Trabuco: Top CEO of Bradesco Bank

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is one of the very best Brazilian’s bank chief executive officers who’s highly aggressive in the banking market. His story is well worth reading as it’s been motivated by the durability and work ethics invited in the banking industry. Since the President of Banco Bradesco, a position he’s held since March 2009, he has made the lender the very best in the Brazilian banking industry. The daring banking company decisions he created shows that he’s completely committed and decided towards the achievement of their lender. Visit the website to learn more about Trabuco.

Trabuco’s accomplishments are a consequence of his competitive work in today’s business world. When Bradesco dropped its leadership to competition, Trabuco was determined to return the lender into the top position. He purchased HSBC Brazilian division for 5.2 billion dollars and that allowed the bank to place itself. The choice to purchase HSBC was a bold movement that couldn’t have paid, but he was willing to take the risk.


He transformed each of the departments in the lender to guarantee they operated smoothly. Through bringing new talent and ideas it enabled the bank to maintain a top position on very top. The purchase of HSBC additionally contributed greatly to get Bradesco bank to obtain a significant status in the business.

Trabuco’s contribution to lender could be viewed through the successes Trabuco has achieved in a brief period since the CEO of Bradesco. The accomplishments have enabled the lender to restrain a high share standing in the Brazilian Banking marketplace. The numerous programs he hailed because the CEO profited the bank favorably and it helped to enhance the worker’s welfare. His zeal and zest is a portrayal of their authentic management from the banking industry that contributes to upward expansion that’s phenomenal. The leadership abilities of Trabuco have headed Bradesco to become one of the major banks in the entire world. Learn more about Trabuco at

Omar Boraie Keeps Jobs in New Brunswick

Omar Boraie is the recipient of the first-ever appreciation award from the New Jersey State Senate. This award came to him as a thank you for his hard work in resurrecting the dying city of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Many years ago, city analysts were predicting that the city of New Brunswick would fully close its doors. They said that the family atmosphere was deteriorating, the middle class was leaving, unemployment was on the rise, and no organization was willing to commit to helping.


Omar Boraie refused to believe that New Brunswick was close to death. After studying what made a thriving and successful city, he began to implement those things into New Brunswick in hopes that it would turn around.


Omar Boraie dedicated the first part of his strategy to building a positive family community. He knew that he had no expertise in this area and would have to rely on the gifts of others. He reached out to various nonprofits as well as churches to see what could be done. He agreed that if they could develop events and strategies that would introduce families to other families that he would personally bankroll their ideas. With his finances and their determination and passion, they would be able to make in New Brunswick that all families wanted to participate in.


Omar Boraie also got to work bringing back the professionals that make up middle-class. He already made this a place they wanted to raise their families, so all he had to do now was make it easy for them to launch their practices. Omar Boraie thought the best strategy was to use luxurious office space but charge 30% less than the neighboring cities. This would make them competitive, but also allow a middle-class professional to lease out upper-class office space. Check out



According to Rutgers, Omar Boraie also worked with Johnson and Johnson to help stabilize the job market. Omar Boraie was able to work out a tax plan where corporations paid less in order to open up more factories and hire more workers.


Omar Boraie sealed the deal by uniting the various power players of the city together. These power players were excellent at growing their own entities. Omar Boraie knew that if he could link his vision for New Brunswick with their visions for their businesses than any time their business grew New Brunswick would grow alongside it. This helped New Brunswick live.



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Understanding The Biotech And Pharmaceutical Industry Through JeanMarie Guenot

One company that recorded and experienced tremendous growth and positive results its Amphivena Therapeutics Inc. The Corporation is based in San Francisco, and it is being led by a woman identified as Jeanmarie Guenot. Though a woman, JeanMarie has been able to prove that what a man can do, a woman if given an opportunity can do even better. With what she has learned over the years both theoretically and life experience, she has been able to establish a name for herself something not many women have done. The reason behind Amphivena’s success is JeanMarie. She has shared her knowledge and what she has learned to help the firm discover the various ways of combating blood cancer and how to restore blood formation on

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By just looking at what JeanMarie has been able to achieve the years, you get to understand the pharmaceutical industry and how competitive it is. It is very competitive considering JeanMarie had to have more than ten years of work experience before joining Amphivena Therapeutics. She is well qualified and experienced in the corporate development and pharmaceutical R&D. Before joining the firm, Jeanmarie Guenot had ventured into various businesses including founding her very own startup ophthalmic company, SKS Ocular. While managing her business, she got involved in medical treatments which majorly involved inflammation and macular degeneration. To expand her knowledge in the industry, JeanMarie became a business advisor to Hoffman-La Roche considering she earned her MBA from the University of Pennsylvania.

