NGP VAN: Tips For A Better End Of The Quarter

Keeping emails around in your saved drafts is one way to not run out of ideas when it comes to crunch time at the end-of-the-quarter. Emails can consist of the following: statistics on campaign strength, thermometer, average contribution, sharing why other people give, and email from a donor. NGP VAN is the new standard in political fundraising and helps progressive campaigns reach their donor and voter base. NGP VAN is a private company that is used by Democratic candidates such as the Obama campaign, the Sanders campaign and the Hillary Clinton campaign. NGP VAN is considered a “secret weapon” by the progressive campaigns that use it.

NGP VAN is a leading technology provider for Democratic campaigns and was started by NGP Software, which was founded in 1997 by Nathaniel Pearlman. NGP VAN is the inventor of VoteBuilder, a software that allows campaigns to contact voters. NGP VAN offers a mobile canvassing tool and offers field organizing tactics as well. It is in the top 50 of fastest growing companies in the D.C. area. MiniVan is one such mobile canvassing tool, allowing mobile canvassing applications. NGP VAN allows for statistics on campaign strength, which means that they keep track of how many people join a campaign through likes on Facebook for example.

Writing emails in advance is another helpful strategy that NGP VAN refers to. Writing is a time consuming process but once finished, leaves room for other tasks. NGP Van recommends campaigners get organized with a master calendar for the end-of-the-quarter. Celebrating with a team bonding party such as a lunch potluck or a pizza party. Jobs at NGP Van are about creating world class tech. NGP VAN works to elect inspiring leaders such as President Barack Obama. NGP VAN builds trail blazing technology for clients around the world. NGP VAN is one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies for 10 years. NGP VAN offers parental leave benefits, 100% health care premiums paid, annual profit-sharing, as well as paid professional development. NGP VAN is about having a relaxed start-up environment where we take care of clients. NGP VAN considers it’s employees like family and NGP VAN excels at digital fundraising.

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Atlantic City Is Actually A Good Place To Build Right Now Says Wasseem Boraie

Boraie Development did the one thing most New Jersey developers have been reluctant to do for many years; they’ve now announced a new investment in Atlantic City. Wasseem Boraie, a company executive says it’s actually a good time now to come to Atlantic City because the gaming industry has begun to downsize, and with that property prices are now becoming more friendly to investors. One myth that Boraie debunked was the old saying that “nobody lives in Atlantic City,” and what he said instead was that the availability for renting quality apartments just hasn’t been there yet. But things are changing now that the company is bringing the new Beach at South Inlet property to town. This is a 250-apartment property that is located along the ocean boardwalk and has a comprehensive list of amenities such as a front side pool, spacious interior designs, a gym and many other features that most millennial tenants prefer. For more details visit Bloomberg.

The Beach at South Inlet is just one of the millions of dollars in properties Boraie Development has invested in over the years, starting back in the 1970s when they started buying up areas of downtown New Brunswick. Sam Boraie, the father of Wasseem and his brother Sam founded the company and made a bold bet by buying up vacant properties and obtaining financing for renovating buildings and adding new parking spaces. Most people thought these new buildings would stand empty upon completion, but they soon became occupied by fortune 500 companies, city departments and street-level retail shops. The New Brunswick housing market also became a key area of interest after they started Boraie Realty and had the Estates at Waverly Place built. The first high-rise apartments they had built were at the One Spring Street Condominium, and when this property became a success, they invested in more large complexes such as The Aspire and One Rector Street. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.

Boraie Development has managed its capital well and its return on investments and forward strategic objectives have kept it out of debt and made it a game-changer in the markets. The changes they’ve brought to New Brunswick and Newark have also been noticed by several celebrities including NBA legend and former Newark resident Shaquille O’Neal who bought a small part of Boraie Development’s CITYPLEX12 property. But what Omar Boraie attributes to being undeterred from his mission is being optimistic about the future of New Jersey even when those around him said the opposite, and he says he has Dick Sellers, the former CEO of Johnson & Johnson to thank because it was his decision to keep that company in New Brunswick. He said had Johnson & Johnson moved out, he may not have decided to start Boraie Development.


How to Make Use of Aloha Construction

If you live in or around Lake Zurich and are a homeowner, you need a reliable construction company that will do the work for you. The reason you need this type of company is because they work diligently on your home’s needs, which can be a wonderful option for when you’re unable to do it all on your own. The great aspect of Aloha Construction is that they have worked with hundreds of different people who own their own homes. If you feel it is about time that you looked into hiring such a company, it is crucial that you find the right type of choice for your needs. Get details on Aloha Construction at Porch.

You can find more information on Aloha Construction by visiting their Facebook page. Here, they will give updates and any information that you need for this so that you can be sure you are hiring the right type of company. You will also want to make sure that you hire Aloha Construction so that they can get to work right away. You can also find a lot of reviews on the BBB website as well as Angie’s List. Aloha Construction has also been featured on a number of blogs throughout the web because of the dedication and work they put into every project.


Along with providing a superior service that most people will find to be highly beneficial to their homes, they offer financing to make such projects a lot more affordable. Let’s fact it, not all of us can afford a brand new roof and not need some type of financial help. Because of this, you’re going to want to contact Aloha Construction and see what they can do as far as financing is concerned. You can make use of this company for your own needs and know that they will be there for you when you need it the most. Aloha Construction is there to take the work off your own shoulders and to ensure that you feel confident in the work that they are able to do while also being fully insured and experienced for your own benefit. Learn more about Aloha Construction at Home Advisor.