Hollywood Hair Is Yours When You Wash With WEN’s No Lather Cleansing Conditioners

We all appreciate shampoos and conditioners that smell amazing, and let us drift off to a moment of paradise. More importantly, these hair care products should be nourishing our locks with healthy ingredients and strengthening our hair every time we pour the bottle.

The problems in a high-tech world mean that ugly chemicals and detergents often make their way into our beauty products through quicker processing techniques and so forth. We end up purchasing shampoos and conditioners with harsh formulas that gradually weaken our hair shaft and rob our mane of its natural oils.

Sulfates are some of these bad characters, and these unfortunate ingredients are in cheap brands to high-end hair care products.

Chaz Dean knew this was happening to shampoo users around the world, so he decided to develop an alternative to the old-fashioned way of cleansing and conditioning. The famous Hollywood star stylist invented the first no lather shampoo, WEN By Chaz. Forty million bottles have been sold.

WEN By Chaz is all about special cleansing conditioners with zero lather, because Chaz Dean says the lather isn’t necessary. His unique blends gather the purity from nature to properly strengthen strands, add volume, shine and manageability.

WEN cleansing conditioners feature herbal extracts and other fruit-based botanicals to hydrate the hair and protect it from heated styling tools, dyeing and other common bad things we do to our manes.

WEN’s no lather shampoo offers a luxurious experience, as you massage the product into the hair and onto the scalp. Hair almost doubles in volume, and even hair texture becomes soft and smooth. There’s no worry about tangled strands, because any comb glides right through hair that’s been washed and conditioned with WEN.

From Lavender to Tea Tree to Sweet Almond or Pomegranate, there’s an ideal WEN formula for you.

Learn more about WEN Hair products: http://www.wenhaircare.com/