William Saito on Russian Tech Advancement

William Saito is an entrepreneur and expert in cybersecurity. His decades at work in the industry have made him someone to listen to, and he believes that Russia may be the next big leader when it comes to computer technology.


The son of Japanese-American immigrants, William Saito grew up in California. From a young age, he already demonstrated a keen interest in engineering, and a turning point in his life came when his parents bought an IBM computer to help with his studies. The family had to mortgage their house for the $5,000 that a home computer cost at the time.


Soon William Saito had learned to disassemble his computer and then put it back together; by high school, he had an internship writing new computer programs for Merrill Lynch. When he was in college he started his own company called I/O Software, which was initially run out of his dorm room. After he graduated it grew in prominence, even partnering with Sony to create fingerprint recognition technology, and was sold to Microsoft in 2004.

Since then, William Saito has been a tech consultant. His main employer has been the Japanese government, but he and other industry leaders also met with the Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, during his 2008-2012 tenure. As such, he has special insight into their capabilities and future goals.


Though one of the most powerful nations in the world, Russia has been lagging behind its peers technologically, instead focusing on its energy resources like oil and gas. It does, however, have very good cybersecurity. As such, William Saito expects its future development to come from one or both of these sectors. Overall, though, he and the other tech leaders advised the Russian government of the need to diversify and catch up to the West, with the specific goal of emulating Silicon Valley’s successes.


It remains to be seen just how this will work out, but history shows that Russian technology can often advance in sudden spurts, so it will not be too surprised if it becomes a leader in the computer industry sometime in the future.





Talk Fusion Sparks Interest With New Office Opening In India

The video marketing and the direct selling agency, Talk Fusion has once more expanded its business locations. The latest location being added to the line of offices opened by Talk Fusion is in India. The office in New Delhi is going to be used for training and to bring those in India together to meet with one another. Currently, Talk Fusion has over 140 countries with working independent associates.


Those who work independently for Talk Fusion, they are offered a inventory free work environment that grants them the opportunity to sell and currently, they are the only instant pay plan out there for their workers. The instant pay option is great for people who want to receive payment right away and who are no good at waiting. The people who want instant gratification will love this option. When an associate makes a sale, they will be able to cash out in just three minutes from the time of the sale.


The news about the opening office in India was quick to spread. Bob Reina, CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion speaks about the excitement surrounding the new opening and has plenty to say about the people who are ready to begin the journey in New Delhi. The people are extremely energized and is very excited to be able to use the instant pay solution.


The Talk Fusion brand is aimed at helping those achieve success where they haven’t already. The worlds most largest and populous country in the world is India. Bob Reina is hopeful for that office because he knows the marketplace and knows that those in India will work endlessly to become successful.


Talk Fusion has gained much appreciation for the drastic changes they are making in the world of technology. They are doing what the customers want them to do by creating new advances in technology with each new step they take. During the course of 2016, Talk Fusion was recognized with 2 prestigious awards. They took home the award for the 2016 WebRTC Product and the 2016 Communications Solutions Product. Both of these awards are just a few of the awards that this company is expected to gain. Learn more: https://www.businessforhome.org/2016/07/talk-fusion-classified-as-triple-a-opportunity/

Jason Hope’s Milestone Additions to the Anti-Ageing Research

Modern medicine has not covered much ground in the context of age-related illnesses: it is reactive rather than proactive. Diseases like Alzheimer’s, heart and lung disease, diabetes and cancer, have all been approached from a curative point by popular schools of thought. Jason Hope a futurist entrepreneur, has come out to challenge this perspective, seeking to prevent such diseases rather than cure them. In so doing, diseases that limit life by fast-tracking aging can be dealt with, leading to longer and more productive lives. This is the vision that Jason Hope holds.

