Class Dojo Is Proving Communication Can Enhance Learning And Enjoyment For Students

Class Dojo, the popular educational platform spreading around the globe, started back in 2011 thanks to the work of Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, both of which are former educators. Before founding Class Dojo, Sam and Liam discussed with various educators around the country about what can be done to help improve the state of learning for all students around the country. While there are many things that can improve within the educational system, there are none that are lacking as much as communication. Because of this, Class Dojo is a platform that is centered around communication building methods to help students become more connected with their teachers and parents as well as become engaged in their learning.

By creating a more positive community that builds social connections, students find more enjoyment in learning and do not feel left out among their peers as often. Also, as Class Dojo continues to spread, students around the world are able to take part in these communication benefits. Lately, students are even taking part in different classrooms around the globe thanks to sharing videos through Class Dojo’s storyboard. Student’s from different parts of the world are able to pose questions for each other and see what it is like learning in different cultures.

Over the years, Class Dojo has also released growth mindset videos that are designed to teach various important principles for students when it comes to learning and life in general. This is extended through the latest video sharing students are doing between countries, which builds a sense of collaboration for students that transcends background. This will help students experience social media and connecting in a fun a positive way to build a better foundation for their learning. In the future, Class Dojo hopes to spread to every country and help as many students as possible through greater communication and a more positive school experience that is engaging and fun.