Glen Wakeman: Giving Opportunities To Others Is Creating More Opportunities For Everyone

What separates most successful self-made businesspeople from others is their desire to make everyone rich and not just themselves.


The mentality of a lot of unsuccessful people is to not share their wealth, knowledge and experience, and worst, pull others down because they only think of themselves and they just want themselves to be rich.


This is actually a very wrong mentality when it comes to business because more successful people mean more opportunities for everyone. And opportunities are more important than just bank notes because opportunities can create partnerships, allies, new business interactions, not just for yourself but also to others around you.


That is the kind of mentality that Glen Wakeman had that propelled him to business success and allowed him to impart his wisdom in business to other people and mentor them to be successful in their own companies.


Glen Wakeman has worked in more than 30 countries and lived in 6 different nations, having learned something from the culture of each one of those communities.


The many travels that Glen Wakeman did allow him to gain extensive knowledge and experience in business development and leadership. He has fulfilled managerial roles in a business development capacity for GE Capital for more than two decades and has been recognized by the company with the Growth Leadership Role Model award.


Today, Glen Wakeman mentors several C-level executives and gives advice to many start-up businessmen and women. He is also one of the most successful business owner, board member, investor, executive mentor, public company CEO, and financial services executive (PremierGazette).


Glen first developed his skillset in the world of finance and business when he enrolled at the renowned and well-established University of Chicago to get an MBA, and in the University of Scranton where he studied Economics and Finance.


LaunchPad Holdings LCC is a company that Glen Wakeman founded and is its Chief Executive Officer. LaunchPad Holdings shares the same passion that Glen does. Innovation and opportunity are at the head of both. They develop businesses and provide entrepreneurs with business plans during the early stages of their business endeavor in order to increase their success rate.

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An Astounding Overview of Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is the president and founder of Seattle Genetics. He is a trained scientist with most of his medical emphasis based on targeted therapies. He founded the Seattle genetics with the aim of helping his patients, and through his strategic leadership, he has raised the company status to one of the leading centers for the development of drugs.

One of the notable drugs that have received approval from the FDA is the antibody-drug conjugates. That aside, Clay has made some notable accomplishments under his leadership included the awarding of strategic licenses such as the Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, and AbbVie. Before he founded Seattle genetics, clay worked with the national institutes of health, national cancer institute, and the Bristol-Myers Squibb pharmaceutical research institute.

Dr. Clay has always been passionate when it comes to medicine, and his drive is based on the need to intervene nature’s course and restore people’s health. His interest in cancer treatment came when he was at the University of Maryland. One of his family members got severely ill, and the treatment method was brutal that led to the development of anemia which wasn’t as a result of cancer but chemotherapy. This was a traumatizing moment for him and despite being familiar with other treatments which involved amputation and radical surgery; he thought that there was a better way.

Dr. Clay Siegall makes money in different ways. To start with, he has his proprietary drugs which he sells at a profit. That aside, there is the antibody-drug conjugate that was approved by the FDA which is doing well in the market. Apart from the selling drugs he also earns substantial revenue from licensing of technologies and production partnerships that he has developed over the years. Clay notes that getting the drug was a tedious process, but he is happy that they got the approval and can now focus on generating more revenue from it. When he started out there was a time around 1999 to 2000 when his operational capital was almost getting depleted but being a workaholic in nature he buried his hatches and got back to work and eventually, he pulled through.