As a business advisor, Guenot helped in the partnership between Hoffmann and PDL BioPharma which was one of JeanMarie’s biggest accomplishments. All these companies she has worked with have helped in sharpening and molding who Guenot is today. Joining the Amphivena team and getting an opportunity to lead the firm is proof enough that JeanMarie is a successful woman. Her accomplishments have been acknowledged with various accolades that boost her confidence. It is one thing to do something or to be part of something, but it’s a different thing to be acknowledged and awarded for the good work done. From what she has been able to achieve we can only say that Amphivena Therapeutics is lucky to be led by JeanMarie Guenot.

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The Contributions of Eric Lefkofsky to Cancer Treatment


Eric Lefkofsky is one of America’s celebrated entrepreneurs. He is the co-founder and current CEO of Tempus. Lefkofsky has also helped found five technology startups namely, Groupon, Eco-Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, MediaOcean, and Uptake. Born in September 1969, Lefkofsky grew up in Michigan. He attended the Southfield-Lathrup High School. Later on, he graduated with Honors from the University of Michigan. In 1993, the entrepreneur attained his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School.


Lefkofsky’s interests have contributed significantly to the community. He serves as a member of the Board of Directors for Children’s Memorial Hospital, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry, and World Business Chicago. He has used his experiences and knowledge to teach at several institutions. Eric Lefkofsky is currently a professor at the University of Chicago.

Check more about him on


Lefkofsky is also the author of Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation. The book focuses on the movement of businesses in line with advanced technology. He explains critical startups concepts that other businesses can borrow to understand and control the forces of technology.


In spite of his career advancement, Eric Lefkofsky also founded The Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006 with the help of Elizabeth Lefkofsky. The organization aims at enhancing the quality of human life by advancing high-impact programs, initiatives, and medical research for the improvement of community’s health. His philanthropy focuses on children and has helped fund at least 50 organizations.


Tempus is a technological company set up to assist physicians in the treatment of cancer. The company brings critical technology to personalize cancer care by using interactive, analytical, and machine learning platform. They collect an enormous amount of data from the past and current patients that allow these physicians make informed and real-time decisions in treating their patients. Tempus has solved physicians’ problems of cutting through genomic data, molecular, and phenotypic data. The success of Tempus has been made possible by a team of computational biologists, mathematicians, software engineers, and data scientists. They work together to make important decisions. They analyze the data to solve medical problems for the physicians within a short time as opposed to if these physicians were to solve them by themselves. Michigan Center for Translational Pathology has partnered with Tempus to ensure they are at par with technology.  Source

Lefkofsky is active on social media. He can be followed on LinkedIn, Twitter, and

Bruce Levenson Leads the Former Ownership Group in Filing a Lawsuit against AIG

Bruce Levenson is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and a co-founder of the United Communications Group (UCG) in 1997. Mr. Levenson serves on the Board of Director of the TechTarget, an IT industry company from February 2015. He Levenson pursued a bachelor’s degree in Arts from Washington University and a J.D. from American University. He was a journalist for the Washington Star and wrote for the Observer Publishing before he co-founded UCG. Bruce Levenson also served on the Board of Directors of the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Group. He has involved in different charities in U.S and served as the President of the I Have a Dream Foundation.

Bruce Levenson, Ed Peskowitz, and Tore Foreman purchased the Atlanta Hawks LLC (formerly known as Atlanta Spirit LLC) from Turner Broadcasting on 2004. Since inception, Mr. Levenson worked as the Hawks Governor, the Managing Partner, and a member of the NBA Board of Governors. The group announced its plans to sell its 50.1% stake in 2014, and this attracted several different buyers. Antony Resler-Grant Hill Group won the bidding and purchased Mr. Levenson’s, and other investors stake at $850 million.

In a report by ESPN, the former Hawks Ownership Group (AHBE) filed a lawsuit against the New Hampshire Insurance Company (AIG) for a breach of contract and failure to pay covered losses in the settlement. Danny Ferry, the former Hawks General Manager, made the claims. AHBE had an insurance cover of losses related to employment including wrongful termination and workplace torts. The lawsuit states the “insurance company did not acknowledge that it had triggered the policy and they also refused to accept the coverage of the same.” The lawsuit seeks to give an additional 50% penalty for unpaid losses and the coverage of the attorneys’ fees. The current Hawks ownership spokesperson claimed that they were aware of the complaint, but they have did not intend to get involved with the case.