In making contributions to anti-aging research, Hope has contributed to the ongoing Strategies for the Engineered Negligible Senescence research effort. In 2010, Hope contributed $500,000 to the foundation. This money has gone into building and equipping the foundation’s Cambridge laboratory as well as kick-starting a program focused on the disintegration of advanced glycation end products. SENS Foundation is also focusing its resources on advancing regenerative therapies in Parkinson’s and Cancer, studying cellular damage as the primary cause of diseases associated with ageing and researching on rejuvenation biotech. By so doing, the research will assume a new approach to anti-aging. As opposed to acting in a responsive capacity, the goal is to bolster the immunity of the whole human body since diseases such as Alzheimer’s affect all functions. This has largely been assisted by Jason Hope’s financial contribution to the research. Hope is also a vocal contributor to the anti-aging discourse. He hopes to be a source of inspiration for potential contributors to the research.

Jason Hope is a futurist, entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. Born in Tempe, Arizona, Hope attended Arizona State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Finance. He also has an MBA from W.P Carrey School of Business. He became an internationally successful entrepreneur within a short time of completing his education, making him a mentoring favorite for both students and entrepreneurs. He is an expert on business questions.

Hope stays in Scottsdale, Arizona, from where he oversees multiple investments and business projects. He has dedicated quite a lot of time to philanthropic causes. He has also taken an interest in technological innovation, specifically scientific research that is unorthodox but innovative, essentially challenging the modern school of thought. This is demonstrated in his support for organizations making a mark in disease prevention, control and cure. Hope is a firm supporter of local educational programs as well. He has worked closely with organizations such as The Tony Hawk Foundation, True Colors Fund, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter and The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation among others.

For more info: medium.com/@jasonhope

Role of Artificial Technology in enhancing E-commerce

The latest survey reveals that in the next five years, more than 80% of businesses shall enhance close coordination with their clients without any human involvement. This will be possible with the use of Artificial Intelligence, which has redefined the online marketing through improved communication. Listed below are some of the ways through which the AI would be used to boost the E-commerce.

Visual Search

In the past, clients used to create texts based on keyword to search online platforms for the items that they are willing to purchase. On the other hand, AI intelligence has brought about some modifications. It uses the photos that the clients submit and selecting the items that match it. This is the technology that most businesses are taking advantage of. One company that embraces the potential of AI is the Neiman Marcus. It allows clients to use its app to take photos of items that they would like to purchase and submitting to the Neiman Marcus catalog for analysis.

Voice Search

Voice search can be used by the shoppers alongside the visual search to find the right items that they would like to purchase. Voice search is the ability to find items by the use of speech. Voice search relies heavily on Artificial Intelligence to recognize what the client is saying and finding the items for them. The online retailers are nowadays enabling the voice search on their platforms thereby making it easier for the clients to find the items based on their preferences.

Machine Learning for Better Search Results

It is predicted that at least 30% of entire online shoppers would use this great technique. That said, getting an accurate search result would just be a good thing for the online retailers, and that is where the AI comes in. Retailers are now using the machine learning to improve the accuracy of the search results so that buyers do not get bored or make the wrong choices. This technique uses the AI to enhance search results every time client places in order online. eBay is one of the companies that have embraced the importance of this tool, and they are accumulating huge benefits from it.

Through the Artificial Intelligence, clients and organizations would find it very easy to coordinate online. Information technology has never been this amazing as it eliminates the human efforts and replaces it with something much better in terms and accuracy and reliability.

Jason Hope’s Focus as an Entrepreneur

Jason Hope may look young in comparison to many of the top entrepreneurs within the tech industry but he is far from a newcomer. Jason Hope’s work as an entrepreneur, particularly with the mobile company Jawa, has been nothing short of revelatory. Hope’s work is just getting started and he has big plans for the future. Let’s take a look at Hope’s work and his plans for what comes next.

Right now Jason Hope has his eyes set and focused on developing the Internet of Things into the game changing technology that it might become. The Internet of Things is a catch-all term for the way by which our world is interfacing with the internet. Right now we have seen smart technology grow into a huge industry in and of itself. From shoes that track your vitals to cars that can drive themselves, smart technology has made a real difference. The Internet of Things takes that concept a step further and insists on a world that is completely interfaced. Think of ‘The Jetsons’, the old cartoon, but in a more practical and applicable sense. This is the hill that Jason Hope has been standing on as he’s tried to get the word out to other entrepreneurs and tech companies within the industry.

