Former Atlanta Hawks Ownership Brings On Lawsuit

If there’s one thing to count on, it’s that some time groups involved with big business ownership can find them in the middle of a lawsuit. The Atlanta Hawks know this quite well as of now.

Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, the ownership group that once had ownership over the Atlanta Hawks NBA team, has created a lawsuit involving the New Hampshire Insurance Company over a breach of contract. Danny Ferry, the general manager of the group was the one who initially made the claims settlement in the lawsuit. Bruce Levenson was one of the many people who served as a part of the former Hawks ownership group, though Tony Ressler is a part of the current ownership regarding the Hawks.

In the lawsuit, the claim states that the insurance company, also known as an AIG, involves a serious breach of contract namely resulting from an insurance in bad faith. The Hawks LLC Group states that they were insured under a coverage policy in the event of any losses that related mainly to employment practices such as wrongful termination. The lawsuit goes on further and states that despite the fact that the AIG has an obligation to pay in regards to their policy, they failed to do so without any good reason and in bad faith, even all this was within the coverage of their own policy.

Bruce Levenson is one of the many people who was once involved with the Atlanta Hawks LLC, the group that once owned the Atlanta Hawks and Phillips Arena. Levenson was born in Washington, D.C. but raised in Chevy Chase, Maryland, getting his first big business start when he co-founded the United Communications Group with Ed Peskowitz in 1977. The group was meant to analyze and track data regarding healthcare, oil and economics.