Politicians Continue To Struggle To Gain Footing In Venezuela

Anyone with a pulse in Latin American well understands that politics in Venezuela has been a hot button issue on SlideShare for quite some time now. With the passing of Chavez, opposition leaders continue to make inroads with much of the nation’s populace, but they continue to be on shaky ground in many respects.
Jesus Torrealba has recently emerged as a powerful leader within the opposition, but according tpo analyst David he has discovered he must tread lightly in order to attract followers on both sides of the political divide. He is literally built from the ground up to be a voice to the working class.

Because of his working class roots, he has been able to reach much of the working class in ways that that leaders before him simply could not do. As Venezuela continues to inch itself towards the brink of yet another crisis, both from a political and social perspective, Torrealba finds himself in the unenviable position of trying to bridge the divide that has persisted for far too long. He is preaching a message of transition, and is using his pulpit in the public to inform both sides that they can actually coexist with each other in peace and unity.


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