A Guide for Parents: Returning Back to School (with Advice from FreedomPlus)

Alison Hendricks, a specialist in money and mortgages, provides parents a guide for the new school year to help make the transition less stressful. Here’s an overview of the article:

When managing back-to-school expenses, Kevin Gallegos from FreedomPlus recommends securing a supply list for your child (usually provided by the school). Be sure to get additional supplies that will help them, such as binders, dividers, and planners. From there, you can set a budget that will benefit your child and wallet.

Clothing and meal preparations are also important. With clothing, aim to either purchase discounted off-season clothes ahead of time (purchasing winter clothes in the spring, for example) or doing neighborhood clothing-swaps. With meal preparations, you can give children the option of packing their own lunch with a lunchbox that has sections. Simply glue pictures of the food group that belongs in each section (such as vegetables), and have those foods portioned and readily available for the kids to grab right out of the refrigerator.

Once the school year begins, go to orientation with your child to acquaint yourself with the teacher and to reinforce that your child’s education is important. Establish routines to better manage and prioritize your child’s time. Having a monthly calendar can help prepare for upcoming events that you or your child may have. This will prioritize tasks activities such as homework, extracurricular activities, and sleep.

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