The Magnificence of NewsWatch

NewsWatch is a very well known show. It is hosted by Susan Bridges, Andrew Tropeano, and Michelle Ison. It is an entertainment show and they also conduct interviews with news makers as well as well known celebrities that are personally involved in the issue that is being discussed in that particular show. In 2011, they started to get int talking about more technological software, and in 2012 they launched AppWatch. This is where they discuss apps for Apple products, Android products and Windows products.


NewsWatch is also an award winning show because they have technology entertainment platform. They have also won the platinum and gold Marcom Award. back in 2017. Throughout the years, they have had Jennifer Lawrence, Carrie Underwood, Brooklyn Decker and Cee Lo Green. NewsWatch is a great show to watch because it helps consumers and companies market their brand.


They also have really good reviews. Many companies recommend NewsWatch because it has helped companies reach out and connect with their consumers. Many companies have also said that by watching NewsWatch, they have had an increase in their sales. Some of the companies that recommend NewsWatch are Sony, Audi and Outback Steakhouse. NewsWatch has changed the ways that companies market their brands and the ways that companies reach out to their consumers. Having a good relationship with consumers is important in any company and NewsWatch has helped big companies and businesses reach that point.

CEO’S are beyond satisfied with the way that NewsWatch has been able to help their company. Some of them cannot even believe that they have been able to reach such high level of success.


ClassDojo: Growing How Kids Learn


When Sam Chadahary and Liam Don began their San Francisco- based educational technology company in 2011, they wanted to provide responsive tools for educators, create positive classroom environments, enable parent-teacher communication, empower students and foster core learning skills. They are doing all that and more. ClassDojo is a huge success with parents and teachers. Students love the ability to share portfolios of their daily classroom work and send their parents video or pictures using the private (teacher-regulated) social network. The ClassDojo communications platform promotes communication and connection. More than 8,000 messages a minute are exchanged over the ClassDojo network each school day, and more than two thirds of US schools use the ClassDojo communications app and educational tools.  More updates found on the App’s site.

The ClassDojo team is made up of professional educators, engineers and designers with experience at Google, Facebook, Amazon, Dropbox and more. This depth of knowledge and abundance of understanding resonates through the content they provide. They’ve partnered with PERTS at Stanford and Making Caring Common at Harvard, to produce video content advancing core skills for emotional intelligence (EQ). Elemantary and middle school children absorb and implement messages of growth mindset found in the Big Ideas Videos.  Based on,  As their perceptions shift they become active learners, facing motivating challenges and thriving scholastically. Teachers, parents and students are excited about the ground-up improvements they are seeing in classroom environments as a result. Educator feedback continues to drive development and bring in funding from investors, as ClassDojo seeks to expand further on its already popular offerings.  More Informative articles here.