The Renowned Neuroscientist Dr. Jorge Moll

When it comes to morality it would appear, that is seems there is no one else on the planet who has given it more thought than Dr. Jorge Moll. Dr. Jorge Moll is a neuroscientist who through his devotion to understand cognition with regard to morality, has dedicated his research in regard to the effects that those, with moral understanding, can achieve to add quality to their lives.

Dr. Jorge Moll, has studied moralities impact on thinking, and has realized that it is instrumental in changing the way the world is viewed. Dr. Jorge Moll is focused on bringing to light the power morality has via cognition by mainstreaming it’s functionality for heightened awareness through education. Follow Jorge on

This research is monumental in knowing how morality plays an important role in it’s impact on learning. Moreover, the positive impact derived in educating from a moral aspect, sets a foundation for getting the best out of the world by enhanced perception in how the world is viewed, and subsequently as a result, better decisions being made.

Cognition and behavior as a basis of Dr. Jorge Moll’s research expands onto human values, social interactions, motivations, moods, and overall decision making. His research on morality shows how decisions affect behaviors based on different levels of moral cognition and the impact on behavior as a deciding factor. It is clear that moral vs. non-moral cognition is decidedly the basis on good and or bad decision making resulting in good and or bad behavior overall.



Dr. Jorge Moll’s research is an eye opening look on how morality is indicative of each individual in relation to humanity. It provides the means of knowing individual personality traits, strengths and weaknesses. This provides the opportunity to become the best that a person can be. His research opens the doors to cognition from a moral point of view to consciously make better life decisions.

Knowledge is power, and the human mind is a terrible thing to waste. Dr. Jorge Moll’s research defines that having moral cognition is a powerful mindset from which the best thoughts and behaviors will come to pass. Watch this video on Youtube.

Oversubscribed NexPoint Raises $269 Million for Debt Fund

“It’s all about winning!” The best fund managers have consistent returns in all types of financial climates. Highland Capital raised $269 million for its NexPoint Fund in May 2017. What is the secret to James Dondero’s winning streak?


Winning Streak Continues


Just like the Dow Jones, the Highland Capital Management team keeps on winning. It has identified the hottest investment sectors and jumps in with both feet. James Dondero might want to yell CANNONBALL for his next financial offering.


NexPoint Advisers is an affiliate of the Dallas based Highland Capital Management firm. The primary focus of NexPoint is below investment grade debt and equities. Debt is one of the hottest assets around.


People need money to pay their rent. Corporations need money to buy their supplies. Governments need money to pave the roads. The capital raising was so successful for NexPoint that it surpassed the primary offering by 233 percent. More than 5.3 million of NexPoint’s shares were scooped up. Why was NexPoint so popular?


Solid Research & Financial Connections


Over the last five years, NexPoint Credit Strategies has generated returns of 18.79 percent. In the last year, it rose by 20.69 percent. Highland Capital Management President James Dondero said, “[w]e are pleased with the material over subscription and investor support consistent with top decile performance we have delivered over the past five years.” Weight Watchers is one of the featured stocks in the successful fund.


After over 3 decades managing money, James Dondero has acquired the experience for running a strong company. He understands the ebbs and flows of the markets. Debt is not going to go away and it can offer a quite lucrative return. Nevertheless, Highland Capital’s NexPoint is well poised to take the next step in making solid profits.

A quick background check of Jim Tananbaum

Most new health care leaders benefit with various growth opportunities by the Foresite Capital. The company is located in San Francisco and also has offices in the New York City. However, there are qualifications that every leader should have to be able to access the growth. They should have Disruptive facilities and goods based across on both restricted and unrestricted markets.

Jim Tananbaum graduated from the Yale University which is named among the best in expanding and sharing science knowledge. At the Harvard University, he managed to get M.D and M.B.A., and M.S from the Massachusetts Institute. Currently, Jim is the founder and CEO of Foresite Capital where he has 1.1 billion worth of assets. He has an in-depth experience in the building and investing healthcare firms. Jim is also the co-founder of NASDAQ and GENZ; two biopharmaceuticals firms. These two brought firms were known for the introduction of two drugs that were sold in the market at $80. Today, the drugs are sold at a low rate of $ 1 billion. You can visit his page

Jim gained the idea of the Foresite Capital from his 25 years of experience as a healthcare investment strategist and entrepreneur. According to him, Foresite means understanding and harnessing the future of health care. The innovative healthcare solutions and products frequently need more capital and time than what most financiers and entrepreneurs can afford. Thus, Foresite is there to help emerging leaders by supplying them with networks, capital, and information to enhance their success. Jim Tananbaum also gets excited when he sees entrepreneurs applying the healthcare innovation science in solving the largest unfulfilled needs of healthcare.

Jim is an academic at heart, and that is what makes him more productive as a businessman. By learning, he can find the brightest and best solutions that science has at disposal. His commitment and unwavering persistence together with his passion are what enhances him to continue expanding their innovative portfolio and building the firm.

After gaining the investment experience, he later became the founder and CEO of Theravance. He worked with Prospect Ventures partners 2 and 3 in the Department of investment. Jim acted as the Sierra Ventures partner and enhanced in establishing the Amerigroup jazz, Amira Pharmaceutical, and Healtheon the health services investments. His aim during his foundation was to create an investment novel platform.

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