Adam Milstein Pledges To Continue His Support Of Israel And Jewish Americans

Adam Milstein is a Israeli activist, entrepreneur, and a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. He also serves the Israeli-American Council (IAC) as its chairman and runs the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation with his wife, Gila. Milstein was born in Israel but came to the United States close to 40 years ago to complete his education. He first earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and then received his MBA in entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California.


Adam Milstein leans on his philanthropic efforts to help educate the Jewish people and especially Jewish Americans. When asked what some of the greatest successes of the IAC have been, he commented that there was not a whole lot of philanthropy aimed at Israelis before the IAC came into existence. He also revealed that there is a large Israeli-American philanthropy community nowadays and that this is very important One because it helps to engage Israeli Americans. He also expressed his feelings about the fact that Israeli Americans are very important ambassadors for Israel and that philanthropy in this community should be encouraged.


Adam Milstein was asked during an interview what he believes the biggest threats to Israel are in today’s world, and he answered that the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement is very anti-Israel and that it is gaining momentum. He also commented on anti-Semitism and how it is growing and becoming a larger problem. He also pointed out that those who say the BDS movement is not anti-Semitic are wrong because the BDS is directed at Israel. He pointed out that the problem with the BDS is that it is has everything to do with resolutions related to Israel.


Adam Milstein believes that the IAC will eventually serve as one of the larger pro-Israel communities in the United States. Its own mission statement is very specific about its support for the nation. He also made a remarkable statement that really makes you think. Summed up, that statement was about the fact that Israel is the only country that the Jewish people have, and this is very important because it is their home.

Greg Secker philanthropy endeavours are humbling

Greg Secker has had a lot of experience working in the financial sector. He is a master trader, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and international speaker. His education company that specializes in global trading called Learn to Trade has offices in several different countries including England, Australia, and South Africa. Greg Secker, along with his company has won a number of awards and acknowledgments that shown his commitment to helping other achieve their dreams of financial wellness.

The thriving entrepreneur started his career at Thomas Cook Financial Services, started a business called the Virtual Trading Desk, and worked for Mellon Financial Corporation as their Vice President. With his business Learn to Trade they educated over 200,000 people and growing! They do this through workshops and seminars. Greg also found the time to help youth and adults teach life skills and educate them with the help of the Greg Secker Foundation. They hold events such as the Early Childhood Development Program in South Africa, the Youth Mentoring Program, and The Christmas Basket Brigade. Through the youth development program in South Africa they support Ubuntu Education Fund and the Young Leader’s Festival and Youth Leadership Summit. Being a philanthropist is a rich and rewarding experience that Greg loves to actively participate in.

Mr. Secker went to the Philippines to see the firsthand affects of Typhoon Haiyan and was compelled to help. With the help from the Greg Secker Foundation they were able to build over 100 homes, all able to withstand any future typhoons.

English Businessman Greg Secker is a entrepreneur that founded one of Europe’s most successful trading companies. It’s called Learn to Trade and it is the largest trader’s training company in the entire world. Mr. Secker attended the University of Nottingham. He got his Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Food Science, along with European Studies.

Greg is passionate about helping mankind so he created the Greg Secker Foundation. This non-profit organization helps people improve the quality of their lives, through many avenues. Mr. Secker owns other companies including Capital Index, SmartCharts Software, and FX Capital. They all operate under a company Greg founded called Knowledge to Action.