End Citizens United Restoring Political Power

In 2015, March 1 the Ends Citizens United was formed. The primary purpose for forming the organization was to battle established political groups that had the motive of funding the elections and in turn have the results favoring them. Buying election in the United States was made possible in 2010 by the Supreme Court that allowed corporations and wealthy groups to spend their own money on elections. End Citizens United is not only a military but also a political organization. The organization is financed by grassroots donations and not big money. It is situated in the District of Columbia, Washington D.C.

End Citizens United is working round the clock to bring Big Money politics to an end. The organization is set to fix the country’s political system that is rigged. Members of the organization believe that this will be made possible by doing a couple of things. One is by electing individuals who are pro-reformed. Using the grassroots supporters to demonstrate the involvement of money in politics. By doing this power will be restored to every American. The organizational also wants to collaborate with campaigners championing ballot measures to pass pro-reform laws.

The organization supports Democrats who are in favor of ending United Citizens. It also supports candidates attacked by dark money groups and mega-donors. End Citizens United is supporting the democrats. This is simply because the democrats have taken an important role in leading the fight against Citizens United. Republicans, on the other hand, are against getting rid of the catastrophic Supreme Court verdict.

End Citizens United is famous on social media platforms. The popularity is owed to the group’s efforts of mending politics in the United States. Another factor that increased its popularity is supporting Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections. The organization campaigned and pushed for Clinton’s elections. Despite Clinton’s lose, her supporters remained grateful to the organization. Moreover, the group raised money and financed the campaigns of Democrats’ political aspirants in the country.

Interestingly, End Citizens United will be supporting Doug Jones to clinch a seat in the Senate. He used to be an attorney in the United States Supreme Court. Jones is a political aspirant vying for the Alabama’s special elections. He will be vying against Roy Moore. Doug if elected has promised to work alongside other democrats to end Big Money in the American politics. By raising the number of individuals who are on the same side as theirs, the group will be able to overturn the 2010 verdict by the Supreme Court via a constitutional amendment. A constitutional amendment to pass should win the consent of at least two-thirds of the members of the Senate and those of the House of Representatives too.

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