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Anyone looking for a good career that has job security and offers many personal rewards should consider working for a top senior care healthcare organization in Sussex. Just recently, Sussex Healthcare posted their new job openings. Many in the area are hoping to be hired.

This health organization began as a small company over 25 years ago. They specialized in residential elder care, and this privately operated company now runs 20 fantastic facilities across this geographical region. Some of the open job postings include positions in maintenance, landscapers, safe transport drivers, IT specialists, nursing staff, therapists and housekeepers.

Other open jobs include qualified nutritionists, kitchen service workers, recreation therapists, administrative staff, hospitality positions and laundry service jobs. Sussex Healthcare has complete job listing on their online website. These positions offer a more than competitive salary, additional employee health benefits, savings and retirement packages plus advanced and continuing education opportunities. Most employees opt to stay in their jobs for decades. The company administrators truly admire and respect all of their valuable employees. This positive work environment not only is conducive for work, it is beneficial for the residents being cared for. The facilities are remarkably beautiful, and the welcoming atmosphere and gorgeous decor looks more like a real home than a healthcare building.

The grounds and buildings have the latest innovative security features to put both the residents and the working employees at ease. Throughout the day, many exciting groups, classes and activities are going on to entertain the residents and to promote healthy socialization and other benefits. As the residents are urged to remain active doing the things that they have always loved, the living homes are sometimes lively if a popular activity or group is going on. From senior dances, musical concerts and cooking lessons, residents are sure to find something that they enjoy participating in.

Sussex Healthcare relies on their employees to give the advanced care that people truly deserve. All of the residents are treated with the utmost of respect. The staff work together in order to best serve their residents and help them to life enjoyable lives that matter. Families and friends are always welcome to drop in, and the staff tries to ensure that guests have comfortable seats when they are visiting a resident. Plush furniture, beautiful outdoor gardens, lovely decor accents and cozy personal rooms make Sussex Healthcare a leading provider of elder care.

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Sussex Healthcare’s Audiology Department Brings Better Hearing To Seniors

The ability to hear begins to decline with age. In fact, the majority of people over the age of 60 begin to experience a significant decline in the ability to understand a conversation at a normal audible level. However, one UK-based support home is using their innovative audiology expertise to help their seniors retain and improve their hearing.

Sussex Healthcare is one of the leading UK-based senior care facilities. Their audiology team, known as SHC Audiology, has a long track record in helping seniors in local communities such as Berkshire, Sussex, and Surrey. From primary assessment for age-related hearing degeneration to fitting of hearing aids and aftercare, SHC Audiology brings a full range of services to the community.

SHC Audiology is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) which is required by the IQIPS Standard. With overall oversight and licensing from The Royal College of Physicians (RCP), SHC Audiology maintains the highest standards in the assessment, treatment and follow-up care for their patients. Also, this accreditation ensures that SHC Audiology’s staff engage in continuing education to remain up-to-date on the latest techniques to treat age-related hearing loss.


“Well pleased with the outcome,” mentioned one senior patient who received care in the Spring of 2016. Another patient praised the staff at SHC Audiology. “Sharmila Reddy was most helpful,” mentioned another patient who also received treatment in the Spring of 2016. More patient feedback can be reviewed here under the heading, “See what our patients have to say about our service.”

Positive outcomes at SHC Audiology would not be possible without a staff of highly qualified and passionate professionals who work one-on-one with each patient. All healthcare professionals at SHC Audiology are given the required training and are regularly reviewed to ensure that their skills and techniques remain at the highest level.

As the population of the UK ages, there will be continuing demand for experts to combat age-related hearing loss. In fact, the senior population will rise from 11.6 million to over 15 million by the year 2030, many of whom will require care for their hearing loss. The SHC Audiology team at Sussex Healthcare is working hard to bring the world of sound back to our seniors across the UK.

Beneful Healthy Weight

All Beneful commercials are sweet and endearing. Each commercial entertains us through an intimate and slightly comical rendition between an owner and his or her dog. Usually the commercial has the owner speaking to the dog as if he or she is a child of theirs that they’re very proud of. It is certain that the owner at least cares very much for their pet and in doing so is fond of getting them Beneful products to make them live a healthy and strong life.

Beneful has produced a commercial for Beneful Healthy Weight which details a special option for dog owners. The commercial starts out with the owner speaking to his dog while rubbing his ears and alluding to how fit his dog is since putting him on a steady diet of Beneful Healthy Weight. He then states that since the dog has gone on this diet he is the only one left with love handles. This suggests the owner either is not too particular about staying in absolute tip top shape, doesn’t practice perfectly healthy eating habits, or that he is proud that dog is more fit than him do to the great nutritional value of Beneful dog food products.

