Squaw Valley Expansion with Andy Wirth

The Squaw Valley Resort is currently on a move to expand its territory to cover the growing demand for its services. The expansion plan has already passed a substantial step on its road to approval. With approval from the Placer County Planning Commission, the expansion project will move to its final endorsement by the County Board of Supervisors.

According to Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley, the approval meeting was filled with civility and the discussion revolved around the significant issue. However, the expansion project faces various hurdles. Such obstacles include the current state of transit and traffic. The League to Save Lake Tahoe’s director, Jesse Patterson, said the region is currently incapable of handling more traffic. He additionally noted that if the plan were approved, there would be no more area left in the region.

To counterattack this obstacle, Andy plans to lead the initiative to solve the transit and traffic issue. The resort intends to execute an initiative to fund a reliable, credible mass transit system, which will serve not only the Placer County region but also the whole of North Lake Tahoe area. Jesse Patterson has welcomed the initiative and will be glad when the action is executed.

According to CrowdRise, Andy Wirth has always been connected with the mountain resort and hotel sector since he was young. He currently serves at Squaw Valley Ski Holdings as the CEO, a position, which he executes efficiently with his extensive experience of over 25 years.

Andy Wirth was born in West Germany and went to study at Colorado University. Later, he furthered his education in Scotland at Edinburgh University. During his stay in Scotland, it was when made his first career debut at Rocky Mountains National Park. He later worked with San Pedro Parks Wilderness as a wilderness ranger.

On completing his college education, Andy Wirth commenced his career life in 1986 serving at Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation as an intern. He later served in various corporations in varied positions for more than twenty years. Andy Wirth has also served as the Vice President of sales and marketing as well as the Chief Marketing Officer at the firm.

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