George Soros History and his philanthropic contributions

George Soros History and his philanthropic contributions

George Soros did not count the hardships he encountered as a child and a young adult as blocks to his success. He rose from the problems to become one of the world’s top philanthropist who has given more than $32 billion of his wealth. The money funds activities around the world through his Open Society Foundation. He founded Central European University, and he is the primary source of finance for the organization. The school is a leading center for the study of social sciences in Budapest region. George funds societies, individuals, and groups that promote social equality fight for freedom of expression and those fighting for accountability of governments across the globe.

Apart from giving money for political reasons, Soros through his organization has stood for the rights of sex workers and the LGBT community. He began his philanthropic work in 1979 when he gave scholarships to black South African students during the apartheid period. In the 80’s he helped in promoting the open exchange of ideas in Hungary which was a country that was fly communist at the time. Learn more about his profile at

In 2017, George gave a full %18 billion through his organization Open Society Foundation. This contribution is one of the largest amounts to ever have been made by a single donor. This gift has made the Open Society Foundation the second biggest philanthropic organization in the USA. According to an article published in New York Times, Open Society promotes democracy in more than 120 countries. It was founded more than 30 years ago by George Soros. The organization contributed toward Ebola treatment in 2014.

George Soros has contributed to Hillary Clinton’s campaign fund. He has also been a contributor to other democratic politicians. In 2016, he donated $10 million to prevent violence and crimes that arose after the elections. Soros philanthropy originates from his past. He lived in Nazi-occupied Hungary but was lucky to escape to London where he pursued his studies and later moved to the USA. He started coming to limelight back in 1992 when he made a $1 billion bet against the British pound. Upon winning, he was nicknamed “the man who broke the bank of England.”

According to Darren Walker, Open Society Foundation has made a significant impact in the world in the past two decades. It has left a footprint in many parts of the world. Darren is the president of Ford Foundation. According to Mr. Gaspard who is the incoming president of Open Society Foundation, Mr. George Soros works closely with the organization management.

The $18 billion donates to the open society foundation will be used in many areas to bring justice and uphold human rights. In Asia, the money will be used to expose the injustices that have been happening to the people. Although organizations such as Open Society fight for the rights of people, they are often accused of interfering with democracies of other countries. A case outlined by Forbes magazine highlights how Open Society Foundation will use its money to fight for girls like Maina. The money is also used to fight for other essential commodities like clean water. In Indonesia and Mongolia, some companies have been dumping waste in water making it impossible for people to access fresh water to drink. Read this article on Politico about George.