Ricardo Tosto

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Portuguese Executive Director, the youngest in the country is 24 years old. He is a graduate in economics and is president of the largest network of laboratories in Brazil, Dasa, comments entrepreneur Ricardo Tosto. Pedro de Godoy Bueno, who, due to his young age, was even confused with a trainee, graduated in the area and started his professional career in a family business, also worked at banks Credit Suisse and BTG Pactual, In January of 2015, assumed the presidency of Dasa network of laboratories. He became the youngest executive to hold the position of president in a publicly traded company in Brazil.


Despite the 24 years, and the controversy over the decision regarding presidency, given the age of the young president, Ricardo Tosto points out that Pedro de Godoy Bueno passes an image of a focused and objective leader. He himself guarantees that the challenge is to run a company the size of Dasa and that even one of his missions is to improve the company’s numbers. Besides the age, the businessman Ricardo Tosto points out that what also generated controversy in the election of Pedro de Godoy for the presidency of the Network was the fact that the father of the “boy”, the businessman Edson de Godoy Bueno, to be one of the controllers of the network Of Dasa laboratories.


However, even with the challenges, the “Pedro boy” does not let himself be shaken and affirms that it takes “hard work” to impose himself in the face of lack of experience and to excel at the beginning of his career. “I always wanted to do more, get more, and it made me want to do it,” he says. Still, the Dasa president says that in the graduation period, one way to find out what he really enjoyed doing, was to focus his focus more on professional than academic experience. The businessman Ricardo Tosto emphasizes that the choice of Pedro de Godoy Bueno by the law college in Brazil, came, precisely, by the possibility of having a professional experience here, while studying.


Already within the financial market, Pedro de Godoy Bueno emphasizes the high level of learning acquired working in investment banks. He highlights having found there, dedicated people who like to do the best for the company. “The financial market has the culture to bring young people, who do not have much experience, and to give a challenge to these people,” points out Pedro.

Wen By Chaz Is Worth It

Someone like Emily McClure of Bustle.com is someone that really pours her heart, soul, and mind into something when she cares about it. She knows she has an audience that depends on her, relies on her, and respects her opinion. Because of this, she takes her time when writing reviews and gives everything a shot. She knows she might not like every product and every product might not be for her, but she knows it is worth it. This is a truly dream job for a self-proclaimed hair-care fanatic. She also gets to inform her readers and plays an important part in swaying them to either purchase something or avoid it at all costs.
In her review of the Sephora endorsed conditioner, she really poured a lot into the review, which can be read here: http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened. She knows this is a product that has received a lot of acclaim and is very well known by people that know their stuff when it comes to hair care products. It was time for her to do her review and when wrote it, she wrote it the right way. One of the many wonderful things she did was include pictures. By adding pictures to the review, it lets people see what the WEN Hair product does and pictures do not lie.

She also gave her thoughts after each and every single day in what was a seven day review. Most reviewers do not put that kind of effort into their reviewers. However, one can’t help but tell her passion for hair care products as well as her passion for writing a good review. It shows in the work and it shows in the final review. The verdict is in and she loved Wen by Chaz and the proof is in her reviews and in her pictures. Visit Wikipedia.org for more info on the product.




Blocking Your Lips With Lip Balm Can Save Your Lips From Sun Damage

Banana Boat, one of the biggest sun screen and tanning industries around that has sunscreen for the face, sport lovers, kids, and babies also has a lip balm. Their lip balm has an SPF of 45 and also contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. The lip balm can be applied along with other Banana Boat products. Why guard other parts of your body from the brutal sun and not protect your lips? Just like the sun block products, the lip balm can protect your lips up to 80 minutes before it needs to be reapplied.

Evolution of Smooth offers organic lip balm. They come spheres with closable lid. These lip balms come in passion fruit, strawberry sorbet, pomegranate raspberry, summer fruit, sweet mint, Honeysuckle Honeydew, tangerine, and Lemon Drop. Visibly Soft Spheres come in coconut milk, vanilla mint, and black berry nectar. If you are not interested in the spheres, they have organic sticks, similar to lip stick. The lip balms are all made from Vitamin E, Shae butter, and jojoba oil. The lip balms are gluten-free, petroleum-free, and parben-free. The price is perfect, just under $5. These lip balms have had no animal testing, they’re hypoallergenic, and they last all day long. Celebrities such as Hilary Duff and Britney Spears love EOS‘ lip balm products. You will too.

Evolution of Smooth offers gift packs of their lip balm for approximately $5; one sphere of lip balm with a container of hand cream, and a small pack of tissues. There’s a four pack that includes some spheres, a stick of lip balm, in fruit and mint flavors. The four pack runs less than $12, a saving if you bought these lip balms separately. These gift packs are specially limited so hurry up if you want to buy any. EOS products are available on Amazon and on your local Walmart store.

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The Art of Fixing an Online Reputation


A internet reputation repair scandal in the business world comes across our television screens more frequently than not. News like this does make great stories for the press to concentrate on, but what about the company in question. How does a company’s reputation become so tarnished in the first place? This issue should be resolved by every manager around the globe. Yet, the answer does not come easy, it takes dedication and work for a business to remain scandal free in this digital age.

United Airlines was taught this lesson by a musician named, David Caroll. Caroll published a song on his YouTube channel entitled, “United Breaks Guitars.” Why did he do this? Well, he looked out the plane window and saw his expensive guitar being tossed around in the loading area. United refused to solve the problem once Caroll brought it to their attention, and so he solved it on his own terms.

This may have seemed small to United at the time, but 15 million views later on Carroll’s video, and United’s stock dropped 10% overnight. Stories like this happen all the time to major corporations, but it is in how they respond that matter the most. No response will only bring death to a company’s bad online reputation. Customers can either make or break a company’s success unless you fix bad reviews.

Researchers at Harvard showed that revenue found in businesses with a three-star and five-star rating could be up to 18%. More specifically, if one of these companies that usually receive $180,000 per year started to get bad ratings that would create a loss of $180,000. An overlooked fact in this is the employee’s satisfaction with their jobs. Most of the time a bad rating comes in because a customer was upset with the service.


Fix my online reputation!

For the companies struggling with their online reputation, an online reputation management firm like The Search Fixers is a good place to start the healing. The Search Fixers help businesses understand the importance of protecting their image online and fix negative search results. They understand that what is floating out there in cyberspace can either land a job or keep the unemployment rate rising. Their services will ensure that your personal or business reputation will reflect positive and relevant information for anyone who is interested. A clean digital space will keep a business and personal profile looking how it is supposed to look, professional.