Image Recognition: Future Technology being used Today!


Image recognition is identifying and detecting an object or feature in a video or digital image. This process is currently being used in many areas of life such as security surveillance and toll booth monitoring.

Another area where image recognition is applied is with gaming. For example, Viewdle is a game that has recently been launched that uses face recognition in order to determine if you are a human or vampire, therefore setting up a background between the two species.
Price comparison is another area where image recognition is used. For example, if you are shopping and want to find out if you’re getting a good deal, you take a picture of what you want to buy and an app like Google will give you the information you need before you buy the product or not.

Making mental notes, via image recognition, is another way this new technology can help. Taking visual notes of what you want to remember is a great way to hold on to those images. Using a mobile phone’s camera and using an app like Déjà vu will help you organize images you have taken as reminders, letting you add notes and location data.
Identifying TV shows is still another way image recognition can be used. For example, TVtak is an app that identifies the TV show you are watching, by pointing your iPhone’s camera at the screen. It can also be helpful with product recognition, whether you’re shopping online or IRL.

Another area where image recognition is applied is with security. Face recognition is being used in the military, universities and other areas where face recognition is necessary to keep people and institutions safe and secure. Another area where image recognition is being considered is holding up your cellphone to someone’s face and seeing links to their social networks. This could be useful at conferences and such but you could also check out the backgrounds of people who look suspicious.

Slyce is a startup business that provides a ‘point of interest purchasing platform. It allows people to identify and object when they see it using visual recognition technology. This kind of technology can be used by retailers, brands and publishers and allows shoppers to transact when they are ready to purchase.

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  1. To conclude, image recognition is here to stay and with it many positive features and a few that are questionable. This application is not being used yet because it is controversial. It is the very thing that makes me want to write my essay for myself and also to get a good grade from it too.

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