Jason Hope has been working as an entrepreneur for years now and he’s now looking toward cementing a legacy with his work. Hope says, “I like to envision a greater longterm meaning to all of my ideas.” Hope’s vision is unparalleled and his focus on the Internet of Things should give companies some pause if they are looking for a new concept to start paying attention to. Hope goes on to say, “I see IoT making a huge difference in society.” Hope believes that the Internet of Things will far surpass the entertainment sector that most people feel it is restricted to.

Being an entrepreneur and a philanthropist, Jason Hope has to always be looking to areas that most people aren’t thinking of. After all, you aren’t much of a futurist unless you are willing to probe into the unknown. Right now Jason Hope, along with his SENS Foundation, is fascinated by the process of aging. More specifically, Hope believes that aging can be reversed at a cellular level. This is a topic that Hope believes has a lot of importance in the future, for obvious reasons. Hope goes on to say, “This is where medical research is headed and someone needs to be at the forefront of it all.” Hope’s planning on being one of the leaders at the forefront of this new industry and we’ll have to look to the future to see if his belief is correct. His track record says that there is a good chance.

Jason Hope Info: http://jasonhope.com/

Edisoft’s role in improving supply chain performance.

In the pursuit to achieve predictable, agile and cost-efficient supply chains, it is important that the companies thoroughly analyze their Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), especially on the end to end supply chain and get all factors that contribute to the differences experienced in the analysis.

When the data under analysis and leveraging is big, it proves hard to analyze in a timely way without failing regarding accuracy and completeness. The analysis may involve heterogeneous data regarding location or time zone, and this will require synchronization first. It will, therefore, be necessary to state and do an evaluation of the quality of data expected specifically in third party contracts and carriers. Without having a similar program for managing data quality, it may not be possible to arrive at an accurate conclusion about the performance of the supply chain.

Previously, the most common Key Performance Indicator was on-time performance, especially in transportation departments. The journey could be divided into sections, and after covering each chapter, a review using a carrier score card was done. Today, companies such as Edisoft offer configurable Smart Process Supply Chain Service Platforms which takes a big hand in helping those who do manufacturing and those who do distribution improved supply chain performance.

Edisoft is a software company based in USA with distributed headquarters in NO, Canada, and Toronto. Edisoft offers Software to work as Supply Chain Service Platforms to clients and dedicated partners across the world through their satellite office in Miami, USA. Through data leveraging, the company is capable of delivering automated and optimized compliant services, Carrier management and Warehousing in one integrated system.

The integrated storage solution offers a better platform for automatic order promotion in all its stages. Among the systems Edisoft integrates is a handheld bar-code scanner and a connector that incorporates Transport Management Systems. These together help in exchanging data parcels that are smaller and often lower than the average truck load for shipments. This makes workflow and productivity of staff more efficient and ensures that the data used for Business intelligence is accurate (https://angel.co/edisoft). Carriers that operate on oceans and air need not be measured by on time performance again with the aid of software from Edison.

Talk fusion Unleashes the Talk Fusion University

Talk Fusion is one of the most sophisticated network marketing companies based in the United States. For over a decade of professional experience, the company has worked to develop intuitive measures to ensure it is a success to market and sell products and services in the network of associates. Bob Reina is the CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion. In an attempt to develop the company in better ways of succeeding through knowledge, Bob Reina developed the Talk Fusion University that will assist its members to secure better innovation capabilities in this industry. For over two decades of professional experience, Bob Reina is one of the best people who stand a chance to teach the Talk Fusion Associates on the various methods used to market and make extreme sales using the network marketing platform.

Bob Reina will use the Talk Fusion University to education the Talk Fusion Associates all over the world through their preliminary steps using motivational and instructional videos. Bob Reina also said in an interview that he would use written resources to send to all members of this network marketing entity in business. Bob Reina developed Talk Fusion to be the best network marketing companies based in the United States. All his efforts have gone towards enhancing its proper image and reputation as the best source of indications of success for those who want to market and sell many products on the internet.

