Glen Wakeman: Giving Opportunities To Others Is Creating More Opportunities For Everyone

What separates most successful self-made businesspeople from others is their desire to make everyone rich and not just themselves.


The mentality of a lot of unsuccessful people is to not share their wealth, knowledge and experience, and worst, pull others down because they only think of themselves and they just want themselves to be rich.


This is actually a very wrong mentality when it comes to business because more successful people mean more opportunities for everyone. And opportunities are more important than just bank notes because opportunities can create partnerships, allies, new business interactions, not just for yourself but also to others around you.


That is the kind of mentality that Glen Wakeman had that propelled him to business success and allowed him to impart his wisdom in business to other people and mentor them to be successful in their own companies.


Glen Wakeman has worked in more than 30 countries and lived in 6 different nations, having learned something from the culture of each one of those communities.


The many travels that Glen Wakeman did allow him to gain extensive knowledge and experience in business development and leadership. He has fulfilled managerial roles in a business development capacity for GE Capital for more than two decades and has been recognized by the company with the Growth Leadership Role Model award.


Today, Glen Wakeman mentors several C-level executives and gives advice to many start-up businessmen and women. He is also one of the most successful business owner, board member, investor, executive mentor, public company CEO, and financial services executive (PremierGazette).


Glen first developed his skillset in the world of finance and business when he enrolled at the renowned and well-established University of Chicago to get an MBA, and in the University of Scranton where he studied Economics and Finance.


LaunchPad Holdings LCC is a company that Glen Wakeman founded and is its Chief Executive Officer. LaunchPad Holdings shares the same passion that Glen does. Innovation and opportunity are at the head of both. They develop businesses and provide entrepreneurs with business plans during the early stages of their business endeavor in order to increase their success rate.

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Dr. Mark Holterman: A Modern Renaissance Man

Dr. Mark Holterman not only works tirelessly performing surgeries. researching new therapies, guiding surgical residents and medical students, educating students at the University of Illinois, writing articles and giving lectures, he’s also has a wide range of obligations and duties as Marian Global Health’s CEO. He also volunteers his time and talent to support a variety health-related charities and compassionate causes like the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (LinkedIn).


Through IPSAC-VN Dr. Holterman works at medical schools and hospitals in Vietnam to give ill children access to the latest surgical advances. He also encourages people to support the group’s efforts by volunteering their services or donating money. The organization’s mission is to provide Vietnam’s children with self-sustaining care by educating local healthcare practitioners, surgeons and teachers about beneficial healthcare activities and providing them with medical equipment, training, and support services. They also perform surgical outreach and top-caliber surgical procedures in the remote highlands of Vietnam.


Potential volunteers need medical training, a valid passport, a medical license, a complete CV and a commitment to spend 6 months or more in Vietnam to provide patient care and desperately needed training and support services to participate in the IPSAC-VN program. Children’s Surgery International is a similar organization. It has a foster home called the Blossom House for orphaned Vietnamese girls ages 5 and 18. CSI volunteers provide medical treatment, surgical services, and lifetime programs to poor children worldwide. Their goal is to benefit the whole child.


The need worldwide for pediatric surgery is great. Through CSI, IPSAC-VN and other charitable organizations, disenfranchised children can get access to advanced medical procedures for treating bone, brain and organ problems because of people like Dr. Mark Holterman. A summa cum laude Yale University graduate with a degree in biology, Dr. Holterman attended the University of Virginia where he earned both a Ph.D. and an MD. He has since gone on to become a gifted surgeon, excellent educator and caring philanthropist.


Dr. Mark Holterman has won accolades for his groundbreaking work in pediatric surgery, cancer treatment, and stem cell regeneration therapy.


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How Perry Mandera Successfully Runs A Full-Service Transportation Company

Perry Mandera is a lifelong resident of Chicago, Illinois. He started his company, Custom Companies Inc. in 1986 when he was just 23 years old. while serving in the U.S. Marine Reserves he was taught how to operate heavy trucks. He used this knowledge to create his company which is a full-service transportation company. He serves as the president of his company.

