Ted Bauman and Banyan Hill Publishing


Ted Bauman has always dedicated his career to helping people to connect with their resources. He has been doing this to ensure that the people have secure wealthier futures. Ted was born and raised in Washington D.C. He later moved to South Africa where he joined the University of Cape Town. He graduated from the university after majoring in history and economics. Ted Bauman stayed in South Africa for more than 20 years before moving back to the United States. While in South Africa, he worked with various organizations that aimed at improving the financial status of their clients. In addition to this, he worked as a manager at a particular hedge fund in South Africa. The Fund concentrated on projects to do with low-income housing. He is among the members who came up with Slum Dwellers International. This is an organization that has so far helped more than 14,000 individuals to have homes within 35 nations.

Later in his career, Ted Bauman worked as an advisor to the United Nations as well as other global governments. It was this kind of environments that made Ted gain enough experience on how economics and politics contribute to the society. He went back to the United States, and he was appointed to become the director of international programs. Due to his knowledge in economics, he dedicated his efforts toward effectiveness as well as sustainability.

In 2013, Ted Bauman joined Banyan Hill publishing. He started working in the company as a part-time editor. He had a writing background, and so he started “The Bauman Letter.” The newspaper concentrates on advising people on how to maintain and secure wealth. Moreover, he offers investment tips as well as other unique strategies when it comes to helping his subscribers.

Ted Bauman just came up with “Smart Money,” a stock trading service that comes out every week. He claims that his love to help people is what inspired him to come up with the newsletter. Ted insists that he has been lucky to live his dreams. He goes ahead to say that his interest to see people free form government, as well as other significant companies threats, is what has encouraged him in life.

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