Alex Hern’s Secret to Success

Alex Hern is a founder and now current CEO of Tsunami. The company is based out of San Diego, California and works to revolutionize communication within several different industries. Tsunami’s focus on industries is greatly varied, ranging from construction to scientific research. They plan to improve interactions and communication within these fields by bringing forth new technological developments. Read more about Alex Hern at

Alex Hern himself has over twenty-five years of experience in entrepreneurship. Before becoming Tsunami’s CEO, he was successfully involved in a multitude of other companies as their director and frequent co-founder as well. Some of these include Inktomi (which powered sites such as Yahoo), Yesmail (which then became ModusLink Global Solutions after selling for $650 million), and ArcSight (which later sold for $1.5 billion).


Alex Hern’s experience and success in the fields of entrepreneurship and technology have granted him years’ worth of insight. He was given a chance to share it in a recent interview with IdeaMensch, an online interview platform for entrepreneurs. Several topics were covered during the interview, including a typical day, tips for success, and key business strategies. For Alex Hern, a typical day includes thinking up new ideas at night when he is least distracted and then spending four to five hours a day concentrating on only one thing that would push either himself or his company forward. He goes on to enforce the idea that focus is the most important thing when it comes to building businesses and achieving goals. Alex Hern states multiple times that , in the end, multitasking has no benefit and that focus is the thing to go after. IdeaMensch’s interview with Alex Hern clearly reveals his ideas and habits and all the ways that they have led to his success. Follow Alex Hern on Linkedin.