How End Citizens United Is Working To Make Elections More Fair

As much as many of us would wish that the opposite was true one harsh reality of life is that the world is often an unfair place. Good things do not always happen to good people and sometimes terrible things happen that can impact the world in negative ways. Because of this the world has always needed courageous and socially-minded people who are willing to do what they can to put a spotlight on things that are impacting people, institutions and societies in ways that are often less than positive. When people make the hard choice of standing up for their beliefs in equality, unity and progress the entire world benefits. There are times that call on people who have a moral conscience to make the decision to stand up for what is right so that society can be moved forward. Many people including the Indian peace activist Ghandi to the civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. Historical figures like Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. had to be committed to their causes and understood that even though working towards positive change was worth it, it was a process that could take a very long time.

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Like the historical figures and positive social movements that have come before them there is an organization that is known as End Citizens United that is working hard to create positive social change in the world in the area of campaign finance reform. Many people probably do not think about or understand precisely how people who run for office are able to fund their campaigns. While most people probably realize that it takes thousands of donors to sustain a political campaign and to enable it to purchase the advertisements and staff that it needs in order to have a chance at victory few of us understand exactly how much of that money makes it into the hands of political candidate’s campaign. End Citizens United is working to change this by making the need for campaign finance reform a public issue and by working to elect candidates who will champion campaign finance reform and overturn Citizens United. Citizens United is a Supreme Court case that loosened campaign finance rules under the notion that corporations were people and allowed groups such as corporations and unions to funnel money into campaigns through organizations that are known as super political actions committees or super PACs under the notion that political donations are free speech. Before the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Citizens United case there were more strict rules in place that governed exactly who could donate to political action committees and how much could be donated to political action committees. The newly loosened rules that End Citizens United seeks to change allow outside forces to influence the political process in ways that are very troubling for democracy.

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