Paul Mampilly – the American Investor

Mr. Paul Mampilly is an investor and the former hedge fund manager of the Kinetics International Fund. It is because of his leadership quality that the assets of Kinetics International Fund rose to $25 million dollars. As an American investor, Mr. Mampilly has featured in Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV, and CNBC. Furthermore, Mr. Paul is the founder of the investment newsletter known as Profits Unlimited. Through the newsletter, Paul has managed to use his knowledge, skills, and experience in guiding more than 45000 subscribers into the stock business.

With more than 20 years of experience in the world of investment, Mampilly started his career in the mid of 1991 as the research assistant at the Deutsche Bank. From this particular position, Mr. Paul managed to rise into more prominent positions. He was the manager of multimillion dollar accounts for ING and Bankers Trust. Mr. Paul has also managed money for the Sears Swiss Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

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As an investor, Mr. Paul has a good track record when it comes to personal investment. He made an investment with Sarepta Therapeutics in 2012, which was on its early stage of development. Eight months down the line, Paul was able to sell shares worth 2,539% gain. Mr. Paul also made an investment with Netflix in 2008 and later sold his share in 2010 for a percentage gain of 634%. This is not the end of the list of investments that were made by Paul. He also made some investments with OLED Universal Display Corporation, Exact Science Corporation, Facebook, Ariad Pharmaceuticals, and Olympus Corporation. From all of these investments, Mr. Paul managed to get more than 200% share gain in each one of them. After making a lot of remarkable returns, Mr. Paul Mampilly decided to retire at the age of 42.