Edisoft’s role in improving supply chain performance.

In the pursuit to achieve predictable, agile and cost-efficient supply chains, it is important that the companies thoroughly analyze their Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), especially on the end to end supply chain and get all factors that contribute to the differences experienced in the analysis.

When the data under analysis and leveraging is big, it proves hard to analyze in a timely way without failing regarding accuracy and completeness. The analysis may involve heterogeneous data regarding location or time zone, and this will require synchronization first. It will, therefore, be necessary to state and do an evaluation of the quality of data expected specifically in third party contracts and carriers. Without having a similar program for managing data quality, it may not be possible to arrive at an accurate conclusion about the performance of the supply chain.

Previously, the most common Key Performance Indicator was on-time performance, especially in transportation departments. The journey could be divided into sections, and after covering each chapter, a review using a carrier score card was done. Today, companies such as Edisoft offer configurable Smart Process Supply Chain Service Platforms which takes a big hand in helping those who do manufacturing and those who do distribution improved supply chain performance.

Edisoft is a software company based in USA with distributed headquarters in NO, Canada, and Toronto. Edisoft offers Software to work as Supply Chain Service Platforms to clients and dedicated partners across the world through their satellite office in Miami, USA. Through data leveraging, the company is capable of delivering automated and optimized compliant services, Carrier management and Warehousing in one integrated system.

The integrated storage solution offers a better platform for automatic order promotion in all its stages. Among the systems Edisoft integrates is a handheld bar-code scanner and a connector that incorporates Transport Management Systems. These together help in exchanging data parcels that are smaller and often lower than the average truck load for shipments. This makes workflow and productivity of staff more efficient and ensures that the data used for Business intelligence is accurate (https://angel.co/edisoft). Carriers that operate on oceans and air need not be measured by on time performance again with the aid of software from Edison.