What Jeunesse Global Represents

It’s no secret that many companies in the alternative health and wellness vein have a penchant for selling products of spurious origin to clients who eventually find out that it was just a get-rich-quick scheme. Even the companies that are trying to make an honest living have a tendency to mistakenly attempt the age-slowing gig with products that don’t address the actual problems themselves. This is where Jeunesse rightly stands out from the crowd with its nine points of youth enhancing products, the consistency of which is derived from natural sources and assembled in proprietary form right in the company’s own labs.

Almost a decade ago, a man named Randy Ray decided that he held the answer to the ills and everyday health complications of people all over the world. He eventually met Wendy Lewis, who shared an identical vision for the world, and the duo put their assets together from their recent entrepreneurial successes to pen Jeunesse into its first official documents back in 2009. Over years of continued development and the addition of a few members in management, Jeunesse has improved their products to the standing of worldwide recognition and have an incredible following to show for it.

What They Offer

Jeunesse’s vision is carried out through their brainchild: the Youth Enhancement System. This series of regimens is made up of a unique combination of attack plans that individually target different problem areas in the body. The means of treating your ills is really quite simple: By supplying the body with the natural ingredients that it was meant to have in healthy amounts, the cells can kick into action and reverse certain aspects of age-related damage. Each product line, of course, targets a unique manifestation of this damage, and while you can purchase each step in the process individually, you’re encouraged to stick with the whole bundle for a complete youth enhancement experience.

The results of trying out the Youth Enhancement System include:

  • Improved conversion of fat to muscle while curbing appetite
  • Knocking insomnia out of the park with gainful sleep supplements
  • Staying energized throughout the entire day — not just the first few hours of it
  • Waking up and being ready to rock with caffeine-free juices that get you out of bed and on the road in a heartbeat
  • Skin creams that restore your smooth, flawless and glowing appearance


Lime Crime Plushies Are The Hottest New Trend In The Makeup World

Plushies are the newest product being released from Lime Crime and they’re already gaining a lot of positive reaction from makeup fans all across the globe. Plushies are the newest lipstick product which is meant to enhance your natural lip. Plushies is a soft focus lip veil and they come in colors such as blackberry, jam, turkish delight, rosebud, grape jelly, and more. The colors are softer compared to Lime Crime’s other bold products. These colors are more natural looking shades of red, purple, and brown.

Plushies are meant to make your lips look plush. If you apply one layer, it’s just a simple way to add some more life to your lip. If you want a more eye-popping look then simply add multiple layers. Plushies are designed where they won’t dry out your lips. They’re actually quite hydrating. All you have to do is apply Plushies at the beginning of your day and you’re set. The product will stay put.

Releasing Plushies was a big deal for Lime Crime. The company has long been known for creating products that turn fans into magical unicorns. They’ve always been about the bright and bold. Recently, they released hair dye in the colors of blues, purples, pinks, and more. They want everyone to be able to freely express themselves. Plushies, while still allowing users to be expressive, is slightly tamer. It’s a look that focuses more on natural beauty. It’s great because not everyone wants to be bright all the time. Sometimes, they want their other features to stand out more than their lip. Sometimes, people are in an environment where they can’t have bold makeup. Lime Crime is still staying true to who they are. They still believe that makeup is an art form and it should be used for self-expression. Lime Crime is simply expanding to keep up with the growing trends. They listen to what people want and then they release those products.

Overall, LimeCrime will keep releasing high-quality, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free products. They’re paying attention to what the trends are in the makeup world, and they’re making sure that they’re delivering those trends to their consumers.