The dog then looks at him clueless as he does not really understand what his owner is saying, but he chooses to listen anyways. The commercial then goes on to explain the healthy ingredients used in Beneful dish as they all magically fall into a bowl and defy the laws of gravity.

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Developing The Preventive Healthcare

Preventive Healthcare is not standard in the society. Many people believe that cure is better because it enables them to live healthy lifestyles. People prefer taking medication than engaging the proper medication that prevents a disease.

Life Line Screening is changing this mindset by providing a platform where people can assimilate preventive methods rather than the cure. Some of the preventive measures are expensive than the cure itself. It is wise to be protected than to be treated when you look at it from a health-related perspective. Some Preventive methods are natural and do not leave toxins in the human body. Some of the medicines that people take toxify the body to the point that there is a need for detoxification.

It is advisable to use the preventive measures over the cure of a disease because it causes more harm to the individual besides healing the body. It is significant to note that a body that is naturally immune responds better and faster when it is sick than the one that depends on artificial means like medicines. Life Line Screening products are better than some of the medicines.

Life Line Screening offers different types of screening that can facilitate a person to live a healthy lifestyle because they are informed about their conditions. The facility provides a test that is used to give the best methods that apply to a client. Their results are credible. Profit making does not drive them like other people who treat a disease. They are driven by their capacity to facilitate a person to live a healthy life. Life Line Screening is a platform that is affordable. It is not for specific individuals. They usually set up a free boot camp to some of
the communities and offer their services for free.

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InnovaCare Is Improving and Expanding

InnovaCare is national organization that provides Medicare and Medicaid coverage to residents of the United States and Puerto Rico. InnovaCare has three executive leaders currently. Rick Shinto serves as the CEO and President of InnovaCare and was pleased to announce the addition of three new executives to the company. Jonathan Meyers is currently the Chief Actuary Officer. Before coming to InnovaCare he also served as Chief Actuary for New York-based Healthcare Partners. He would serve as the VP of Managed Care as well as the acting CFO when necessary.

The Chief Administrative Officer is Penelope Kokkinides. She has decades of experience with Medicaid and Medicare as well as an in-depth knowledge of management of health care programs, processes, and overall managed care industry expertise. Mike Sortino was announced as the Chief Accounting Officer. All of these professionals are contributing their unique perspectives and adding a dynamic skill set to the company.

InnovaCare Health helps individuals manage their health care needs by proving Medicaid and Medicare Advantage programs. They are the largest provider of networks in North America. People can acquire the necessary medical care that they need by using these programs. InnovaCare uses the newest technology to provide the best quality health care service available to their patients. When it comes to providing the best care and service, patients can count on InnovaCare to provide what they need by using these programs. InnovaCare uses the newest technology to provide the best quality health care service available to their patients.

InnovaCare Health is also Puerto Rico’s largest provider of healthcare programs and services. Currently PMC Medicare Choice has over 7,500 providers and 23,000 members. InnovaCare allows people to access healthcare that they would otherwise not be able to attain. They are constantly working to make sure that all of their patient’s needs are met and that they are covered for most medical issues. InnovaCare is always looking for ways to improve their business model and actively looks to employ the best executive management on so that they company will move in a positive direction and continue to grow and provide individuals with the best service possible.

InnovaCare Makes Medicare Advantage Plan Effective

Medicare has been in the service for several years. It enhances efficiency in providing quality service to its clients by creating an intensive plan that benefits many people. The customized plan is known as the Medicare Advantage Plan. The Medicare Advantage Plan, or MA Plan, started with the Balanced Budget Act 1997. The act states that Medicare beneficiaries are provided with an option to receive their benefits through a private health insurance program instead of the usual Medicare plan. Medicare further created a more attractive program for all Medicare beneficiaries by adding prescription drug coverage; hence, the birth of the MA Plan in 2003.

The InnovaCare Health is the leading health care provider under the Medicare Advantage Plan. InnovaCare offers clients quality services. They are based in North America. InnovaCare’s services are exceptional and affordable.

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Leadership at InnovaCare
InnovaCare’s leadership style is incredible. The president of this company is Dr. Rick Shinto, who is also the CEO. Richard has experience because he has been in leadership for many years. He is a team player with excellent speaking and leadership skills. Penelope Kokkinides is Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare. With the MA Plan, InnovaCare enables the beneficiary to enjoy the maximum health benefits that he or she needs. Unlike the traditional plans like the Hospital and Medical Insurances or Plans, the MA Plan is designed to pay for the beneficiary’s private health plan for a certain fixed amount.

