Stephen Murray: The Legacy of an Icon

People don’t throw around the word icon just for the heck of it. Chances are when they say it, they mean it and it is for a reason. That is most certainly the case with Stephen Murray, a true legend and visionary in the world of private equity investing.

He is a true success story. You have to really think about what it means to succeed in that world. Everyone and anyone knows that we are living in touch economic times and things aren’t easy. In order to get someone to invest in anything, you have to sell them on the belief that something is worth investing in and worth their money.

Stephen Murray did that, day in and day out, at his job. He never lied to anyone and he never just told them what they wanted to hear. He told them the cold hard facts and he stood behind them even when others in the business might have disagreed. He had what you call a sixth sense for this industry.

He had a gut feeling and always had his pulse on what was happening and when to sit back and do nothing and when to strike. It can be difficult to obtain that, but he did it with flying colors. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

He got to this point by doing his homework, being prepared, and doing research. He had a tireless work ethic and would never stop working until he could find a way to get success. This is a man that graduated from Boston College in 1994 with a degree in economics.

Following that, he earned a degree in, a master’s degree, no less, in business administration from Columbia Business School. He really valued education and always felt like the more he could learn, the better off he would be in the long run. You can never have too much information at your disposal.

All of this training and school prepared him to do the best job possible. He was a sponge of information and was not afraid to ask questions, stay after school, and put in the extra work. He knew it would all pay off one day and it certainly did.

What Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has left behind and what he has accomplished, no one can ever take it away from him. He did it and it’s out there. That is the true legacy of an iconic man in his field.