Dr. Saad Saad And His Upgraded Catheter

Dr. Saad Saad can be considered as one of the finest surgeons not just for the year 2000, but probably for the whole century. He has provided contributions within the surgical field of medicine in order to make the processes more efficient than ever. This intellectual wonder of his all began when he started out in learning the field of medicine. But his skills were discovered when he was hired to work as a surgeon for a Saudi Arabian Royal Family. He even bought his family to the country when he stayed there for a few years. This was considered as his biggest milestone, along with his ever-growing talent, which landed him a lot of great opportunities as a doctor.



But his tenure as the surgeon of the royal family wasn’t the only opportunity that got him discovered. He actually helped out the whole surgical community through the means of his overall knowledge in surgery. This knowledge of his made him willing to research even more about surgical methods, which shows that he also loves his job. This led him to develop inventions that are now widely being used in surgeries as a means of efficiently performing certain tasks that were actually hard to do during Dr. Saad Saad’s younger years in his profession as a doctor.


Integral Electromagnetic Location Identifier Attached On Catheter

Placing the catheter in the right area of operation is crucially needed in order to find out the techniques needed to perform the surgery. That’s why X-rays are often provided to patients first before proceeding with the operation. However, the radiation from X-ray is extremely harmful if the patient manages to do it several times. This was thought over by doctors as there are some problems within the body that are hard to detect with just a single X-ray. On the other hand, an MRI may be hard to bring to the operation room due to the weight and size of the equipment. This is the very reason why electromagnetism was carefully researched by Dr. Saad in order to create a better type of catheter.



The integral electromagnetic location identifier was the result of this research and was eventually placed on a catheter in order to easily detect problems within the body without the need to perform an X-ray anymore. This helps surgeons perform easily as they can easily track down the anomalies within the body. The tip of the catheter contains the electromagnetic material, which conducts the said energy. The tip also contains wires inside the walls of the identifier so then it can fully perform just like a metal detector. This device also sends signals once it finds the problem that needs to be resolved during operation.



Note that this is just one of the various inventions and methods that Dr. Saad Saad has contributed to the medical community. This dramatically increased the success rate of certain surgeries and has even helped hundreds of surgeons around the world to become more efficient in working for the sake of happier and healthier patients.

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Dr. Saad Saad- Accomplished pediatric surgeon

Dr. Saad Saad is a retired pediatric surgeon in the United States. He is one of the people who has made a huge impact in the lives of many people in the country. He has made sure that every person he had to deal with in his line of duty was pleased with the services he offered. In his career, he had the opportunity of working with people from different backgrounds. In fact, one of the things about Saad is that he does not discriminate the people he is treating. All people are treated in the same manner despite the origin, color, and other differences.


Dr. Saad Saad was born in the Middle East. He was born in Palestine and grew up in Kuwait. He later attended the University of Cairo where he graduated as the second best student in his class. He comes from a family of other accomplished professionals. All his siblings are in prime professionals. Dr. Saad serves as an example to the people who have gone beyond the limits to succeed in life. Despite being born from a low-income family in a war zone, he did not relent in pushing for what were his goals. He was determined to make it in life no matter what. That is why when he took up a position of a certified pediatric surgeon. He conducted himself in a manner that respected all the people. He has applied his knowledge as a pediatric surgeon to solve the medical needs of the wealthy and the poor.


Dr. Saad Saad took the initiative of helping the people who were in dire need of medical attention. One of the things he did in his career was to engage in medical missions which would change the lives of the poor people. Most of the medical missions he participated in were in the United States and the Middle East. Saad felt that he had a role of influencing the people who are undergoing the same challenges he underwent while growing up.


In 1980s Dr. Saad Saad was working as a pediatric surgeon in the Middle East. The Saudi Royals had hired him as a private pediatric surgeon. He carried out numerous surgical operations in the area as part of his commitment to serving the people. He made history after performing surgical operations to the youngest kid ever who had an aneurysm. He even documented this procedure in one of the scientific journals so that others can learn from his work.


Dr. Saad spent four and a half years in the Middle East. In this period, he learned some important aspect of the industry. By the time he came back to the United States, he had gained prominence all over the world due to the exposure he had got working for the Saudi Royals. Learn more: http://medicaldailytimes.com/doctors/hard-to-swallow-advice-from-dr-saad-saad/3663/

DR. Saad Saad- Using His Engineering Talent to Treat

DR. Saad Saad is famous for conducting the most complicated pediatric surgeries to children of different ages from newborn to teenagers. He practices from Eatontown New Jersey and over the years Dr. Saad has taken part in eight medical missions performing free medical check-ups and surgeries on the complicated medical issues in Jerusalem. He has developed numerous pediatric new surgeries procedures, and he also has two patented inventions.

The harsh and hot weather conditions of Kuwait inspired Dr. Saad to choose a career that allows him to work indoors with the availability of air conditioner. He opted to become not only a doctor but a pediatric surgeon. Dr. Saad is a humor man, but his medical accomplishments show a man dedicated to his career by using his surgeon skills combined with natural engineering talent to improve lives of children globally.

Born in Palestine, Dr. Saad Saad grew up in Kuwait in a close-knit family of eight children. His family boasts’ of three surgeons, a teacher and two engineers and others are business people. In Egypt, Dr. Saad attained his degree in medicine from Cairo University, and second in his class. According to Dr. Saad, he accomplished a lot in medical school graduating with honors salutatorian 47 years ago. Saad went to Lebanon for the ECFMG exams that gave him leeway to train in America after completing his medical education. The certification he received after passing the ECFMG exams changed his life forever. After graduating in Egypt, he went to England for his internship, and he later moved to America where he obtained his residency in pediatric surgery from US Board. He is certified in Pediatric Surgery.

In Hovnanian Children Hospital located at Hackensack, Dr. Saad served as their Chief Surgeon while in New Jersey Meridian Health Care he serves as the Co-Medical Director. Dr. Saad has had a productive and successful career treating different pediatric patients in his community, nationally and internationally. His core mandate is to push for different methods and skills to improve the surgical techniques that benefit the young patients. Learn more: http://medicaldailytimes.com/medical-inventions/life-saving-medical-inventions-dr-saad-saad/3570/

In 1980 the Saud Royal Family asked Saad to move to the Middle East and serve as the country pediatric surgeon, an offer that interrupted his dedicated career. Dr. Saad says that he qualified for this unique opportunity since he spoke fluently in English and Arabic and he was the only U.S board-Certified surgeon dealing with pediatric issues. He stayed in Saudi Arabia for four years, and the experiences added skills and adventure to his career.

Dr. Saad Saad boasts of two awards and serves in Eatontown New Jersey as a Pediatric Surgery and General Surgery. Affiliated with 12 hospitals, Dr. Saad offer medical service to four locations nationally and boosts of 42 great years of successful skill and practices.

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