InnovaCare Makes Medicare Advantage Plan Effective

Medicare has been in the service for several years. It enhances efficiency in providing quality service to its clients by creating an intensive plan that benefits many people. The customized plan is known as the Medicare Advantage Plan. The Medicare Advantage Plan, or MA Plan, started with the Balanced Budget Act 1997. The act states that Medicare beneficiaries are provided with an option to receive their benefits through a private health insurance program instead of the usual Medicare plan. Medicare further created a more attractive program for all Medicare beneficiaries by adding prescription drug coverage; hence, the birth of the MA Plan in 2003.

The InnovaCare Health is the leading health care provider under the Medicare Advantage Plan. InnovaCare offers clients quality services. They are based in North America. InnovaCare’s services are exceptional and affordable.

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Leadership at InnovaCare
InnovaCare’s leadership style is incredible. The president of this company is Dr. Rick Shinto, who is also the CEO. Richard has experience because he has been in leadership for many years. He is a team player with excellent speaking and leadership skills. Penelope Kokkinides is Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare. With the MA Plan, InnovaCare enables the beneficiary to enjoy the maximum health benefits that he or she needs. Unlike the traditional plans like the Hospital and Medical Insurances or Plans, the MA Plan is designed to pay for the beneficiary’s private health plan for a certain fixed amount.

People who have the traditional Medicare plans are required to pay a premium every month. The amount depends on the terms. With the MA Plan, every payment that a beneficiary makes is lower than what is being done in traditional plans. Apart from the financial edge of the MA Plan, this plan also covers a wider range of medical benefits compared to the traditional Hospital and Medical Insurances of Medicare. With the MA Plan, dental and vision coverage are included in the list of offers, which is not present in the coverage of the two traditional plans.

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Statistics show that there are millions of people enrolled into the MA Plan, and it continuously increases every year. In general, the people enrolling for the MA Plan are about 20 percent of the total Medicare beneficiaries. Furthermore, most of the recipients of this plan live in urban areas. They are about twice the ones in the countryside. With all these, the Medicare Advantage Plan has a lot of advantages over other plans.