At The Custom Company, Perry Mandera uses a number of technologies in order to meet the needs of its customers, both big and small ( One of these is Cheetah Dispatch. Perry Mandera chose this software solution for his company because it allows his drivers to access a wide range of data such as proof of delivery documents and what the pickup times are for their assignments. He equipped each of his drivers with a tablet that, through a satellite connection, allows their clients to see where the drivers are in real-time which helps in reducing paperwork.

Another technology that Perry Mandera uses at his business is a Warehouse Management System. Using this software gives his customers a way to track their inventory while it is under the care, custody, and control of Custom Companies (PerryMandera.Weebly). They have access to an electronic inventory system which allows them to see precisely where their products are from the moment it’s picked up to the moment it is delivered.

Taking environmental responsibility seriously, Perry Mandera has focused on reducing the carbon emissions of the vehicles used in his business. They take part in the SmartWay program which is a voluntary program that was developed by the Environmental Protection Agency. By taking part in this program Perry Mandera’s company is given by the EPA a system at no cost that allows him to both track and document the fuel usage of his vehicles and how much emissions they have released into the environment. By using this system he can create a more efficient transport system that emits less pollution. This program is a win-win for both the environment and the companies that take part in it. Perry Mandera is proud to be doing his part to reduce his company’s negative effects on the environment.


Stream Energy the New Solution to Global Warming

Climate change is becoming one of the hottest topics nowadays. Though the causes of adverse climatic changes remain unknown, most people associate the trend with increasing global temperatures.


One of worst hit areas by the effects of global warming in Texas. With an extensive coastline and a reliance on agriculture in mind, Texas State is looking for various solutions to this menace. A number of these companies are having problems addressing their client’s climatic changes concerns. Most of these firms are banking on the Texas deregulated energy economy to provide solutions to their clients.


One such firm is Stream energy, a supplier of life service products and energy in Texas as well as in other states on the nation ( Since inception in the year 2005, the company has been engaging in various green energy programs. The aim of these activities being to mitigate global warming while providing a variety of options to meet the multiple energy benefits. Read on to find the stream energy plan of alleviating the adverse side effects relating to global warming.


Whereas you may think the effects of rising temperatures is a confine of merely how hot it is outside, well you are mistaken. The outcomes are much broader than this. Here are some of the effects that people suffer as a result of global warming (SaveOnEnergy).


There is an increase in famine and drought on the land. As heat evaporates water, the land and plant life dries. These changes result in a reduction in the level of the water table and an increase on in the wildfires. As the climatic change continues, more lengthy droughts come knocking.


There is an increase in torrential rain and floods. Climatic change results in the unpredictability of the rains. As such, the rate of devastating storms keeps on increasing.


With these and other biting effects of the constant rise of the temperatures, stream energy is providing a solution that seeks to increase the consumption of renewable sources of energy. As such, the company is on a mission to ensure the planet remains cleaner and safer for the generations to come.


Neuroscientist Jorge Moll May Have Proven That Humans Are Good By Nature

It is an age-old argument – are humans naturally pure or evil at baseline? There appears to be legitimate research being completed by Neuroscientists at the National Institutes of Health that suggest that the answer leans towards purity. Maybe humans truly are good by nature?


Fully into the holiday season, giving is something that is on many of our minds. Gift giving and other forms of donating time or money provide the giver with a warm and fuzzy positive feeling. But why?


Jorge Moll, Neuroscientist in Brazil and Internationally, is a senior researcher and educator who works with National Institutes of Health, the International Neuroethics Committee, as well as the Organization for Human Brain Mapping. Moll has been involved in some very compelling research that helps us explain why humans obtain that warm and fuzzy feeling when giving. The University of California Berkeley published information presenting that “…Jorge Moll and colleagues at the National Institutes of Health found that when people give to charities, it activates regions of the brain associated with pleasure, social connection, and trust, creating a “warm glow” effect.” Furthermore, “Scientists also believe that altruistic behavior releases endorphins in the brain, producing the positive feeling known as the “helper’s high,”


When speaking about their 2006 research Moll explains that “It helps convince people that doing good can make them feel good; altruism, therefore, doesn’t need to be only sacrificed.” Taking this information into consideration it really seems that humans are good by nature (IDOR). It appears to be hard-wired into our biological make-up, by evolutionary chemical reinforcement, to be good and to do good.


