN By Chaz. Forty million bottles have been sold.

WEN By Chaz is all about special cleansing conditioners with zero lather, because Chaz Dean says the lather isn’t necessary. His unique blends gather the purity from nature to properly strengthen strands, add volume, shine and manageability.

WEN cleansing conditioners feature herbal extracts and other fruit-based botanicals to hydrate the hair and protect it from heated styling tools, dyeing and other common bad things we do to our manes.

WEN’s no lather shampoo offers a luxurious experience, as you massage the product into the hair and onto the scalp. Hair almost doubles in volume, and even hair texture becomes soft and smooth. There’s no worry about tangled strands, because any comb glides right through hair that’s been washed and conditioned with WEN.

From Lavender to Tea Tree to Sweet Almond or Pomegranate, there’s an ideal WEN formula for you.

Learn more about WEN Hair products: http://www.wenhaircare.com/

Litigation According to Karl Heideck

Litigation According to Karl HeideckWe live in a very litigious society. Things that seem like mall disputes that can be handled socially end up in the court a lot nowadays. If you find yourself in any of these situations, it is important to make sure that you have the right legal representation. There is a certain process that is normally followed when a crime has been committed and he wants to seek justice. This includes the arrest, the charging, the discovery and finally the sentencing. For these processes to be carried out well, litigators are very important. These are the people that present your case to the court, whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant, and get you justice.

The evidence that is presented for or against your case is what determines how successful the trial will be. After the evidence has been presented, the judge and the jury will deliberate and come up with a sensible judgment for the case. Your arguments and those of the other side will be put side by side and weighed to establish the truth. To get a fair hearing, you need a litigator to organize the facts of the case and present it in a manner that will tilt the jury in your favor.

For help with your lawsuit, contact Philadelphia attorney Karl Heideck.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is one of the most famous litigators in PhiladelphiaKarl Heideck is one of the most famous litigators in Philadelphia. He attended the Beasley School of law in Tempe University and qualified as a lawyer. Before that, he had studies English at Swarthmore. Heideck specializes in product liability issues, legal writing, commercial litigation, employment law and other related issues. Karl Heideck has a lot of experience in litigation; something that he says has made him better with every experience. Heideck believes that understanding that his clients need his help and the consequence of not offering the right help are the two things that make him work hard at all his cases and succeed in them.

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