Future Plans For Academy of Art University’s Tech Students

There are some big plans underway for the city of San Francisco, California. These plans will deal with safety concerns for many of the people in the city’s Tenderloin District. The reason being is that this specific region of town is very condensed with people, and it’s condensed with crime. There are more than 20,000 individuals that live in a quarter-square mile, which is known as Tenderloin. San Francisco is California’s fourth-most populous city. It has a huge population of immigrants as well as huge population of native inhabitants. Cleaning-up this area of the city has been a challenge from day one, but the Academy of Art University is looking to lend a hand.


Academy of Art University’s School of Game Development is working hand-to-hand with top city officials to make a difference. This school is located near the heart of downtime San Francisco, and it’s not too far away from the Tenderloin District. Advanced technology is the weapon of choice, and it will use an interactive app to forward and to receive information. This information will be in real-time, and it will display what people think about certain areas of Tenderloin. Tenderfeels is its title, which perfectly coincides with the actual area.


This communication amongst residents and city officials will help to bridge the gap in a progressive way. The app will include specific moods such as “anger,” “joy,” “disgusting” and “unsafe.” The moods will represent a certain area or represent a specific thing. At this point in time, city officials will have a much better understanding of what’s actually going on.


The Academy of Art University is looking to give back by jumping-in. A good mix of virtual reality and augmented reality will help to solve social issues within the immediate area. If this isn’t progressive thinking, then what truly is? All in all, the Academy of Art University is revolutionizing the game, and it’s leading by example.