Rodrigo Terpins Working in Retail in Rallies

Rodrigo Terpins started gaining popularity about ten years ago He had already established a career in the retail industry in Brazil when he decided to pursue his passion for radical motoring. Rodrigo Tepirins then started taking part in off-road rally driving and has been actively focusing on the sport ever since.



In terms of his career in the retail industry, Rodrigo Terpins started out in1991 at the Lojas Marisa as their Director of Operations. He worked there for sixteen years and moved on in 2007 around the time he started racing in off-road rally driving. During his sixteen years at the Lojas Marisa, Rodrigo Terpins was responsible for planning the strategy of the business, working in the auto retail of the company and electronic commerce. For the past ten years, Rodrigo Terpins has been working as Director of the T5 Participacoes. The corporation is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil and works in the consulting industry.



In off-road rally driving, Rodrigo Terpins races with his younger brother, Michel Terpins. The two have a huge passion for sports in general as they have taken after their father, Jack Terpins, who used to play basketball professionally. The two are most known for their Bull Sertoes rally tea, established around the annual Sertoes rally. The competition lasts for ten days and gathers a large grown of fans of Brazilian off-road rally driving.



The Sertoes Rally is one of the most significant events of its kind for two reasons. The most obvious one is the variety of categories in the rally. It involves trucks, cars, motorcycles, and many other vehicles. In addition to that, every year the Sertoes rally has a critical objective to bring a variety of environmental and social causes to attention and prompt people to action.



The Sertoes Rally has won a number of awards over the years. In 2009, the event won the Environmental Awards, designated by the International Motorcycle Federation. The award was given to the Sertoes rally for always putting a lot of effort into cleaning after itself and also donating to causes in the cities it passes by. Check out Terra for more.


The Passionate Life of Rodrigo Terpins

The brothers Rodrigo and Michel Terpins are both among today’s most famous Brazilian rally drivers. The brothers inherited their love of competitive sports from their father, Jack, who played basketball for Hebraica during the 60s and 70s. In recent years he has served as president of the Latin American Jewish Congress. In this role, he has addressed issues involving Jews living in Brazilian and worked to help support the State of Israel. He is passionate about what he does and has given that passionate drive to his sons.


The Terpins brothers’ passion is for the world of racing, especially at the Sertoes Rally. The two are the founders of and still race for the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. The brothers drove together for a number of years but started driving with separate partners beginning in 2014. That year, which marked Sertoes 22nd edition, saw a cross-country track that was 2,600 km long. Rodrigo’s driving partner during this race was his navigator Fabricio Bianchini. The pair did so well for most of the stages of the multi-stage race that for the final stage they opted to finish at a relatively conservative pace.


The 2014 race also marked the first time both brothers drove a T-Rex. In 2015, the 23rd edition of the race was 3,000 km long and ran through four Brazilian states: Goias, Mato Grosso do Sul, Sao Paulo, and Parana. That year Bianchini and Rodrigo drove together again and took fifth place overall. They might have placed better but ran into a landslide on the final stage. The challenging course that year was characterized by lots of curves, descents, rises, rocky areas, and jumps. They most recently raced in the rallies 2017 25th edition. For more info check out for details.


Rodrigo Terpins is already a world-class driver but is looking to make himself an even better driver. The Bull Sertoes team is sponsored by Bull Sertões, 100% Events, Xarla and MEM team support. For further details about the brothers and/or the Bull Sertoes team visit,,,, or http: //rodrigo-terpins.tumblr. The Sertoes Rally is the largest and most popular Brazilian off-road event.




Alex Pall and The Mission and Meaning He Gets From Being In The Chainsmokers

There are many things we can learn about the world, and most of the creative ways we learn it is through the arts. We take notice of the things not obvious to most because of the arts. We feel things not normally noticed by others because of how art can make us feel. In the case of The Chainsmokers, it is through the art of their music that that they are able to propagate, influence, inspire and propel people to feel life at its finest and at its fringes.

The Alex Pall Influence

It might be hard to imagine the name and brand The Chainsmokers without Alex Pall’s name. It is through him that the fantastic music and the arts of The Chainsmokers get to become what it is. Many people abide by their talents and their skills, but Alex Pall is different in the sense that he goes beyond them. Alex Pall attempts the precursory of what is about to be next phase of EDM music: the lyrics. When others are just trying to be as upbeat and bass-filled as they can with their music, Alex Pall denigrates that and achieves something better. He wants to make lyrics as big, if not more, a part of the musical track as it should be.

EDM, Alex Pall thinks, is all about making people feel frantically alive. It is the point of his songwriting skills to make sure that he can get to the hearts of as many people as possible. It is also his attempt to make people feel that they’re not alone in an inverted world that Alex Pall has been making a name to be a voice of the generation.

The DJ Background

We know from the feature in The Interview Magazine that Alex Pall has already built a background as a DJ when he was kid. It is with that attitude that he was able to get the full meaning of what the task is of someone whose mission is to touch people with music. The good thing with his work in The Chainsmokers is that he seems to be able to live to the part.