How Evolution Of Smooth Became The Most Millennial Brand

The Return Of Lip Balm

The lip balm industry is a peculiar place to pick a revolution yet Evolution of Smooth has done just that. Lip balm is a common household item but from time to time it enjoys a resurgence in popularity such as the lip balm craze of the 90s. Thanks to the hard work of EOS lip balm is making comeback with Millennials thanks to effective social media marketing and product placement. From the spherical design of the lip balm to the organic ingredients Evolution of Smooth is the definitive Millennial brand name.

Bringing A New Approach

Just about everything about EOS is a change from the way business is traditionally done in the cosmetic industry. Instead of chapstick EOS lip balm comes as a ball. Where most brands have no issue incorporating artificial ingredients EOS uses purely organic materials (see, This decision isn’t simply another effort to cash in on some trend. Millennials are highly conscious of their environmental impact and they want their favorite brands to reflect this value. This goes doubly for the young women EOS has chosen as its Target demographic.

Business Is Booming

Without a doubt products is a highly successful brand. It has currently generated more than $100 million dollars in revenue in the course of a few years. This success doesn’t just pertain to the lip balm EOS sells. There are shaving creams and hand lotions under the brand’s name as well. If these products produce as much success as EOS lip balm has the future of this brand name could mean a new household name in the cosmetic industry has arrived.