Investment Bankers Really Are Needed By Big Business

In these days of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), even moderately large, and certainly the big corporations, need to perform intense levels of due diligence in their plans to grow through acquiring or merging with another company. To accurately gauge the total net worth of a particular business, in capital assets and in revenue income, businesses rely upon the professional expertise of investment bankers, such as Martin Lustgarten. Large amounts of money and other assets are on the line, so the valuation needs to be accurate and it must be complete. This is a regular area where he applies his expertise for his clients who are considering doing one or more deals involving M&A.

Lustgarten has the amazingly accurate ability to find all assets a business owns, even some they typically forget about, and sometimes he even finds hidden value that the target company’s top management did not even know they possessed. Like many fully educated, well-trained, and effective investment bankers, he wears a number of professional hats. He not only accumulates value data on a company’s physical assets, he also sets accurate values on patents and other Intellectual Property (IP) owned by that company. Many companies have made their final decision about whether to go forward with a proposed M&A, based mostly upon Martin Lustgarten’s final report.

His experience with complex asset transfers, business-to-business stock transfers, and IP trading and sales. He has also helped clients take their business into the public market with their Initial Public Offering (IPO).

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