FreedomPop Offering Spain Users Zero Rated Access to WhatsApp Messaging App

FreedomPop has quickly been gaining ground across the globe by offering free mobile service plans to those who purchase its SIM cards. Lately the company has even released a few mobile headsets designed for use with the free mobile provider. However, they are now working to gain an entirely new segment of the market space by offering their users zero rated access to WhatsApp.

The messaging app is very popular around the globe as a free way to text message with Wi-Fi, and now FreedomPop users can enjoy completed free WhatsApp use regardless of how much data allowance they have left. In essence, it will not cost them money or data to utilize the messaging app. To kick off the new promotion, only WhatsApp and FreedomPop users in Spain will be able to take advantage of the free savings over the next few months, but if successful it would not be surprising to see it launch elsewhere.

As mentioned, FreedomPop has been exploding all over the world since its inception in 2011 in LA. The company gives away free text messages, talk time, and data every month after which it offers users the option to buy more bundled allowances as needed. Last September FreedomPop launched in the UK and Spain will be the third market for the free mobile operator.

WhatsApp is also a booming company with over a billion users already signed up across the globe. It has partnered with other mobile networks to offer zero rated access to the app in the past but this has brought with it some controversy.

WhatsApp has partnered with mobile operators before, but what is interesting about this offering is that FreedomPop is offering free access on its own without any actual type of partnership with the company. Stephen Stokols, the CEO of FreedomPop explained that they plan to be the first carrier to organically carry the messaging app without any push behind it. They simply want to offer customers what the market seems to desire. For more on the offering check out this article.

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