How Fortress Investment Group Improves Florida Travel

Many workers throughout the country dread their morning commute. In addition, commuting back home from work often takes even longer. Florida residents are no strangers to this situation. However, new Brightline trains now provide Florida residents with a much easier and faster commuting option. These trains run between Fort Lauderdale and Miami multiple times a day.

The major convenience of Brightline trains is the time savings they provide. Many commuters spend upwards of an hour driving from Fort Lauderdale to Miami during the week. These travel times often become increasingly delayed when considering the possibility of an accident or road construction. However, these situations aren’t problems for Brightline passengers. These passengers only spend between 33 to 35 minutes taking this same route.

However, the convenience factor for Brightline riders doesn’t only involve time savings. In addition, these trains feature free wifi as well as multiple power and USB-charging ports. These trains don’t have the standard bus seating often seen in these vehicles. Instead, Brightline trains utilize luxurious leather seating for each passenger. These trains even offer both food and service lounges.

Brightline is owned by Fortress Investment Group. This group has plans for Brightline trains extending far beyond their usual route. Co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, Wes Evans, hopes to extend the current Miami to Fort Lauderdale route to Orlando. Fortress Investment Group also wants to see Brightline trains in major cities throughout the United States. Over the next few years, Brightline wants to create routes taking passengers from St. Louis to Chicago. In addition, other routes include those going from Atlanta to Charlotte. As of this writing, these plans are only forecasts and no dates have been set in stone.

With the help of Fortress Investment Group, Brightline continues to improve the commute for many Florida residents. This current train system is garnering rave reviews from both passengers and local press. Considering Brightline’s momentum, it appears that these trains might soon be popping up in cities across the United States.

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