Rick Smith-The Intellect behind the Success of Securus Technology

For you to become the CEO of an organization, you have to be outstanding in your leadership, skills and have a rich academic background as well. Every successful CEO has struggled to get his/her way up. It is this struggle that makes them special. The success of a company depends on the company’s CEO. This is because it is the duty of the CEO to strategize the company’s next move, and also approve any ideas from the staff, board of directors and community. It is, therefore, very important for a company to ensure that they have an able CEO.Securus technology saw this special skills in Rick Smith and made him the CEO of the company in 23rd June 2008.The Securus firm was formed by the merging of two highly ranked correctional facilities. This facilities are Netix and Evercom. This two companies merged in September, 2004.

A lot of positive changes have been observed since Rick Smith took over Securus leadership. Rick Smith is very competent in his work. This is as a result of the experience that he acquired before joining Securus technologies. Rick Smith was the CEO of Eschelon Telcom where he transformed the company’s revenue from $30 to $350.Apart from this achievement, Rick Smith is also remembered for developing EBITBDA to $80 million. Apart from his great experience, the other factor that makes the CEO outstanding is his rich education background. Rick Smith, has an MBA, Bachelor in Science of Engineering and a master’s degree in mathematics.With this combination and his high innovation, securus technology is changing the face of the world.

The Securus technology, cooperates with the penitentiary authorities to make the life of the inmates and the people close to them easier.This is by ensuring that the inmates are able to keep in touch with their family members. Some of the inmates, are parents and not having a chance to communicate with their family would kill the bond that once existed. Although, communication does not fill the void of not seeing the family member every day, the relationship is still maintained.The Securus technology, has taken measures to ensure that the inmates do not use the innovations to disrupt the peace of the society. This is because if not well coded some convicts who may not have reformed, may use the technology to link with the law breaker who may have not been caught, to hurt the citizens. Rick Smith also took the measures to ensure that the technology does not lead to prison breaks.The concern Securus technology, led by Rick Smith is to take care of the public safety at large. This includes the prisoners as well. It is no doubt that he is the ideal leader of the organization.

Securus Technologies Set to Publish Intelligences on the Delinquencies of Global Tel. Link.

Securus Technologies is an American provider of inmate communication service that mostly offers communication solutions to criminal and justice institutions that are located in the northern parts of the United States. The technology firm serves more than 3450 correction institutions that hold a total population of about 1.2 million inmates. Solutions that Securus Technologies primarily provides are emergency responses, information management, inmate self-service, communication, biometric analysis, product and service supervision, informing the public and investigation. The aim of the organization is connecting people and making the world a safer place.

Securus  lately informed the public of its plans to release data, proof, discoveries and editorials that show all the breaches of integrity and wrongdoing that we carried out by Global Tel Link (GTL) in the past. GTL is one of the pioneer companies the inmate communication sector. According to Richard Smith, who currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, companies that are offer communication solutions to correctional facilities should prioritize customer service before profits to ensure that they retain the good reputation of the sector. The industry’s mission is critical; hence, Securus wants to shame GTL for violating integrity.

The company will first give the press a 17 page Order Number U-20784-B, which is a report that was issued by the Public Service Commission of Louisiana (PSC) on the misconduct of GTL during a time that it was hired to serve the Louisiana Department of Corrections. The PSC investigated the PSC and found out that they had been offering fraudulent services. The company programmed its telephone clock in a way that it added 15 to 36 minutes in the duration of every call. They also overstated call rates by adding extra charged on the regular bills and double billing the clients in some cases. Overcharging the customers is against the policies of the PSC. The taxpayers of Louisiana lost 1.243 million dollars to Global Tel Link.

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