Bob Reina is One Dedicated Person

When it comes to improving their products, Talk Fusion is one of the best. They are constantly trying to change up their products to make it easier for the consumer to use. This is why they have won their second award of the year for their Video Chat product. Bob Reina, Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, is dedicated to giving back to others, so this is a way for him to do just that. Read this article at about Bob Reina.


Bob Reina is the type of person who is willing to help anyone out when they need it. Whether to friends and family, communities, and even animal charities, Bob is willing to help those out who need it most. In fact, he has donated $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay as well as provided the money needed for countless animals to get the life-saving operations they need. Bob Reina has also donated to an Indonesian orphanage and money to help victims who suffered from a natural disaster. Bob is not shy when it comes to helping others.


In addition to donating his own money, he also implemented a new program in which Talk Fusion Associates are able to donate one free charity account to the charity of their choice. This will allow that charity to have full access to all of Talk Fusion’s products and help them spread the word faster and more efficiently than ever before. Talk Fusion strives to do the very best that they can when it comes to these video communication products.


Talk Fusion is the world’s first all-in-one video marketing solution that offers products such as Video Email, Video Conferencing, Video Newsletters, and, of course, their award-winning product, Video Chat. These products are not only affordable, but they are also compatible on all mobile devices. Best of all, these are very easy-to-use. You can use these products to promote upcoming sales, conduct business meetings, promote upcoming animal adoption events, and more. You can even try out a 30-day free trial of Talk Fusion’s products to see if they are a right fit for you and your business.


Talk Fusion’s Video Products Improve Communication


Talk Fusion is making a huge impact on the way charities and non-profits are communicating with others. They are offering video communication products that will help increase your customer traffic, making it easier to spread your organization’s message to others. These video products are not only user-friendly, but they are compatible on all mobile devices. These videos are high-quality and will reach potential customers around the world faster than you would have ever imagined.

Founder and CEO, Bob Reina, created these video products with the customer in mind. He wanted these video products to help everyone, as giving back is in the company’s DNA. Talk Fusion’s products include Video Email, Video Chat, Video Newsletters, and Live Meetings. These are great products for spreading your organization’s message faster. For example, if you have an upcoming adoption event the following weekend, you can send out a short video to help further your message. All you need to do is upload your video to your Talk Fusion account and send it off to as many people as you would like. You can even customize these videos to include your logo, organization’s colors, and more. What makes Talk Fusion unique is that the video link you include in an email opens right inside the email instead of taking you to another window. Pretty cool, huh?

Bob Reina is taking his role of giving back seriously. In fact, he is the most dedicated person at Talk Fusion to give back. Recently, he announced the launch of a new program where Talk Fusion Associates are able to donate one free charity account to the charity of their choice. This will help those charities get noticed and have a positive impact on life. However, Bob doesn’t stop there. He had donated $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, the largest donation the society has ever seen. He has also donated money to help countless animals get life-saving operations. Bob is the type of guy who will stop at nothing to help others out. He is also the most interested in how Talk Fusion has changed your life.


Shaygan Kheradpir Comes Back To Helm Coriant Corporation


In a move to launch Coriant Corporation forward to bigger and better times, the company’s Board of Directors approved the appointment of Shaygan Kheradpir as CEO and Chairman of the Board. Their aim is to improve the standing of Coriant in the telecom and high-throughput networking arena, while upgrading all their clients; moving them swiftly into future business. Their selection of Kheradpir is based on past experience with him in their management consulting and their confidence in his high level of performance in leading companies to more successful technology implementations.

He plans to focus on high-end clients who are part of the cloud computing shift with hyper-scaled data centers, running applications in clouds that communicate over 100 gigabit networks. When Kheradpir was an Operating Partner at Marlin Equity Partners, he worked closely with Coriant’s Operations and Strategic Planning group. There he drew up initiatives that impressed the management. In his new role, Kheradpir replaces former CEO, Pat DiPietro, who remains as closely associated with the company as Vice Chairman. As for the company’s current management, they are excited and quite pleased to have a new executive of Kheradpir’s caliber, leading them to new heights.

Coriant has long produced and marketed technical solutions packages for network providers in more than a hundred countries of the world. The packet optical technologies that Coriant offers are significantly less expensive than their closest competitor. This is mainly the result of smart integration of automation into their production operations. The new units they install now come with much more flexible configurations and in-field programmability.

