Chris Burch: Technology, Creativity, Productivity and Finding Balance

This is an ever changing world. Entrepreneurs like Chris Burch are aware of the changes that this world is headed towards when it comes to technology. Among the things that Chris has taken note of is how technology is integrated with fashion. For one thing, a lot of fashion also involves function. While people do talk about smartwatches and other forms of wearable technology, wearable technology goes as far back as glasses. Also, before the smartwatch, people have also used boomboxes as a fashion statement. For one thing, people get to walk around with music as part of their fashion.


Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur who has learned how to find a balance. For one thing, it is really tough to find the balance between creativity and productivity. However, Chris Burch has found a way to bring forth a better balance for people in the workplace. He has decided that they allocate time to come up with new ideas. For one thing, if people were only productive with no room for creativity, then business would not progress. It is actually important for people to come up with creative solutions so that they will be able to bring their business success to the next level.


Chris Burch is someone who thinks forward. He has a lot of advice to offer people when it comes to running a business. He has a lot of experience with starting successful businesses and selling them. For one thing, he knows what people are looking for in many different industries. Therefore, he knows how to provide people with what they want so that they will enjoy some new products and services. One thing that could be said for Chris is that he has experienced success over and over again because he has been enjoying the work he is doing.