Mighty Fortress Church – Closer to God’s Word

The Mighty Fortress Church, set in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This quaint parish draws people from all over Minneapolis, including visitors near and far. Through the sermons broadcast by the Bishop Thomas Williams, the Might Fortress Church has been able to reach large audiences worldwide.

For more than thirty years, Bishop Thomas Williams has been a highly respected minister of the word of God. He sincerely believes in the writings and wisdom found in God’s word read in the scriptures and passages of the bible and other written documentation. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Linkedin.

The congregation of the Mighty Fortress Church is composed of children who come every Sunday to hear the word of God, young adults making a strong connection with their belief, and adults, parents and the elderly who have worshiped in this house of God for years. There are many other churches in Minnesota; many are referred to as “The Most Beautiful Churches In Minnesota.”

A couple of churches in this state have been selected that represent the many beautifully constructed houses of worship:

Grasshopper Chapel, Cold Spring, MinnesotaEpiscopal Church of Our Savior, Little Falls, MinnesotaChurch of the Holy Communion, St. Peter, Minnesota

Grasshopper Chapel, Cold Spring, Minnesota — Grasshopper Chapel may sound like a strange name for a little chapel, but it named after a horrific grasshopper blight that swept through the Cold Spring area. It was in the summer of 1873 when the insects consumed the town of Cold Springs. Arriving one night, devouring the entire town of every tree, limb, wooden handle, plant life, and even clothing they could find. It is said that the sun did not appear for more than 24 hours while the sky and space were covered with a black blanket of grasshoppers. When they finished feeding on the town, they disappeared just as they had appeared. The town giving their thanks to God built this little chapel calling it Grasshopper Chapel in Cold Springs, Minnesota. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on facebook.com.


  • Episcopal Church of Our Savior, Little Falls, Minnesota — This little church was built in 1903, designed very much in the Tudor and Gothic styles. This quaint church is typical of the architecture found in Minnesota constructed in the early 1900s.
  • Church of the Holy Communion, St. Peter, Minnesota — Another quaint chapel with a historical background. This A-framed Gothic style church built of Kasota limestone in 1869 still offers Holy Communion to members and visitors of the parish.

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