The Goal of End Citizen United

End Citizens United is a political entity that would like to get the money out of politics, but which has also raised quite a bit of money of its own. The democratic group has raised $4 million to date and expects to raise $35 million by the 2018 congress elections. The PAC (political action committee), for the 2016 election, raised $25 million. The amount raised for 2018 will be a substantial increase in funds. During the first quarter of 2017 roughly 100,000 people donated to the cause, 40,000 for the first time, according to Tiffany Muller, President and Executive Director of the organization.


The goal of End Citizens United, for the 2018 congress election, is to elect people who want finance reform in the government. People are contributing about $12 per person, according to Muller. The feel of their supporters is that the system is being controlled by the people who have the most money, and this could be their only way to fight against the system. There is also a momentum from the 2016 election, where the democrats are mortified that Trump was elected and feel the need to oppose many of his decisions.


Recently the PAC has been asking their contributors to support the election of Democrat Jon Ossoff, a political candidate for the first time, in Georgia. Ossof has raised $4 million for the Republican House seat in Atlanta, left vacant by Tom Price, Health and Human Services Secretary. The group is looking into who they will be supporting vigorously in the 2018 elections. The name, End Citizens United, comes from a decision of the Supreme Court in 2010, called Citizens United, which encouraged super PAC’s to form, allowing the use of unlimited corporate donations to help elect candidates.


On their website, End Citizens United, it is being reported that a special interest group is paying 21 republicans a total of $2 million to vote for the new health care bill. It is thought 24 million Americans will lose their health care, through the bill, and prices for coverage will only go up. Seniors and people with pre-existing conditions will be singled out, and their prices will be higher. The America Action Network, which will not reveal the source of their money, announced the $2 million in positive ads for the new health care bill, as an incentive, to the 21 Republican members who voted for the repeal. End Citizens United would like to hold congress accountable for their monetary incentives and their knowing deception of the American people regarding health care.



George Soros: The Scourge of Liberation

While George Soros continues to age, he is back in the decade’s political frontlines through his ideological struggle to make a better world for everyone. He has also grown in the ranks as the word-most famous philanthropist. His national political engagement is immense. He has fought to seize the democratic political system to victory. For this reason, he has had a significant involvement in the open society which leads him to spend a fortune to support his feelings.

George Soros is a veteran in this war. For most of his life, he has struggled or suffered a war against governments of this ranks all his life. In 1930, he was born to live under the pro-Nazi regime in Hungary before he had his way escaped to London. This was his way to making a fortune in America. When he founded the Open Society Foundations in 1984, it became one of his main goals to foster its activities and fund everything he wished the world would have. George Soros was one of the initial investors to provide the copy machines to colleges and universities through to civil society groups and libraries. For this reason, he helped reprint the Soviet-dominated Hungary so as to reprint the banned texts.

After the Berlin Wall had fallen, George Soros went to the USSR-led Warsaw pact to help give advice on the transition to free markets and democracy in the country. His open Source Foundations organization worked with local dissidents and politicians. Most of these people played major roles as key mergers to the country-s history and events. One of them as the Serbia Milosevic Slobodan overthrow in 2000. In 2004, these individuals led to the uprising of authorities under the Ukrainian authorities in 2004. When this action was suspected to emanate from the government of Russia, it posted that George Soros was the origin of this messages to the communities under the management of USSR. The Open Source Foundations was, therefore, banned from operating in Russia despite their big plans and efforts.

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George Soros was the sponsor and architect of almost every coup and revolution around the world for more than 25 years. He took it as a compliment. For this year, George Soros is part of the American political dramas partisan players. George has funneled millions towards the Clinton and other democrat’s campaigns over the last one year. For more than two decades, his support has been for the Democrats. He is one of the biggest donors for the political arena. According to the Forbes Magazine, he is the largest donor for the Democrats.

George Soros is the mastermind behind the campaign Black Lives Matter through his Open Source Foundations. With Donald Trump ahead of the White House, he is at the forefront opposing each of his moves towards inauguration. In Europe, George Soros has stood for his partisan ideas for more than three decades. The Open Source Foundations has worked far and wide to reach the European Union to issue corrections on their misdealing. The foundation is present in more than 100 countries in the world.

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Politicians Continue To Struggle To Gain Footing In Venezuela

Anyone with a pulse in Latin American well understands that politics in Venezuela has been a hot button issue on SlideShare for quite some time now. With the passing of Chavez, opposition leaders continue to make inroads with much of the nation’s populace, but they continue to be on shaky ground in many respects.
Jesus Torrealba has recently emerged as a powerful leader within the opposition, but according tpo analyst David he has discovered he must tread lightly in order to attract followers on both sides of the political divide. He is literally built from the ground up to be a voice to the working class.

Because of his working class roots, he has been able to reach much of the working class in ways that that leaders before him simply could not do. As Venezuela continues to inch itself towards the brink of yet another crisis, both from a political and social perspective, Torrealba finds himself in the unenviable position of trying to bridge the divide that has persisted for far too long. He is preaching a message of transition, and is using his pulpit in the public to inform both sides that they can actually coexist with each other in peace and unity.