Whitney Wolfe Herd Opens Doors to More Business Opportunities Through Dating App

The Whitney Wolfe that was a single young women started thinking about app technology in the way that most single women would think about app technology. She had her mind on dating, and she was focused on helping other women with their dating woes. This was admirable, and it was also a look at the type of app developer that Whitney Wolfe wanted to become. She wanted to become someone that focused heavily on equality when it came to dating apps. This was the start of Bumble.

As time progressed, something strange happened. Whitney Wolfe announced that she was adding things to Bumble that were not part of the dating community. Bumble Bizz would surface. Bumble BFF would manifest. There would suddenly be a new look and feel to Bumble. The Beehive would also evolve. People that were stirring around in the Bumble Beehive (community of Bumble users) would find that Whitney Wolfe was creating a one-stop shop environment.

Forbes has dubbed the newly married Whitney Wolfe Herd has the “Queen of Dating Apps.” This appears to be a well deserved title, but it is clear that Whitney has a desire to create the well-rounded community that introduces her to everyone that uses social media. Inside of the Beehive ramblings of the Bumble community there are tips for job interviews, Bumble dating success stories, articles about Whitney Wolfe, holiday recipes and fashion tips for a night out.

Whitney Wolfe is the person that appears focused on giving users of this app a lot of different opportunities to stay connected. Anyone that has seen Whitney Wolfe Herd in action knows one thing: she is innovative in a way that one could not believe. More than 3 billion messages have been sent through Bumble. This is obviously a playground for those that want to date and have fun, but it is also a great way to make business contacts.

There are a ton of dating apps out there. There are few that actually allow people to have access to network apps outside of LinkedIn. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe has hired some professions like Sara and Erin Foster to help with the networking portion of this Bumble app. This is a smart move for the powerhouse mogul that needed likable personalities, and Erin and Sara are known for their roles in the “Barely Famous” parody. It is a big deal for the Bumble team.

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Fabletics: Creatively Brilliant

It’s extremely important that every company keep up with ever-changing marketing trends. Sometimes, the trends are completely company-focused, while other times all the power is given to the crowd. Currently, the economy is experiencing a huge shift in consumer behavior that’s embracing crowd-sourced reviews. These reviews come from customers giving their honest opinions about products and services they’ve used.

Honestly, not every company is on board with user reviews, which is why those companies began suffering. Savvier companies, like Fabletics, are capitalizing on this form of free advertising and have switched to more review-centric marketing strategies. Shawn Gold, an officer at TechStyle Fashion Group, the parent company of Fabletics, credits the brand’s success to user reviews.

The other half of Fabletic’s success comes from its co-founder Kate Hudson. Hudson actually considers herself lucky to have been a part of Fabletics. The brand’s proven to be an international success despite being a part of a market that was already dominated by big-name brands.

Thanks to Hudson’s leadership and personal touches, Fabletics is now a $250 million company. It has over 20 million followers on Twitter and loyal fan base. Fabletics uses a subscription mechanic that’s attracted over one million members worldwide. Recently, the company began opening physical stores and they’re up to 18 stores in the U.S.

That’s very impressive for a woman who hadn’t owned her own business before. It really shows how ingenious her creativity is. She was really inspired by Warby Parker’s e-commerce model, but she had a more personal commitment to her business.

For Hudson, it’s about making all women look and feel their best. She wants all of her members to embrace healthier life choices. She also wants them all to feel appreciated and wanted. Before, she noticed that plus-size women didn’t really have in activewear options; with the exception of a $250 pair of yoga pants a really expensive brand.

Activewear is a big fashion trend now. There are countless companies joining the activewear craze every day, so Fabletics needed to be completely different from everyone else. Creating lines for all sizes of women at affordable prices is something no one else was doing.

Also, no one else is launching new lines every month. It takes a lot of extra work but that’s part of the thrill. She’s come to love the difficulty of keeping up with on-trend fashion while continuing her mission to make America healthier.

Fabletics Opens Stores to Connect to Customers

Trying to make a place for themselves in the ecommerce fashion industry, Fabletics has fierce competition with Amazon controlling 20% of the market. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, a brand under the Tech Style Fashion Group, is a fast growing trendy athletic fashion line that has become a 250 million dollar business in just three years. The brand uses the Just Fab membership model to sell clothing to its customers and due to their success will open stores across the country. They have 16 stores in states like Illinois, Hawaii, Florida, and California. A shift in the wallets of customers has made expensive, designer activewear no longer a profitable market.


Fabletics attributes their success to trendy fashion, personalized services, and subscription services. Consumers know what they want and how much they can afford, which is what makes this business so profitable. Fabletics have made their profit from online stores, so there brick and mortar stores capitalize on the reverse showroom model. Customers browse through the clothing online and then walk through the doors already knowing what they want. 30% of people walking through the doors are already members. 25% of the customers who walk through the doors will become members. Physical stores will use local data from their online members to know what to stock the shelves with, so they can meet the tastes and needs of their members.


High value brands and clothing lines used to be defined by quality and price but they are now defined by brand recognition, creative and superior quality, and customer service have become more important. Gregg Throgmartin, General Manager of Fabletics, believes the membership model that allows the company to give clients trendy clothing at affordable prices with the convenience of being delivered has made them able to transition to physical stores. The online and physical stores are tied. An instore customer’s shopping cart goes into their online shopping cart if they are a member. Fabletics does not care where they buy the clothing.


A celeb known for her active lifestyle, Kate Hudson wanted to design a line of active wear that inspired. Under the Tech Style Fashion Group, Fabletics sells their line of trendy, affordable clothing for their everyday active person. With a line for women, children, and men, they are sure to have clothing to fit your needs. Fabletics has found success in the active wear industry through the direct to customer subscription model.

Chris Burch: Technology, Creativity, Productivity and Finding Balance

This is an ever changing world. Entrepreneurs like Chris Burch are aware of the changes that this world is headed towards when it comes to technology. Among the things that Chris has taken note of is how technology is integrated with fashion. For one thing, a lot of fashion also involves function. While people do talk about smartwatches and other forms of wearable technology, wearable technology goes as far back as glasses. Also, before the smartwatch, people have also used boomboxes as a fashion statement. For one thing, people get to walk around with music as part of their fashion.


Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur who has learned how to find a balance. For one thing, it is really tough to find the balance between creativity and productivity. However, Chris Burch has found a way to bring forth a better balance for people in the workplace. He has decided that they allocate time to come up with new ideas. For one thing, if people were only productive with no room for creativity, then business would not progress. It is actually important for people to come up with creative solutions so that they will be able to bring their business success to the next level.


Chris Burch is someone who thinks forward. He has a lot of advice to offer people when it comes to running a business. He has a lot of experience with starting successful businesses and selling them. For one thing, he knows what people are looking for in many different industries. Therefore, he knows how to provide people with what they want so that they will enjoy some new products and services. One thing that could be said for Chris is that he has experienced success over and over again because he has been enjoying the work he is doing.