The Board picked a most seasoned executive with 28 years of dealing technology under his belt. He has worked for diverse businesses, from telecoms to banks. He led at Juniper Networks as CEO, cutting costs with High-IQ Networking and Cloud Builder projects. While at Barclay’s Bank, Kheradpir he was the Global Retail Business group’s CEO. There he invented the Pingit online payment software. At Verizon he upgraded the Verizon Wireless products and services offerings, using better technology. Part of this involved his management of the enormous project to lay and connect fiber optic (FiOS) network lines across the United States. This was a large, $20 million undertaking that he completed successfully; one for the record books.

He climbed the ladder at GTE, starting out in their routing group in 1987. He eventually become their CEO. So, he has the twin powers of innovating in the area of financial services, and he also has done the same for companies in the telecom space. Shaygan Kheradpir has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University, where he was a member of the Cornell University Engineering Council Advisory Panel. He also has advanced engineering degrees, a Masters and a Ph.D., from Cornell. He serves as a member of the National Institute of Standards & Technology’s Board of Directors. Much of this information came from an article on Light Reading.



Bob Reina Starts New Talk Fusion Risk Free Trials


Bob Reina is the successful founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, a video marketing investment established in the year 2007 with the purpose of helping people connect more easily with customers. Talk Fusion allows people to send emails and set up online meetings, as well as participate in video chatting.

Reina began his career as a college student of the University of South Florida, where he eventually graduated at the top of a police academy class. Later, he moved into the entrepreneurial field, where he worked diligently and passionately to reach success. He first came up with the idea for Talk Fusion in 2004, when he realized he could not send a video through email. From then on, he worked to make this vision a reality.

Since that point, Talk Fusion has seen great success and Reina’s associates continually motivate him to do his best work. When not busy with his dealings in Talk Fusion, Reina puts his finances toward other endeavors such as animal charities.

Recently, Talk Fusion launched its 30-Day Risk Free Trials so that customers can use the Video Marketing Solution without losing money. Over 140 countries and 9 languages are receiving this new benefit thanks to the work of the Talk Fusion employees.

Those interested in the trial can sign up online, where customers need only names and email addresses as opposed to financial information. The Risk Free Trials offer the many benefits of Talk Fusion, including its marketing abilities like Video Email and Live Meetings. These trials also include a virtual library with resources to help customers to help them get started in business.

Any companies, charities, or other organizations looking to try Talk Fusion should sign up at

Shaygan Kheradpir is the New CEO


Shaygan Kheradpir is the new CEO of technology giant, Coriant. The new boss, who forged a camaraderie with Coriant’s decision-makers while working as their Operating Partners at Marlin Equity Partners, will also be the chairman of the board. He succeeds Pat DiPietro, who was also serving as the company President and CEO. The new developments at Coriant mean that DiPietro will be the company Vice Chairman.

Having being involved in Coriant’s strategic planning and also operations by providing innovative solutions to over 100 countries across the world, Kheradpir brings a wealth of experience, based on his long tenure in the technology business. The appointment is meant to increase Coriant’s footprints in the technological solutions’ market. He comes on board at a time when demand for data-intensive end use applications as well as development of hyper-scale data center and cloud computing is surging at a higher rate.

The new boss has his job already cut, as his predecessor sailed the company’s ship to greater heights in fronting for integration and portfolio initiatives and the challenge, as Kheradpir puts it, is huge. “Coriant has made crucial strides in the data safety industry and my aim is to grow these strides and steer the company to the right direction. We want to help clients with cost-disruptive networking solutions to turn their sights to solutions with seamless dexterity and automation,” noted Kheradpir.
Kheradpir has been in the technology industry for over 28 years, having worked with telecom, technology, and financial service industries. According to, holds a bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees in electrical engineering from Cornell University. Prior to the Coriant appointment, Shaygan served in various capacities at Verizon, GTE, Barclay’s, and Jupiter Networks.

His first shot in technology industry was at GTE laboratory back in 1987 working in the network routing and management department where he rose through the ranks to become the company CEO. He would later move to Verizon Wireless were he made tremendous contribution and diversification of the company’s footprints in automation services. He was appointed the CEO of Barclays Bank’s Global Retail Business arm. He is the brain behind Pingit, a mobile payments software. His tenure at Jupiter Networks started in 2014, serving as the CEO. Shaygan has also served in various boards and regulatory organizations.

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