PSI Pay is Made Secure with NFC and RFID Technology

PSI Pay leverages the new and safe constructed NFC and RFID technology to provide a secure and reliable method of making payments through its contactless payment platforms. PSI Pay continues to revolutionize the way individuals purchase goods and services by allowing touchless opportunities to conveniently and swiftly execute the simplest of transactions on a daily basis. With the utilization of the NFC or near field communication technologies, PSI Pay is allowing individuals to have peace of mind and comfort in the understanding that their accounts are being properly maintained and transactions are performed with the utmost assurances.

Also, by utilizing RFID technology, PSI Pay continues to propel the future of this cutting-edge innovation which allows individuals to perform transactions with businesses easily by allowing them to simply touch terminals and pay for items and services.

PSI Pay protects individuals by allowing payment caps on purchases so that if their information is compromised and illegal transactions attempted they are limited to a very minimum loss. PSI Pay is a principal member of MasterCard which encompasses high levels of security and firewalls to prevent illegal access to personal information and financial transactions.

PSI Pay is regulated by the European Union governmental regulators and also Britain that allows the company to continue to perform is transactions with the proper institutional guarantees and institutional assurances for its customers to continue to take advantage of this convenient and reliable source of value transfer. In fact, there are over $108 million contactless cards currently in operation within the UK and over half-a-million terminals that are utilized to execute these transactions at various businesses and other institutions.

PSI Pay also is providing terminals for churchgoers to make giving their donations to charitable organizations easy and convenient without the normal process of carrying cash to give to these organizations. Furthermore, the Church of England has installed terminals within its congregations to allow his parishioners to give with an ease and simplicity of simply swiping there contactless cards and rings. Thanks to the new technology innovations within NFC and RFID technology, PSI Pay is continuing to provide high-level advancements in this industry and giving customers safe and reliable means to make payments over its platforms.

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