Bob Reina is a former Florida-based police officer. When he was about to retire from duty, he was introduced into the network marketing industry. For him, this was a great business idea to invest his retirement benefits. Therefore, Bob Reina engaged his resources towards assimilating intuitive measures to the elimination solutions for business and possibilities. Bob Reina is also considered as one of the most innovative network marketing experts. This is the reason why the company chose him to offer the necessary education needed to enlighten the Talk Fusion Associates towards reaching higher targets of innovation. Bob Reina has struggled through the stiff competition in the market to assimilate better business access to opportunities in the world. Working with Bob Reina makes you better in all aspects of the business. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/company/talk-fusion-corporate


Simplifying Personal Cyber Security in a Complex World

Investing News Network’s (INN) article, “Why is Cybersecurity Important?” highlights characteristics threatening today’s digital climate. As victims rise with accelerating severities of impact, coupled with future outlooks, the prepared are soon to leave those not behind.


INN takes a high-level view of cyber threats, ranging from today’s businesses to the federal government and then down to personal cyber security. Regardless the victim, the cost proportionately impacts. INN states the attack frequency quadrupled between 2013-2015, costing between $400-$500 billion and projected in 2021, $6 trillion. Although high-profile victims appear in the news, INN implies those not spend exorbitant capital preparing for the worst while those protecting personal cyber security face challenges.

We’ve all used antivirus software to shoulder the burden, yet we’ve all been victims, but a trend in personal cyber security from companies like Rubica. just require an app and with that, a team of experienced analysts proactively take care of all threats to each of us and those we interface.


INN is correct. The answer appears simple because it is. Employing appropriate protection to one’s data and information separates those resilient in an attack to those spending more attempting to recover.


Jason Hope On Internet of Things Gadgetry

Jason Hope, a big supporter of the Internet of Things, brings the gadgets that support this new technology to light. These gadgets and apps include everything from fitness tracking to keeping track of drink intake. Under Armour recently released a new kind of smart running shoes that track distance and time using fitness tracker technology. The company is now merged with MapMyFitness and uses that program to incorporate GPS data into the shoe’s technology.

Smart Ice Cubes are a cool new gadget that determines how much alcohol you have been consuming in your drinks. They will notify either your friends or a taxi service if you are too drunk to drive safely and legally. The ice cubes change color when surpass a certain amount of alcohol. There are also apps that control appliances in your home. They can change the temperature in your house, manage the washer and dryer, turn on and off lights, and more. Home monitoring is another feature of these apps.

Microsof is currently developing earbuds that evaluate your health and mood to determine what songs to play. This works by measuring heart rate and activity levels. The earbuds are meant to regulate your heartbeat. Amazon Dash allows you to purchase merchandise with one click. It is a physical button that is connected to various home appliances. It can be pressed whenever you need to order something related to that appliance.

Another IOT gadget is the Smart Sprinkler Controller. It controls how and when the water is released from the sprinkler. It also watches the weather to determine whether you need to water that day or not. These new apps and gadgets are incredibly helpful and will change the way we function in everyday life. This technology is already making your life safer and more efficient. Jason Hope, expert on upcoming technology, is sure this is a huge step toward the future.

Jason Hope obtained his degree in finance from Arizona State University. He then went on to get his MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business. He began his career by creating a mobile communications company called Jawa.Hope now spends his days researching new technology, expanding his business opportunities, and involving himself in philanthropy. He is an investor that also works to give back to the community through charity and technological advancements.

To know more visit “www.crunchbase.com/person/jason-hope#/entity” this site.

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Take your pick today. The Wessex Institute serves to advance international knowledge transfer, and one may likewise obtain numerous positions through any of its placement studies, placement programs or on-campus positions as a course teacher for any of the above topics mentioned. Postdoctoral research positions and administrative staff are all always welcome to apply.