People who have the traditional Medicare plans are required to pay a premium every month. The amount depends on the terms. With the MA Plan, every payment that a beneficiary makes is lower than what is being done in traditional plans. Apart from the financial edge of the MA Plan, this plan also covers a wider range of medical benefits compared to the traditional Hospital and Medical Insurances of Medicare. With the MA Plan, dental and vision coverage are included in the list of offers, which is not present in the coverage of the two traditional plans.

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Statistics show that there are millions of people enrolled into the MA Plan, and it continuously increases every year. In general, the people enrolling for the MA Plan are about 20 percent of the total Medicare beneficiaries. Furthermore, most of the recipients of this plan live in urban areas. They are about twice the ones in the countryside. With all these, the Medicare Advantage Plan has a lot of advantages over other plans.

InnovaCare Health Provides Quality Healthcare Through Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plan is a health insurance program in United States that enhances the benefits of the original Medicare. The program has 3 most common plans, which include the Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS) and Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs). Medicare Advantage Plans cover all services that the original Medicare covered except for hospice care.

If you enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan, you are required to pay both part A and B premium on a monthly basis. In all types of this health program, clients are covered for emergencies and urgently needed care. However, the coverage has different costs and restrictions on how and when to receive care. It offers extra coverage like vision, dental, hearing, and health and wellness programs.

In addition to the Medicare part B premium, clients are required to pay an additional premium. Co-payment, which is a general fee charged to everyone that receives the service, should be made. For some plans, only a percentage of the cost of the service received (coinsurance) is charged. Medicare Advantage Plan is not designed for everyone.

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If you have both Medicare parts A and B, live within the plan’s service area and do not have End-Stage Renal Disease, then you qualify for the Medicare Advantage Plan program of InnovaCare Health. If one needs drug coverage or Part D, then you are required to choose a plan that has Part D as its benefit package. The members that are covered by their Unions or employers are automatically covered by the plan that their company sponsors. Your union or employer can choose to terminate or reduce your benefits when you enroll in a different Medicare Advantage Plan.

InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare leads in the provision of Medicare Advantage Plan and Medicaid. In Puerto Rico, the company runs two successful Medicare Advantage Plans, which are PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare, with close to 200,000 individuals. At all times, InnovaCare seeks to fulfill its mission of improving the management of healthcare to meet the demand of the intricate healthcare environment.

Dr. Rick Shinto leads InnovaCare Health. He serves as both the president and CEO of the corporation. Previously, Dr. Richard served as the president and CEO of Aveta Inc. He has over 20 years experience in matters of clinical and operational health care. Richard has also worked for Medical Pathways Management Company. Here, he doubled up as the chief operating officer and chief medical officer. At InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides is the chief administrative officer. She has extensive experience in developing clinical programs. Penelope has worked for Centerlight Healthcare, Touchstone Health and AmeriChoice among many other organizations.


Things to Know About Medicare Advantage Plans

It is very advisable to get medical coverage from the Medicare Advantage Plans. In contract with the government, Medicare Plans are paid a certain fixed amount of money to cater for your medical needs. You will also be required to pay your Medicare even after receiving your Medicare advantage. This will ensure you receive treatment at anytime without restrictions. There are many different advantages you will reap in case you decide to get yourself a Medicare advantage plan. It is very important to ensure we take care of our bodies and in case we fall ill, there is a plan to rectify it immediately.

Medicare Advantage Plans Benefits

Joining a health center that is cost effective and one that you can easily afford will be the best move for you. There are many health centers all over your area but they charge differently. You can find one that is cost effective. It is important for you to consider getting quality services from a clinic within your reach so you can save on extra costs too.

It is important for you to note that not all the services offered by the original plan are offered by Medicare Advantage Plans in InnovaCare Health. You therefore need to understand all the rules before you can get one to ensure it meets all your needs. You may however enjoy some extra services offered by this plan such as health and wellness programs, hearing and dental practices. InnovaCare ensures you receive the best medical services all the time by hiring experienced employees to cater for your needs.

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Rules and Responsibilities

The health center ensures they meet all the challenges facing today’s healthcare services by offering the best. You will be in a position to experience a strong bond between you and the staff, affordable and even quality services. The great team lead by Rick Shinto who is the chief executive and the president. With Penelope Kokkinides who is the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare center, ensure you receive the best services before you can leave the center.

It is very important for any patient to have a close relationship with the doctor or the nurse. In this way, you can feel free to say anything to the doctor without leaving any problem since you can trust their services. In this center, you as a patient will experience this kind of bond since all the employees work together as a team to fulfill your needs. At InnovaCare, you can also enjoy Medicare Advantage Plans during treatment at anytime. This will relieve you the worry of lacking enough money to cater for your medical needs. Consider joining InnovaCare, this great team for any challenges you may have concerning your health and be certain of receiving the finest healthcare.

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