Award-Winning Architect Robert Ivy

If you haven’t heard of Robert Ivy, he is the registered architect and CEO of the American Institute of Architects, headquartered in Washington, D.C. Ivy received a B.A. in English from the University of the South in 1969 and earned his Masters of Architecture degree from Tulane University, in 1976.

Ivy has been with the American Institute of Architects since 2011; he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to AIA and is instrumental in managing the institute’s 87,890 members. These tasks include managing the national office based in Washington, DC, which is comprised of 206 employees and an annual budget of $56 million. Additionally, Ivy plays an integral role in helping to enhance the American Institute of Architects’ voice when it comes to demonstrating the value of design and spreading architectural awareness to the public health.

Ivy began his career as Editor-in-Chief for the Architectural record in 1976; during his time with the monthly magazine publication, it received a tremendous amount praise. In fact, the Architectural Record was hailed as the most read architectural journal. Ivy’s penchant for architecture would soon lead to a role with McGraw-Hill Construction Media, where he served as Vice President and Editorial Director. Ivy also served as a managing partner at Dean/Dale, Dean & Ivy, before shifting his focus on to other endeavors.

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Robert Ivy has received considerable praise for his editorial work, and his work in architecture; he received the premier magazine journalism award for his work with the Architectural Record. He also received high honors from Alpha Rho Chi (national architecture fraternity), for his role in communicating the value of design. The honor places Ivy in the company of some of the most esteemed architects like Dr. Nathan Ricker, John Wellborn Root, and several others. While at the Architecture Record, Ivy was credited with helping the publication receive the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award.

In addition to being on the receiving end of awards, Ivy contributed to the success of fellow architects; in fact, he participated in selecting famed architect Frank Gehry, who designed the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial.

In a PR Newswire article, former 2010 AIA President George Miller states that with Robert Ivy at the helm of AIA, the institute is destined for greatness. Miller cites Robert Ivy’s industry experience and leadership skills, as the basis for why he, and AIA board members, are proud to have him join the institute.

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