All in all, it is very exciting to see research-based information being released by Neuroscientists like Moll who are internationally recognized that prove, rather than simply suggest, that the answer to the good vs. evil argument points to good winning over after all.


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Organo Organic Green Tea with Organic Ganoderma lucidum

Green tea has become a rather popular tea in recent times in the est. It has always been a tea that many people consume in the east for centuries. It has only been now that many researchers have discovered the many benefits that are associated with drinking green tea. Green tea has a plethora of benefit they offer a person that consumes it.

Green tea has many antioxidants and is also a great detoxifying agent. In addition to that, it has been researched and shown that green tea can help to lower stress levels as well as increases one’s overall focus. Follow Organo Gold on Facebook.


If you are a lover of green tea, then you will most definitely fall in love with Organo™ Organic Green Tea with Organic Ganoderma lucidum.

Calming, soothing, delicious and very healthy.

Organo Organic Green Tea with Organic Ganoderma lucidum

The ingredient that is used in this particular brand of green tea is two ingredients which are Ganoderma lucidum and green tea.

Ganoderma lucidum is a red Reishi which is found in China. This herb has been considered by many to be the “King of Herbs.” Offering a host of antioxidants coupled with many other ingredients that are very beneficial for one’s overall health it is no wonder that this has become one of Organo Gold’s most highly desired beverages.

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Organo Gold

Organo Gold has recognized by many to be one of the most influential coffee and tea brands. This is because of the many health aspects that the company beverages and products provide their consumers.

If you are a lover of green tea, then you will fall entirely in love with the Organic Organic Green Tea with Organic Ganoderma lucidum. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

Calming, soothing, delicious and very healthy.

Rodrigo Terpins Gives Ideas on Inspiration

As Rodrigo Terpins has tried to help others with the things they are doing, he has constantly used himself as an example of how to be successful. He knows a lot about success and a lot about how he can help others, but that means he needs to make sure he can do the best job possible so he doesn’t have to worry about the things that are going on in the industry. As long as Rodrigo Terpins is doing things differently, he knows there will be inspiration to help other people and give them what they are looking for. It also means Rodrigo Terpins has to share the ideas he has had with others so they can see what he did and how he got so successful. Thanks to Rodrigo Terpins, there are many other people who are confident in what they’re doing and able to see the differences they can use to make things easier on themselves. For more details visit Odiario.

For Rodrigo Terpins, there have been major changes in what he sees as inspiration. Most of the time, he is looking to his fans for the inspiration he needs to keep going and keep racing to make things better. He has always wanted to make sure people knew there were other things he could do and that he wasn’t just a racecar driver who was trying his best to make sure he was going fast and making money. There have been so many other things Rodrigo Terpins can do and that has helped him try his best while racing.

While his fans have been his recent inspiration, Rodrigo Terpins originally used his brother as his inspiration. Rodrigo wanted his brother to realize he was just as good as the others and he was doing what he could to make sure there were a lot of opportunities in the industry. For Rodrigo Terpins, this was the one thing that helped him get started with the career he had. He started out trying to be like his brother and continued working hard to make sure that could actually happen for himself while he was racing.

Greg Secker philanthropy endeavours are humbling

Greg Secker has had a lot of experience working in the financial sector. He is a master trader, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and international speaker. His education company that specializes in global trading called Learn to Trade has offices in several different countries including England, Australia, and South Africa. Greg Secker, along with his company has won a number of awards and acknowledgments that shown his commitment to helping other achieve their dreams of financial wellness.

The thriving entrepreneur started his career at Thomas Cook Financial Services, started a business called the Virtual Trading Desk, and worked for Mellon Financial Corporation as their Vice President. With his business Learn to Trade they educated over 200,000 people and growing! They do this through workshops and seminars. Greg also found the time to help youth and adults teach life skills and educate them with the help of the Greg Secker Foundation. They hold events such as the Early Childhood Development Program in South Africa, the Youth Mentoring Program, and The Christmas Basket Brigade. Through the youth development program in South Africa they support Ubuntu Education Fund and the Young Leader’s Festival and Youth Leadership Summit. Being a philanthropist is a rich and rewarding experience that Greg loves to actively participate in.

