Omar Boraie Keeps Jobs in New Brunswick

Omar Boraie is the recipient of the first-ever appreciation award from the New Jersey State Senate. This award came to him as a thank you for his hard work in resurrecting the dying city of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Many years ago, city analysts were predicting that the city of New Brunswick would fully close its doors. They said that the family atmosphere was deteriorating, the middle class was leaving, unemployment was on the rise, and no organization was willing to commit to helping.


Omar Boraie refused to believe that New Brunswick was close to death. After studying what made a thriving and successful city, he began to implement those things into New Brunswick in hopes that it would turn around.


Omar Boraie dedicated the first part of his strategy to building a positive family community. He knew that he had no expertise in this area and would have to rely on the gifts of others. He reached out to various nonprofits as well as churches to see what could be done. He agreed that if they could develop events and strategies that would introduce families to other families that he would personally bankroll their ideas. With his finances and their determination and passion, they would be able to make in New Brunswick that all families wanted to participate in.


Omar Boraie also got to work bringing back the professionals that make up middle-class. He already made this a place they wanted to raise their families, so all he had to do now was make it easy for them to launch their practices. Omar Boraie thought the best strategy was to use luxurious office space but charge 30% less than the neighboring cities. This would make them competitive, but also allow a middle-class professional to lease out upper-class office space. Check out



According to Rutgers, Omar Boraie also worked with Johnson and Johnson to help stabilize the job market. Omar Boraie was able to work out a tax plan where corporations paid less in order to open up more factories and hire more workers.


Omar Boraie sealed the deal by uniting the various power players of the city together. These power players were excellent at growing their own entities. Omar Boraie knew that if he could link his vision for New Brunswick with their visions for their businesses than any time their business grew New Brunswick would grow alongside it. This helped New Brunswick live.



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