Building on an Online Reputation

For businesses, your online reputation will drive your business success more than you might otherwise think it does. Before most customers decide to purchase products from a business they will quickly look online in order to determine their online reputation and if other customers were happy purchasing from them in the past. When they see satisfied customers they are increasingly likely to purchase from them. When they have a poor reputation these potential customers will often stray and use a competitor instead.

A business with a poor online reputation will often see their business fall of and struggle while competitors With good reputations thrive. Companies will try to actively combat this by improving on their reputation by any ways possible. One way they do so is by hiring a third party reputation management firm to revitalize their reputation. How they do so is best illustrated by example. One firm that is a leader in the industry is The Search Fixers and their website can be viewed here.

The Search Fixers will review a businesses online reputation and help to devise ways that they can help to fix their online reputation when it falters. Sometimes it is a poor review that causes a reputation of a business to be poor, while other times a poorly designed or unprofessional website is the culprit. A variety of things can harm and limit a company’s reputation online and one of the most common things isn’t a poor reputation but rather a lack of a reputation at all.

Companies like The Search Fixers will develop an understanding of what the problem with a company’s online reputation and then will take steps to improve on it. A variety of options are at their disposal depending on what went wrong with the reputation in the first place. Some online reputation management companies will go on a marketing and advertising blitz to improve on the company’s reputation while other times they will start to publish positive reviews instead or seek to hide negative reviews.

Whatever the solution calls for online reputation management companies have an overall goal that is to promote a company’s brand online with positive reviews and steps to build the overall brand. While a quick fix can help a company, long term care is needed to truly drive a brand forward and improve on their reputation. Online reputation management firms provide this service through ongoing observation of your company’s reputation and work done to improve on it over time.

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Reputation Management Firm Proves It’s Own Worth

When it comes to online reputation management, the sign of a good company is the type of work that it could do for itself. Status Labs is an example of a company that has repaired its own reputation. The company has suffered a scandal when one of the executives have acted in a way that was unethical. As a result, the news spread like wildfire. They have been associated in a negative light. Therefore, Status Labs has made a lot of radical changes to its behavior so that it could regain its favorable reputation. It took a while, but they eventually managed to get back to the level they were and even higher.

The truth is that people make mistakes. However, the public is not very forgiving of mistakes. To make things worse, if anything appears on the front page of search results, then it is not likely to go away unless it is bumped off of the front page. Status Labs is filled with people that are skilled in search engine optimization. They can continue to provide content that will gain high rankings on the search results for the given keyword. Eventually, the client will start to see his public perception improve.

Status Labs also provides people with advice on what to do in order to help improve their own public perception. There are certain behaviors that a client would be advised to take on. This could include showing more generosity, or communicating with his own loyal customers. One thing that is important to do is to maintain whatever is left. Salvaging is one thing that is helpful for clients that have been hit with a scandal. With the help of Status Labs and the change of behavior, the client may be able to eventually regain his status and even more.

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How to Combat an Online Attack on Your Reputation

One of the challenges that you will have to deal with when running business is attacks on your brand and your name in particular. The issue many business owners have is that anonymity online allows just about anyone to attack your name without fear of recourse. It could be a jealous friend, an unhappy customer, or your local competition trying to thin the herd. The effort needed to find and stop the guilty party can be overwhelming for many.


Consider these some of these ways to fight off attacks on your reputation:


Instead of doing what your haters want and bring more attention to the smear campaign , focus your efforts on providing even better customer service and improved quality in your services and products. Nothing will irritate them more than seeing you are actually growing in popularity despite their worst efforts.


Even if you know the people who are positing that negative content in an effort to hurt you, never confront them online because everything is recorded. All your rebuttals and actions will be online forever for new customers to see.


Instead of wasting a second of your time combating those trying to hurt your name and business, reach out to a service like so they can take on the difficult job of locating and removing any negative articles or news online.


If you think that the best thing to do is focus on your business as usual and let your actions clear up those harsh words, you might be surprised to find that new customers actually put some real stock in those words because they don’t know you yet.


Although that is what those trying to hurt you are hoping, you can use a service like to eliminate the content so you can continue to focus your efforts on high-quality customer service.