OSI Food Solutions Wins Prestigeous Globe of Honour Award

In an age where people are constantly looking for ways to cut corners, it is so refreshing to find a company that refuses to take short cuts, but rather goes the extra mile to ensure their customers only get the very best services and products. Honoring companies such as this is one of the reasons why the Globe of Honour Award was created by the British Safety Council. This award is given each year to companies which show exemplary management of environmental risks.

For the year 2016, this prestigious honour was given to OSI Food Solutions UK. The area of environmental risks is often a hot spot of short cut and policy by passing. However, this is one area in which strict adherence to safety codes are so important to the safety of a company’s employees as well as to the safety of the communities in which that company operates.

Those being honored each year are given their award at a special luncheon held at Drapers’ Hall London.

In 2016, eighteen organizations were honored with this award. Earning this award is no easy task. Each company must earn the five stars during a British Safety Council’s environmental audit. This test is conducted for an entire year, from August of one year to the July of the next year. In addition to this the company must undergo exam from a panel of experts to examine if their environmental management is consistent
throughout the entire company.

The award was presented to OSI Food Solutions by Mike Robinson. Robinson is the Chief Executive of the British Safety Counsel. The award was accepted by Kelly Grimwood. Grimwood is the Environmental Manager Europe for OSI Food Solutions. In accepted in the award Grimwood said, “Leadership is a key factor in achieving excellence.” She went on to say that she hoped OSI Food Solutions would inspire other companies to reevaluate¬† environmental policies and to recommit themselves to compliance with British environmental safety standards.

Not only is this important for OSI Foods UK, but it also sends a strong message to
other companies, that environmental integrity is important. This is the way to distinguish yourself from other companies.

OSI Food Solutions has been conducting business in Scunthorpe since 1989. They are responsible for producing beef and pork products. These products are used in the UK restraint industry. This is not the first time the company has been awarded the Globe of Honour. In 2013 as well as 2015 the company was recognized for this award.

About OSI Food Solutions: www.responsiblesoy.org/miembro/osi-food-solutions-europe/