Mr. Secker went to the Philippines to see the firsthand affects of Typhoon Haiyan and was compelled to help. With the help from the Greg Secker Foundation they were able to build over 100 homes, all able to withstand any future typhoons.

English Businessman Greg Secker is a entrepreneur that founded one of Europe’s most successful trading companies. It’s called Learn to Trade and it is the largest trader’s training company in the entire world. Mr. Secker attended the University of Nottingham. He got his Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Food Science, along with European Studies.

Greg is passionate about helping mankind so he created the Greg Secker Foundation. This non-profit organization helps people improve the quality of their lives, through many avenues. Mr. Secker owns other companies including Capital Index, SmartCharts Software, and FX Capital. They all operate under a company Greg founded called Knowledge to Action.

Talk Fusion Sparks Interest With New Office Opening In India

The video marketing and the direct selling agency, Talk Fusion has once more expanded its business locations. The latest location being added to the line of offices opened by Talk Fusion is in India. The office in New Delhi is going to be used for training and to bring those in India together to meet with one another. Currently, Talk Fusion has over 140 countries with working independent associates.


Those who work independently for Talk Fusion, they are offered a inventory free work environment that grants them the opportunity to sell and currently, they are the only instant pay plan out there for their workers. The instant pay option is great for people who want to receive payment right away and who are no good at waiting. The people who want instant gratification will love this option. When an associate makes a sale, they will be able to cash out in just three minutes from the time of the sale.


The news about the opening office in India was quick to spread. Bob Reina, CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion speaks about the excitement surrounding the new opening and has plenty to say about the people who are ready to begin the journey in New Delhi. The people are extremely energized and is very excited to be able to use the instant pay solution.


The Talk Fusion brand is aimed at helping those achieve success where they haven’t already. The worlds most largest and populous country in the world is India. Bob Reina is hopeful for that office because he knows the marketplace and knows that those in India will work endlessly to become successful.


Talk Fusion has gained much appreciation for the drastic changes they are making in the world of technology. They are doing what the customers want them to do by creating new advances in technology with each new step they take. During the course of 2016, Talk Fusion was recognized with 2 prestigious awards. They took home the award for the 2016 WebRTC Product and the 2016 Communications Solutions Product. Both of these awards are just a few of the awards that this company is expected to gain. Learn more:

An Astounding Overview of Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is the president and founder of Seattle Genetics. He is a trained scientist with most of his medical emphasis based on targeted therapies. He founded the Seattle genetics with the aim of helping his patients, and through his strategic leadership, he has raised the company status to one of the leading centers for the development of drugs.

One of the notable drugs that have received approval from the FDA is the antibody-drug conjugates. That aside, Clay has made some notable accomplishments under his leadership included the awarding of strategic licenses such as the Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, and AbbVie. Before he founded Seattle genetics, clay worked with the national institutes of health, national cancer institute, and the Bristol-Myers Squibb pharmaceutical research institute.

Dr. Clay has always been passionate when it comes to medicine, and his drive is based on the need to intervene nature’s course and restore people’s health. His interest in cancer treatment came when he was at the University of Maryland. One of his family members got severely ill, and the treatment method was brutal that led to the development of anemia which wasn’t as a result of cancer but chemotherapy. This was a traumatizing moment for him and despite being familiar with other treatments which involved amputation and radical surgery; he thought that there was a better way.

Dr. Clay Siegall makes money in different ways. To start with, he has his proprietary drugs which he sells at a profit. That aside, there is the antibody-drug conjugate that was approved by the FDA which is doing well in the market. Apart from the selling drugs he also earns substantial revenue from licensing of technologies and production partnerships that he has developed over the years. Clay notes that getting the drug was a tedious process, but he is happy that they got the approval and can now focus on generating more revenue from it. When he started out there was a time around 1999 to 2000 when his operational capital was almost getting depleted but being a workaholic in nature he buried his hatches and got back to work and eventually, he pulled through.