How to Combat an Online Attack on Your Reputation

One of the challenges that you will have to deal with when running business is attacks on your brand and your name in particular. The issue many business owners have is that anonymity online allows just about anyone to attack your name without fear of recourse. It could be a jealous friend, an unhappy customer, or your local competition trying to thin the herd. The effort needed to find and stop the guilty party can be overwhelming for many.


Consider these some of these ways to fight off attacks on your reputation:


Instead of doing what your haters want and bring more attention to the smear campaign , focus your efforts on providing even better customer service and improved quality in your services and products. Nothing will irritate them more than seeing you are actually growing in popularity despite their worst efforts.


Even if you know the people who are positing that negative content in an effort to hurt you, never confront them online because everything is recorded. All your rebuttals and actions will be online forever for new customers to see.


Instead of wasting a second of your time combating those trying to hurt your name and business, reach out to a service like so they can take on the difficult job of locating and removing any negative articles or news online.


If you think that the best thing to do is focus on your business as usual and let your actions clear up those harsh words, you might be surprised to find that new customers actually put some real stock in those words because they don’t know you yet.


Although that is what those trying to hurt you are hoping, you can use a service like to eliminate the content so you can continue to focus your efforts on high-quality customer service.

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